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Looking back on 2011

I felt that it was apt to have come up with such a list, especially since we're nearing the end of 2011. I thought of how I could present it best – Should I separate each drama/movie into different categories by order of the nature of the show, or what…and in the end, I've decided to simply place them under 2 categories: Hit or Miss. 

Here are all the dramas/movies that I've watched! Possibly a very short list compared to most drama bloggers out there, but I think I did okay, seeing as how much work I've juggled. 

Misses (anything that ranges from awful to boring to not-bad-but-I-didn't-loveee-it) and listed in that order, we have:

My Princess (stopped at Episode 5) Korean Drama

It wasn't awful and it was quite funny, to say the least…but it didn't grab my attention the way I expected it to, and it might be just entirely my fault. I didn't really like the characterisation I recall…but I might give it another chance someday, who knows?

Man of Honour (stopped at Episode 14) Korean Drama

I love the acting, but as usual I love the second fiddle, whom I know will never get the girl. The villain is just plain creepy…but I figured…if you can't get me invested in the main love relationship (which I have no idea where it totally just sprouted from), you should at least develop the main conflict properly and I felt that they didn't do it that well either. 

Summer Wars. Japanese Animation Movie

I remembered that I enjoyed watching it but the plot didn't really stay in my brain afterwards so I guess I recommended it, but it wasn't that memorable. 

Hi Wa Mata Noburu. Japanese TV Special

Started on it because of Narimiya Hiroki and I'm glad that he got the role of a devoted guy who was devastated after his lover was murdered, because man, that guy can do anything from sad, grievous to innocent puppy looks. I wasn't that impressed with the deduction process though. 

Love Keeps Going. Taiwanese Drama

It makes me think better of Cyndi Wang's and Mike He's acting skills but the plot wasn't thattt great, and we wouldn't call the last episode an excellent conclusion would we?

Nazotaki Wa Dinner No Ato De. Japanese Drama

I enjoyed watching and even slightly anticipated the release of the episode each week…but that kinda died when I saw how the scriptwriters refused to change from the same structure over and over again. Even in the last episode, Reiko wasn't the one who used her brains to solve the puzzle, and I don't know, I just felt like the last two episodes were unnecessary in being that long. If only they did something more exciting like making Kageyama a true suspect, instead of arghh a comedy right till the very end. 

Taisetsu na Koto Wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta. Japanese Drama

Love both Haruma Miura and Toda Erika, and how both of them grew into a better person at the end of it all. They kinda ended up in the 'same' place i.e marriage, but with a totally new perspective and mindset that makes one glad they had gone through all the obstacles in the process…but the process was kinda messy. 

Lady~Saigo No Hanzai Profile. Japanese Drama

It was a good watch but just not enough to be in my Hits' list. 

Majo Saiban. Japanese Drama

I recalled blazing through it, but I guess the memorable ending spoilt everything for me. Yeah I know that was pretty awesome of the scriptwriters to include such a twist to the story, but it just made me feel argh that everything that had happened for the past ten episodes or so was simply a facade. 

Samurai High School. Japanese Drama

Funny to watch Haruma Miura alternates between two personas, that are so different from what I've seen in his other roles. Really delightful but it doesn't make me that invested in the show. 

Heartstrings. Korean Drama

Probably the 'ill-timed' watch of the YongSeo couple spoilt things a little, but it was also partly because I didn't like the way they built things up to such a climax and then resolved it in a funny whirlwind of sorts. Sorry, I'm never a fan of one lead lying to another lead for this great noble reason just so because he/she thinks it's the best for the two of them. 

Ouran High School Host Club. Japanese Drama

Really entertaining, funny and nice to watch but somehow I never did loveee light hearted comedy. 

Hana Kimi Remake. Japanese Drama

It's really close to being on my Hits' list, because I love the take on the remake in this. I wasn't a fan of the first Japanese version right from the start and so it was easy to convince me that this was good…but I guess this plot in itself just doesn't appeal to me that greatly. 

Protect The Boss. Korean Drama

I like it. I think it's great that no one really fought that hard over anyone else and that there were two nice loving couples at the end. As usual though, I just didn't love the characters that much and I also didn't like the ending for it felt a little dragged out to me. 

Phi Brain. Anime

I enjoyed watching it, but I'm taking a break from it right now. Maybe I will continue some other time. 

Hits (in no order, because I love them all):

Pretty Little Liars. American series

I loveee this show, and it's quite obvious from all the previous entries you see here. 'A' is creepy, the identities of the mysterious A and the killer of Alison are intriguing, the four girls are likeable, and so are their romances. Besides, there's Tyler Blackburn. What's there not to like?

Meitantei Conan. Japanese Drama

Just the kind of detective show that I'm looking for, and that I love. The couple, Conan and Ran, is just too cute for words! I love the detective part of the show too, because it's simple enough to follow and understand, and yet genius enough for you to realise how amazing the scriptwriters/author were. It's these kind of shows where they allow you to partake in the deduction process and then stun you with the results that I love best. 

