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Gloomy Salad Days Episode 4-6 Review/Mini Recaps

Hi there!!

Finally got down to writing the review for these 3 episodes, but pardon me if I don’t sound coherent, because I’m burning a high feverD:

Okay, so this drama is broken up into many short stories, and basically each short story spans around 2 episodes, with the second episode showing how the stone gets found by the next short story’s leads. In this episode, Xiao Lin (the main character of the story) talks to Du, the messenger/Death, depends on how you look at it, but no one else can see Du. A few girls think that she has gone crazy, but Shen Qi, who doesn’t need a stone to see Du, stands there in shock seeing Xiao Lin talking to Du. 

I totally just squealed when I saw this. I mean, come on, you only get to see like 10 seconds of Aaron Yan each episode; you’ve gotta appreciate each scene!^^
Shen Qi runs up and basically tells Xiao Lin not to talk to Du anymore, because she might turn into a stone. This reveals that Shen Qi knows exactly what the stone does, and it reveals to Du that Shen Qi can see her even though he hasn’t used the stone. 
Good looking right!! Hee~
My favourite screenshot!:D Du asks what’s his name, and Shen Qi/Aaron Yan answers, "Shen Qi" with the look of "So what."
Another screenshot here! Shen Qi doesn’t want to tell anyone about the Death Girl because he knows that no one will believe him, but he is adamant on the fact that Xiao Lin becomes dead because of the Death Girl. 
The next short story (Episode 5) is about Nicole, a girl who is frequently oppressed at home. She doesn’t understand why Xiao Lin wants familial love, because to her, that’s just crap, since she has a drunkard for a father. In attempts to bring her mother and her out of this hell, to Taipei for a new life, she works as a prostitute at night so that she can earn enough money. 
Xiao Tang is a guy in her class who is really nice and sweet and sincerely concerned about her. He comes by to visit Nicole when her father passed away, but Nicole chases him away upon knowing that Xiao Tang read her smses before and knew that she works as a prostitute. 

One day, Xiao Tang tries to stop Nicole from working on as a prostitute, and Nicole dares him to say that he likes her. Xiao Tang looks very torn, and Nicole walks away, saying that he can’t help her if he can’t even say the three words. Xiao Tang calls her name, and confesses to her. 
However, Nicole’s reply is that they live in different worlds and she will never fall in love with him.
After that, Xiao Tang wants to crack open the stone to see if there’s any thing inside that will make Nicole hallucinate that she saw the Death Girl. Shen Qi enters the lab, and tells them that the stone is one of the stone from the bridge that dead people used upon crossing over. 
Xiao Tang doesn’t believe him, even when Shen Qi reveals that he always gets a headache when someone uses the stone. 
Ultimately, at the end of the 2 episodes, Nicole accepts Xiao Tang’s offer of giving her free tuition, so that she can go to the university in Taipei. She even allows him to visit her when he’s in Taipei.
The story ends with the head officer of the school doing something really nice for Nicole ( I cried here><) and Nicole realises that there’s still some warmth in the school that she used to hate so much.
-the end-
As you can see, the screenshots increase by quite a lot, but I’m refraining myself from typing too much of the plot (because this is a ploy on my part to make you watch the drama. Hee:P) 
I really like this drama thus far, not because it shows hate or death, but really because it shows how hate and death can be resolved with love later on. It’s very sad for me to watch, and I will admit that I’ve cried for all three leads of the short stories, but I will continue. Each time, the story shows how ultimately, the stone ultimately isn’t used as a tool to express hate and despair. In the end, it indirectly always brings emotional relief to the characters. The story is thus special in the sense that you can’t help but feel the bittersweet-ness at the end of each short story. I feel sad for the leads for they have to go through such emotional trauma, but at the same time, it’s bitter sweet because each of them manages to resolve their troubles in their own way. 
I was really hoping that I could spot more of Aaron Yan in these few episodes, because I’m thinking that perhaps watching Aaron Yan would make my fever, sore throat and cold go away, but the drama isn’t fulfilling my needs. Lol:P Okay I’m just kidding — this drama is quite awesome. You should watch it! Maybe then, you will be more appreciative of the love that you get on a daily basis. 


  1. I love when Shen Qi goes to get Xiao Lin to stop talking to Du and the girls that he was originally with that kept calling Xiao Lin weird say something along the lines of “he’s always been weird too”.


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