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Secret Garden Episode 17 Minor Recap

So now that Ra Im knows that the man whom her father saved was Joo Won, she’s heartbroken, and there’s this cliche scene in some sense, where Ra Im calls Joo Won but he doesn’t know that she’s just behind him. 

Joo Won learns that his mother wants to fire him, which causes Secretary Kim to whine "President~~~" "I told you, I’m not your president anymore." "Joo Wonie hyung!~~" Omg that was just  funny, looking at the outraged expression on Joo Won’s face. However, what he doesn’t know is that it’s a move on his mother part to threaten Ra Im to leave Joo Won. At first, Ra Im insists that she loves Joo Won and she will work hard to make it better, but his mother remains adamant that Joo Won should not have a flaw like Ra Im, thus ending her dramatic speech with "I will destroy his life." Like seriously? I couldn’t contain my doubts so I just had to post an entry on that single thought haha. Enters one of my cliches written in here –> thoughtsramble.livejournal.com/3120.html I’m not that annoyed or irritated about it though, because at least the reason that she gave Joo Won for the break up was believable — that she couldn’t stand looking at him because she would think of her father. I mean, how many korean dramas have you watched, that the female lead just give some stupid reason and the male believes it? 

Ra Im and her stilettos0.0 When did she ever get to the stilettos? I thought she was always very macho-ish. She took out Joo Won’s Alice in Wonderland and placed something inside, when Oska came and found her. 

The initial break up where she told him to leave without telling him any reason. The ‘official’ break up that I mention above happens later, but aww, look at the hurt in Joo Won’s eyes when Ra Im told him, "I have no time for emotional stuff now, so please just leave."

Ra Im went to film her Dark Blood drama but got into an accident when a drunk driver drove through the barricades and collided into her car. Secretary Kim shouted when he got the news, and when Joo Won turned around, he accidentally knocked over a vase of flowers. Omen~ Turns out that Ra Im has suffered serious brain damage and might not wake up. Ah~ I shall admit that I teared here, right there at the hospital scene. 

After half a month, Ra Im still hadn’t woken up. Joo Won kept on taking care of her, and he wrote a letter to Ra Im, indicating some sorts of farewell and also a welcome. He drunk with Oska, and after Oska fell asleep, he cried while telling Oska that he knew Oska had always been losing to him on purpose, and he thanked him for that. 

When I watched this episode, they didn’t translate the part where Joo Won wrote something down on the piece of paper, so I didn’t know he was looking at rain forecasts, but thanks to my awesome drama guessing skills [ hahah kidding! ], I knew that he was going to swap souls anyway and I was like damnit ahhh~~. Joo Won took Ra Im in her arms and in the car, he told her that he loved her, and that even though the decision he made might seem to be selfish, but it’s made by the person who made the sacrifice, so she should cherish it. He told her not to get too close to Oska, or "That would be incest". Lol, sigh it makes things sadder when he says funny thingsD: He told her to continue to be cool in the future, and he drove the car off, meeting the storm ahead. 

It was super funny to watch Tae Ssun being carted off by Oska like that, and seriously, Tae Ssun is the love. Hahaha:P I guess it was expected on my part to have Ra Im in an accident, because she mentioned that her father told her "Don’t eat dinner and wait for me. I’ll be back home" and then he never did. When Ra Im was shooting the scene, she told the director that "I’ll be back." and I knew it that she would get into a car accidentD: This episode didn’t make me wail, but it does make me sad, and I like the twist in the plot. I used to wonder what’s the point of the body swaps. I mean, sure it provides comic relief for the drama, and makes the both of them closer, but really, what’s the whole point of it all? Now, I finally see how important this body swap is, and I’m interested to see how it played out. I’m willing to ignore the noble sacrifice [ Just Ra Im’s one, because I think that Joo Won’s sacrifice was really good and made it up for the cliche noble sacrifice] if they can play the ending out well. I know that Episode 18 is out, but I have yet to watched it as I typed this entry, so I really hope that they won’t come up with some lame or cliche ending that kills the drama. 

[oh phew at this point in time, Livejournal just went crazy again, and I almost lost this entry. PHEW] All right, I’m on to Episode 18!


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