Kimi Ni Todoke. Live Action Japanese Movie

I love the casting because I think they totally fit the looks of how the anime portrayed them to be, and I think it's really heartwarming to see Sawako find her friends and her heart, after meeting Kazehaya. True, Kazehaya helped her a lot on the way (and we all fall in love with him because of that) but I truly appreciate how Sawako fights on her own too. 

Koko High School Debut. Live Action Japanese Movie

Whoo, another of those sweet couples set in high school setting. True it's unrealistic, but I guess we girls are allowed to fantasize once in a while, aren't we?^^

Howl's Moving Castle. Japanese Animation Movie

I love the characters, the music, the animation and how they adapted from the book itself. It's kind of a magic that you don't really know how it happened but there it is, a piece of magic. The mysteries behind the characters which all wove nicely into a nice conclusion. I have yet to know more than one friend who didn't like the movie. 

Spirited Away. Japanese Animation Movie

Produced by Studio Ghibli as well, and I love it for pretty much the same reasons as Howl's Moving Castle. I like how the girl grows in the end. She's braver, less-whiny and she's seen much more than her parents did. 

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Japanese Animation Movie

I love the concept of this show, of a girl who could suddenly leap through time and change things. But I also love the ending because it shows you that dabbling with Time has its own consequences and I love the twist that the friend actually was from the future. 

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. French Movie

By Audrey Tautau. Now that should tell you that the acting was not bad already. It was creepy but more than anything else, interesting to watch how different perspectives could be and how it might be dangerous. The ending did get me though. 

Les Choristes. French Movie

Probably my favourite French movie out of all. I love how just one teacher could change the lives of so many boys and even though he was fired in the end (aww I didn't like that part at all), he played such an integral part in all of their lives, I doubt they could forget him for a long time. The songs are awesome and Vois Sur Ton Chemin is my ultimate favourite. 

Bloody Monday 1. Japanese Drama

This IS good, what with all the great acting, great characters&characterisation and of course the plot. There's lots of suspense and they made sure they make you like those characters first before they start putting their lives into jeopardy. The tension was really good in some parts/most parts and I guess it's one unforgettable drama. Even if with time, you no longer remember the details but I'm sure you will still recall the time you spent on this with your heart in your mouth. 

Bloody Monday 2. Japanese Drama

Love it too! Though not as much as the first season, but I love it all the same. They (referring to scriptwriters) actually were able to make me feel sad for Maya's death :O (Yes I did cry for her) and I love how Falcon was so broken and yet so solid to go through all the crazy hell of obstacles and survive. The last scene was just bittersweet and heartwarming (the one where he went home and he said he would cook lunch for his sister). But on a random thought, I can't help but ponder upon whether Falcon was made stronger or weaker after all the things he went through, because I can't even imagine a Season 3 for him; he'd done enough hacking to save thousands and thousands of lives in his entire life. 

In Time With You. Taiwanese Drama

It's one of the idol dramas that was as realistic as it could get, and while I didn't really like You Qing (I never did quite like her after seeing how she went to Ding Li Wei even though she, granted subconsciously, knew that she loved Da Ren), who could deny the attraction of a Li Da Ren in your life? Besides the romance, who wouldn't want to have such a great, best friend in your life? The well-scripted dialogues and different takes to present reality are what I think, the winning points of this show.

Love Buffet. Taiwanese Drama

I didn't really loveee this drama, but it will always have a special place in my heart because I fell in love with the second fiddle (as usual, even though he wasn't really a second fiddle hmm) Ah Yi, and also Aaron in real life. 

Gloomy Salad Days. Taiwanese Drama

I love the concept of this show — many stories put together and strung together by one common theme. It's depressing yes, but it's also enlightening to watch and I'm always quite fascinated with the idea of appearance v.s reality. In the show, those youths are suffering from so many different kind of things. They appear all right and normal, but the burden that they had to carry was quite unimaginable. This show isn't about teaching the audience that one should resort to suicide, oh no, but rather, it's to highlight the problems that are prevalent in the society today. 

Kuroshitsuji 1&2. Anime

I didn't read the manga, so I can't share the 'fury' that I've read online regarding the ending of season 2… I really like the effect of the overall script and the underlying plot. Of course, while I wasn't disappointed at the ending, I wish that Sebastian wasn't made into a demon butler foreverrr because that…is just sad! D: I think it was brilliant how the scriptwriters came up with the idea leading to Sebastian being forced into that forever, but I wish that he was willing after all. Nonetheless, it was a reallyyy good watch for both Ciel and Sebastian. 

Future Diary. Anime

It is really kind of creepy, no matter how much you try to talk yourself out of it. However, even though right now it's on my Hits' list, I'm not sure if it will drop out of it soon…due to the very fact that it might get too weird for my liking. There's no way a guy could like a girl like Yuno, please. 

Pi Li MIT. Taiwnese Drama

The idea of a group of students solving crimes in their own school is quite appealing and that's what make me like the show. I love the cute romance, but putting that aside, I think that the underlying thread was quite well done. 

