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The One And Only

I totally didn't know that this was coming. Was it just me that was out of the loop, or was there not enough hype about it? 

Anyway, here's Lee Min Ho acting in a really short 4-part kind of drama, which acts more like a CF with Toyota Camry.

Sounds of ragged breathing and snatches of the hospital intersperse, while we see Lee Min Ho being operated on. He had this blurred vision of himself running away from somebody but a car soon caught up with him. 

Isn't that just reminiscent of City Hunter? (referring to outfit and style)

He turned his head around, to find another Lee Min Ho looking down at him.

This was all just a nightmare/memory as Lee Min Ho woke up in a shock. Doctor informed him that he had been in a coma for a month, and that a witness who drove him to the hospital said that he'd been assaulted. Lee Min Ho could not remember his name 

and Doctor passed him his phone, with all his contacts wiped out. I'm sorry, I can't help but keep looking out for Yoon Sung here! 

He requested to see his car (A Toyota Camry of course!) and the two of them sat in it. Lee Min Ho turned on the radio (on this cool touch screen) and the music brought wisps of memories of him and a woman laughing on the beach.

This is no Park Min Young right?D: 

He then found out that his last search on the directory was a jewellery shop, which brought another memory of him saying, "I love you" to the woman, who replied, "I love you too."

This caused him to recall his name, "Joon! My name is Joon." Doctor praised him for tremendous speed at recovering his memory, to which the moment was somewhat spoilt with the sudden product recommendation by Joon, "I'm not the amazing one, Camry is the one." Joon decided to drive towards this jewellery store and Doctor wished him luck. Joon's second product recommendation, "With my Camry, I can get there in one hour." 

Scene ends with Joon driving towards the city with a red, sleek car, looking uhm every bit like Yoon Sung. 

-the end-

Hahaha… the product placement thing is just so awkward! I"m not complaining because seriously, who will complain about getting to see more of Lee Min Ho, right? Thus I guess the script's gotta do its job like product placement, and sneaking in (not so subtly) praises of the aforementioned product. 

I honestly wish Lee Min Ho the best of luck in choosing his future drama project. It's obvious from this short clip that the producers know what the audience still has in mind — Yoon Sung. City Hunter. It will be hard for Lee Min Ho ( see, I almost typed Yoon Sung there!) to get rid of this image simply because he had left such a deep impression on everyone! Yet in a way, I don't really want to bid Yoon Sung goodbye. I want to see more! More Yoon Sung&Nana or Lee Min Ho&Park Min Young please. 

In case you are wondering, this first clip takes a grand total of five minutes.



  1. As for me, I’ll get in my 95 Ford Taurus and drive off with Mr Dino in the passenger seat. Or maybe I’ll make him drive while I watch City Hunter on my iPod. Now there is a dream come true!


    • Yeahhh that sounds like a good plan, place Mr Dino in the driver’s seat then fangirl over City Hunter next to him i.e probably your virtual crush Lee Min Ho



  2. Anonymous says

    Hello!((: Hahah it’s okay that you don’t agree with me; it’s interesting to hear other opinions!:P

    Here’s where I agree with you — anime is never realistic, which is why while sometimes I do appreciate that exaggeration which brings lots of fun and comedic relief, I usually don’t have a preference towards anime/manga (my favourite anime is Kindaichi, which is not in the same genre at all:P) So perhaps, I might be saying that ‘Kimi Ni Todoke is not realistic’ after all, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not special! [Besides I said it was a tad too unrealistic, not TOO unrealistic:D er if that makes any sense]

    Hahaha! True, I may not be fair to the anime – after all I only watched about 10+ episodes – but I appreciate how the movie made er (and here’s where you don’t agree?) the plot more believable to me(: And yes Miura’s just perfect!(: This movie made me like Haruma Miura a lot(:


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