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Gloomy Salad Days Episode 7 and 8 recaps

Woots! Okay these recaps have definitely many more screenshots. Why? Because there is more Aaron screentime (YAY!) and this obviously equates to having many more screenshots of him whenever he appears. The day has finally come (wipes tears off my cheek) when I finally waited till Aaron appeared from 10seconds per episode, to 2minutes per second, to finally 10 minutes per episode. Thank you thank you. 


At the start of the new story, a boy called Li You transfers into their school. He attracts the attention of this girl called Mei Li who has boasted to her friends that she will woo Li You and become his girlfriend. Li You joins the basketball team, and one day, he accidentally hits Shen Qi with the ball when he is walking past. Shen Qi collapses to the ground even though the ball barely touches him. A Guo, who is the team captain, thinks that Shen Qi is very weak, but the truth is, Shen Qi has a headache. 
He thinks that Li You has been using the stone, but Li You is like "What stone?" The thing is, Li You finds the stone that Nicole threw out of the window in the previous episode, and this stone causes the headache in Shen Qi. 
Shen Qi’s like "No? You’ve not been using the stone?" and then he tells them he’s all right, even though they ask if he needs to go to the infirmary. Li You looks at his back, and asks Xiao Ju, who is A Guo’s sister, which class Shen Qi comes from. 
Good looking!^^ The quiet, brooding kind. Lol. 
During a match, Li You performs very well and Mei Li keeps cheering for him. Mei Li sees that Xiao Ju is cheering very loud for him as well, and asks if she’s very close to Li You. Xiao Ju replies that she’s not very close, but her brother is. Mei Li smiles in relief. After the match, Li You confides in A Guo a secret — that he’s actually an illegitimate son of a very prominent politician. A Guo promises that he will not tell anyone, but this secret is heard by the stalker, Mei Li. Eew, she totally creeps me out. She’s such a stalker!! She secretly draws a portrait of Li You and gives it to him, but Li You keeps telling her that he cannot accept and he runs away with the portrait. However, later in a tug of war, Xiao Ju accidentally tears the portrait. Li You leaves the portrait in the training room, and the pieces are seen by Mei Li when she happily comes in to find Li You. 
Li You goes back to his hostel to find pieces of paper scattering the lawn. Mei Li appears, telling him that her heart will not change, and that she will not waver even though she knows about his secret. Li You is in disbelief, but Mei Li plants the idea that it’s A Guo who tells Mei Li about the secret. In order for Mei Li to shut up, he has to agree to her request to visit her hostel. (SHOO YOU ARE CREEPING ME OUT!!) Mei Li goes into the hostel, and starts looking at Li You’s stuff, making strange comments like, "Now… I know that you have the habit of squeezing the toothpaste from the middle…" and etc. -shivers- Anyway, Li You tries to chase her out, but she unbuttons her own uniform and tries to seduce Li You. Li You pushes her but feels guilty for it, so he helps her up, but she leans very close to him and keeps touching his head. Coincidentally, Xiao Ju comes by to return Li You his basketball t shirt, and sees the intimate scene by the window. Li You runs out of the house to explain to Xiao Ju, while leaving Mei Li in the house. Mei Li searches through his stuff and finds something interesting. 
Later, Li You brings Xiao Ju back to his house, and tells her his ultimate secret — he’s not a he, but a she. She tells Xiao Ju that she likes her, but if she doesn’t want to be with her, it’s fine. Xiao Ju tells her that only they themselves will decide whether they are suitable for each other or not. Hearing these words of acceptance, they kiss. 
Stupid Mei Li decides to threaten Li You because she managed to find a sanitary pad in her hostel, thus making her realise that Li You is a girl. She tells Li You that she has pondered over whether she should still love Li You, but the truth is, she doesn’t mind it at all. She cleverly takes Li You’s present for Xiao Ju away, and tells Li You that she cannot go to Xiao Ju’s birthday party, or she will tell A Guo everything. 
A Guo thinks that Li You is cheating on his sister with Mei Li, and wants Xiao Ju to break up with Li You. Angry, Li You throws the stone and scolds Mei Li. Du appears. 
Du basically tells her the same stuff — that if it’s not the world who has a grudge with her, it’s her own body who has a grudge with her, and that if she cannot overcome this barrier, she will become a stone. The next day, Li You goes to find Shen Qi and asks him about the stone. 