City Hunter. Korean Drama

And of course, the great show of the year. I didn't really want to watch it at first, thinking that it's just another of those Temptation of the Wife thing, but man I'm so wrong…and I'm so grateful that I did watch this after all! Lee Min Ho's acting was undeniably awesome and so was Park Min Young. But it wasn't just that…it's about how the scriptwriters produce a very good mix and match between thriller, action, revenge and romance, and this show has one of the best cliffhangers in dramas I see. I'm ever so vocal while watching this, trust me lol. The fact that people love both Yoon Sung AND Nana shows that they succeeded in knowing what kind of characterisation the audience is looking out for too. 

That's all! I'm pretty sure there were some dramas that I've missed out, but I don't think those were on my Hits' list anyway. These are the dramas that I've watched in 2011, and not in my entire life, of course. I would love to do a list on that, but that will have to be left till next time when I feel ready to dig out whatever pieces of dramaland I have. 

Any of those are your hits or misses? Share with me!



  1. These are just my thoughts on the ones that I have seen.

    I quite liked Love Keeps Going. The plot had issues but it wasn’t that bad. The last episode was crazy & I didn’t really like it much.

    I really liked Samurai High School. I was totally invested in the show.

    Heartstrings was okay. I think it built up but then just fizzled out.

    I quite liked Ouran High School Host Club – hot guys, funny, entertaining and generally fun.

    I liked Hana Kimi Remake. But I liked all of the Hana Kimi versions – the remake, the 2007 and the Taiwan version equally for different reasons.

    I loved Protect The Boss. Its one my most favourite dramas. I can’t explain why I loved it I just did.

    Koko High School Debut was good. I really liked it.

    I love Howl’s Moving Castle. Seen it so many times!

    I didn’t really like Spirited Away. I was bored.

    I liked Love Buffet. It wasn’t great but it was good.

    I really liked Gloomy Salad Days. It was really good.

    I liked Pi Li MIT but I didn’t love it.

    City Hunter was good. Although I didn’t want to watch it, I’m glad you kept talking about how good it was so I finally watched it.


    • Heh thanks for your thoughts~

      In order:

      Yeah it wasn’t that bad, and it kept me quite entertained, but it wasn’t a very well done script.

      Hahaha I see, that’s because you quite love comedy right? I think it was a really great show though I didn’t love it. Haruma Miura’s acting was good.


      Yeah…but as usual, I need some good romance:P My favourite episode was the one where Kyoya showed a little of his feelings.

      Ah I see~

      Heh heh yep you told me before! Maybe it was a good mix of your favourite genres.

      Yeah it was good right? Really sweet.

      I love it too! Everyone’s quite crazy about it, except my friend who preferred the book more.

      Oh really? That’s interesting… I didn’t really like the girl at first. In fact, I kinda postitively ‘hated’ her but I like it that she grew up in the end.

      Haha yeah I agree with you, it wasn’t brilliant nor great, but I guess I would forever be biased with it:P


      Hahaha I quite love it partly because of who was acting and the plot. Heh.



      • Yep script issues. But I really like Mike He so yeah.

        I like comedy/romance/drama/melodrama the most I think. But I’ve recently decided that I really love school dramas – my most favourite dramas and loved dramas have heaps of school dramas.

        Lol. It would have been good if there was some more romance in OHSHC.

        Yeah I think Protect The Boss did have everything I like in a drama pretty much.

        It was so cute! I really like the manga too.

        I’ve read the book too. I love the movie and the book equally.

        Lol. It probably didn’t help that I had to study/write about Spirited Away for a class at university. It was a Japanese general culture/history paper.

        Lol. You just like Aaron too much :-p

        Gloomy Salad Days made me cry a lot though. Although to be honest I’ve been tear-eyed or cried in 84 of the 85 dramas I’ve finished watching!


      • Ooh I’m quite neutral towards Mike He, but feel that he acted quite well in Love Keeps Going!

        I used to loveee school dramas… like school+romance is my favourite because it is kind of relate-able…okay maybe I still love them:D If I can find a good plot that is:D

        Yeahhh, I would love to see more Kyoya!:P But the main couple was really cute too. Oh cool, I did think of reading Koko’s manga; maybe I will when my break rolls around. Hehe, there’s something about how studies can destroy that one spark of interest.

        Yeah true, I like Aaron too much right now to be objective heh heh! OH YES, Gloomy Salady Days made me cry so bad. The content was just really good. Quite a number of people complained about how they market Aaron as the main lead, when in fact he didn’t appear much, but I love the show anyway:D Heh, me too. I tear quite easily.


  2. I’ve liked Mike He since the first drama I saw him in – Devil Beside You.

    Lol. It can sometimes be hard to find a good plot with a school drama.

    Lol. Studies can definitely destory an interest :-p

    Yeah I partly started watching it because Aaron was in it but once I realised it wasn’t really about him, I began enjoying the other stories.


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