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Britain’s Next Top Model

Oh yeah(: 

Haha! The reason why I’m currently not hooked on any drama is because I’m hooked on this reality tv show!:D It’s another version of ANTM ( American’s Next Top Model ) except with lesser melodrama ( yay!:D Good for me) and more er… nudity.

I’m currently watching the episode of the Final Four, but I already know who’s the winner! That’s because I watched from Youtube, and people there just can’t resist making spoilers. Oh well. So, just to warn you guys, if you are currently watching this, but you haven’t gotten to that particular episode, there’re spoilers ahead(:

Nicola is my favourite! It was such a pity that she got eliminated so fast because I wanted to see more shots of her. Charlotte was amazing to me. I don’t like her without make up, but with make up, she suddenly changes into someone that is so full of seductive appeal and she really gives awesome photos! I’ve always read about Amelias types, but I’ve never actually saw one on tv before. I’m referring to Amelia, who is a red haired girl with porcelain white skin! I mean, how many times have you read about those characters in books and guys all go gaga over them? "Her flaming red hair frames her face beautifully, and her porcelain white skin glistens under the sunlight…" Doesn’t that sound so familiar? ( glistening under the sunlight simply reminds me of Twilight) Anyway, I think that Amelia can’t really pose though. She always has the same expression… 

The photoshoots here are more…. open in that sense because a lot of the times, the girls are barely covered. However, I see it more of art form than anything else, but I do know that some people may be disgusted… so it’s really up to you!:D 

It’s a good watch though — I’ve watched 7 episodes at one go. It’s just so addictive. Gosh, am I one of those people that they always write about? Those that are addicted to the Internet and jump from link to link, and can’t resist pressing that button to go to the next page? Hahaha ah you can probably tell that I’m not very worried.



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