Shen Qi asks if there’s any grudge or anything unhappy that Li You is going through, and Li You replies that it’s the world who cannot go by with him. 
Mei Li continues to threaten Li You, and Li You figures that she will just drop out of that school. Xiao Ju is actually by the window and she hears everything, thus realising that it’s a misunderstanding, that Li You is not cheating on her. 
Xiao Ju manages to convince A Guo to be back on good terms with Li You and she smiles. 
However, the provoked Mei Li decides to print flyers declaring Li You’s true gender and pastes them all over the school. Shen Qi reads them and becomes worried. 
A Guo rushes to find out the truth from Li You, but a slip of the tongue from Xiao Ju causes A Guo to suspect that Xiao Ju already knew the truth. This actually adds fuel to the fire, and thus A Guo is in a state by the time he reaches Li You. 
Li You challenges him to a duel — if Li You wins, she will take his sister and leave. If A Guo wins, she will leave. A Guo accepts the duel. 

Li You summons Du to help her — not in killing A Guo, but to bring her away if she fails. Xiao Ju goes to find Shen Qi and tells him that Li You and A Guo are having a duel that night in the gymnasium. Shen Qi knows that Li You has the stone, and he knows that Du will appear to take one of them away. 
He becomes worried and tells Xiao Ju that things might become worse. 
Hee hee:P The fangirl in me can’t help but notice the lack of an earring in Aaron’s ear. Lol, just saying^^
Mei Li turns up at the gymnasium, folding the flyers into paper aeroplanes and throwing them everywhere. Shen Qi tells Xiao Ju to stop the duel, while he goes to find Du. Xiao Ju tells Mei Li to stop adding fuel, but Mei Li tells her that she’s being selfish, because Xiao Ju wants Li You to win so that she can leave with her — "Then what about your brother?" Shen Qi finds Du perched on a high basketball net pole and calls out to her. 
He tells her that she’s not supposed to be there tonight but Du coldly replies that there’s a sense of despair in the air. 
The fight begins and at first, Li You is winning, but A Guo gets the upper hand ultimately. Xiao Ju keeps shouting for them to stop, but they just wouldn’t. Mei Li stands at a side and claps. ( Can I just imagine slapping her, please?)
In the end, A Guo keeps hitting Li You and saying that she has deceived all of them. Li You replies that even though she’s a girl, but she’s still Li You, and her character hasn’t changed. A Guo finally stops and helps Li You up. Li You tells him that she didn’t plan on winning in the first place. (Aww) A Guo hugs Li You and Li You cries into his shoulder. This scene is really heartwarming, because it shows A Guo’s acceptance of Li You’s gender. Shen Qi sees the scene of reconciliation and smiles, but realises that Du has disappeared. 
He quickly runs out of the gymnasium to call Du, who is hovering in the air. Shen Qi tells Du that he has a different view of her, that he realises she’s not just a cold-blooded spirit who brings people to death. "Why didn’t you bring anyone of them away tonight?" "Because they have both overcome their own obstacles(:" Du says. Shen Qi asks why he’s the only one who can see her without the stone, and she replies that it’s because he has something in his head.
With that, she disappears. 
Li You goes to Taipei for university and before he leaves, he gives the stone to Xiao Ju. 
– the end-
Haha! Even though these 2 recaps look like they’ve increased in length, the truth is, I’ve only written the more important scenes. I really think that you guys should watch this drama! It’s like… what you should know, I’ve already written it… but the details that I didn’t add in will add so much more dimension to your perception of this drama. I’ve watched till Episode 13 already, and so far, this is the only short story that has a happy ending, and even then, it isn’t really a happy ending because their story is continued in the next two episodes. Meh! I didn’t cry for this episode but I am really happy to see more Shen Qi/Aaron, and I like how Shen Qi’s attitude towards Du changes when he realises that….. even though Du provides the means for the teenagers to die, ultimately, the reason why these people died is because they cannot overcome their own obstacles. I guess there is a sense of relief brought to these people, because they cannot resolve their obstacles, so they could only seek the way out through the usage of the stone. 
I think that the actresses and actors are really, really good in this drama. Somehow, they are all very convincing and they bring out the essence of their own story. They successfully portray the main idea of the story that they are acting in, and unless you are a really sadistic person, or cold person, I think there’s no way you can not feel anything while watching this! It’s especially more so if you are a teenager yourself, because this drama deals mainly with teenage issues and a lot about acceptance and love. 
I know that this drama does not have a very high episode viewership while it was broadcasting, but I think that it’s due to the very essence of what this drama is about. I like how they have this online forum and they urge teenagers to go there to pour out their troubles. What this drama has really taught me is that — there’s a story to everyone. Try to understand that story, and maybe you will find yourself looking at them in a different way. Ever heard of this — Be nice to everyone you meet, for they are all fighting a hard battle. 

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