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I googled my livejournal name in for fun, and was relatively surprised to see that people have been quoting stuff that I wrote on this livejournal! I’ve no idea if I should be super flattered, because it never occurred to me that one day, people would be coming here and quote about the things I wrote to other people. I’m glad that most of them did their credits, but this has also caused me to be worried that there might be people taking things off this site, and then not acknowledging at all. Even though this should be taken as usual, and nothing to be worried about, but I don’t really like it:/ due to a super unpleasant experience. YepD: 

Anyway, haha, yep I’m currently quite pleased. Lol. 



  1. Anonymous says

    it’s v. lol. im not surprised… but Congrats!! and hope the non credit thing doesn’t give you too much grief.
    see you later!


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