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Love Buffet Episode 3 Recap

 Continuing on….(: 

Xiao Feng needs some tennis shoes, and she invites Da Ye to help give her advice because she secretly wants a date with him. However, the ignorant-of-her-feelings Da Ye says that he has not much experience with female tennis shoes, so he in turn invites Qiu Ying to come along with them. Xiao Feng gets super excited even though her spirits were a little dampened by the fact that Qiu Ying is tagging along as well. Her friends advice her to dress up well so that she will appear like she cares about this ‘date’. Oh she dresses up so ‘well’, that it kinda makes Da Ye and Qiu Ying feel really weird about her dress combi ( a hat, with boots, leopard prints pants, sundress… everything(: ) Qiu Ying says that she wants to go to an art exhibition, and Da Ye says it’s okay to go there before they buy tennis shoes first. While on the scene, Xiao Feng is a little bored, and she suddenly needs to go to the toilet. She goes into one of those mobile toilets, when Da Ye realises that the artist of the abstract art work is going to set fire to a lot of things — like sofa, and etc, and that the last thing that will blow up is the toilet. Da Ye gets very worried and rushes towards the mobile toilet, but a security guard stops him. Luckily, the fire stops in time, and Xiao Feng comes out from the toilet with everyone staring at her. She doesn’t know what has happened, but everyone just started clapping, thinking that it was intentional of the artist to do that.

The artist, instead of being unhappy with Xiao Feng for screwing up her work, is actually quite happy with the end result. However, Xiao Feng still feels very embarrassed. She is cheered up by Qiu Ying and Da Ye, but embarrasses herself again later on when she goes to buy shoes and no one could take her boots off. In the end, the shop assistant finally tucks her boots off, which causes them to fly and break something in the shop. In an attempt to cheer her up, Da Ye offers to cook a scrumptious meal for them. Xiao Feng returns home first to change, but when she returns, she sees Qiu Ying touching Da Ye’s face. She thinks that they’re going to kiss, and runs off, saying that she doesn’t feel hungry anymore. She runs outside of the house, and starts to cry, when Ah Yi turns up. 

Xiao Feng tells Ah Yi not to return to his house first because everything’s going well between Qiu Ying and Da Ye. Ah Yi calls her stupid, and wants to walk back to the house, but Xiao Feng stops him. He turns around and says, "Are you going to give up just like that? You haven’t even joined in the war, why are you giving up?" 

Is it just me, or does she look like she has false lashes on one eye, and none on the other?

Turns out that it was all a misunderstanding — Qiu Ying saw tissue shreds on Da Ye’s face and wanted to take them off for him. Xiao Feng realises that she hasn’t interpreted things correctly and apologises. Ah Yi looks at Qiu Ying and asks who she is in a very cold way. Qiu Ying introduces herself and says that they have actually met before, but he might not remember. Xiao Feng assures Qiu Ying that Ah Yi is always like that. While Xiao Feng is TRYING to help them to cook, Qiu Ying mutters "Lousy" under her breath but she turns around and helps Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng hears the word, but suspects that she has hallucinated because she doesn’t think anyone would have said she’s lousy in such a sarcastic tone. She joins Ah Yi at the sofa, and she thanks Ah Yi for encouraging her.

Qiu Ying keeps behaving like she’s the lady of the house, and it gets Ah Yi very irritated, especially when he sees how inferior Xiao Feng feels. This shows that he’s slowly liking Xiao Feng, even though he hasn’t realised it yet. The next day, Xiao Feng witnesses someone confessing to Qiu Ying, and she accidentally hears Qiu Ying murmurs, "A toad wanting to eat swan’s flesh", something that the Qiu Ying she knows wouldn’t say. Qiu Ying realises that Xiao Feng hears her, and tells her the truth — that she has been acting all this while. She’s just trying to get Da Ye to fall in love with her, and she has purposely touched Da Ye’s face as well. Hearing that, Xiao Feng’s all the more determined to win Qiu Ying in getting Da Ye’s heart. She starts to behave like Qiu Ying, and practising in front of the mirror to say in a very demure way "Da Ye -sweet smile-"

Ah Yi realises that something is wrong with Xiao Feng, as she doesn’t squabble with him like she usually does. Instead, she goes in soft tones and keeps smiling. Ah Yi thinks that it’s very amusing and lets her be, until she spots Da Ye a few floors up. She runs up to him, and is in the mode of sweetness, when she realises that Qiu Ying has gotten there first. However, Da Ye tells her that "I think that your face is so cute" and she believes that she wants to make Da Ye like her in her true self, and not like Qiu Ying who simply puts on a front. 

Later, Qiu Ying has a sprained ankle that’s caused by Da Ye, and the guilt stricken Da Ye offers to fetch her to and from school every day. Xiao Feng reveals to her friends the two-faced Qiu Ying, and her friends say that they’re not surprised because their previous experience with her has also showed that she’s very double faced. 

(okay I forgot where this screenshot came from, but who cares(:)

Qiu Ying comes to find Xiao Feng in her class, and Ah Yi notices how terrified Xiao Feng is ( because Xiao Feng and her friends think that she’s super scary. She admits to faking the sprained ankle, and that she wouldn’t mind acting for her whole life if it will make Da Ye likes her) Qiu Ying tells Xiao Feng that she wants to confess to Da Ye, which she does, but she gets rejected. As she unravels her bandage and thanks Da Ye for taking care of her all these days, Xiao Feng doesn’t know what to feel. Qiu Ying walks away, and that’s when Xiao Feng realises that Qiu Ying isn’t faking the injury at all — she’s really limping. This whole episode causes Da Ye to feel really down, and he asks Xiao Feng to accompany him to the beach.

-the end-

AH YI:D I think this is so far, quite a successful adaptation of the manga… what I mean is that it feels right so far. I didn’t read the manga, so I wouldn’t know if it’s a good, or suitable adaptation, but at least, it doesn’t give the vibes of it being a doomed flop right from the start. I was really, really interested in Momo Love, but then right from the first episode, a lot of interest was lost. Even though I persisted all the way till the end, I didn’t have much memories of it, probably because I didn’t really like Cindy. However, Love Buffet is quite convincing in a sense… the girl that’s supposed to be cute is cute, the guy that’s supposed to be cool is cool…. the guy that’s supposed to be happy go lucky is happy go lucky.. though I would think it’s a tad too much. To be fair, it might be easier to act cool than to act nice. 

Is anyone really envious of Xiao Feng right now?(:


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