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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 15 Recap

This just gets better with each episode. 


The four girls ran back to the greenhouse because they wanted to get the box back, and Emily asked angrily why the other three weren't there at the agreed time. Aria said she had dropped a huge bomb, Spencer protested that Toby cornered her and wouldn't let her go without giving him answers. Hanna told them that she had two monsters in her life right now, because her dad was moving back to Rosewood with Kate and Isabelle, "I win." Emily retorted, "No you don't. I almost got killed! These are glass in my hair, not highlights." 

Spencer asked what they should do with the phone, and realised that Hanna should call Caleb, but Hanna told them to leave Caleb out of this. Spencer couldn't believe it, "But he's our best shot at getting this traced back to A."

Hanna just didn't want to danger Caleb's life, "There are other people, okay, we will just get it to the phone store tomorrow."

She got angry at Spencer for treating them like winged monkeys and giving out orders, when a call came in on the phone. Spencer passed it to Aria, who passed it to Emily who refused to take it. Hanna snatched it and asked if she should tell the caller that she'd the phone, but Spencer replied, "They will know when you answer the call." It's a blocked I.D and just when Hanna hesitated, a huge part of the roof came crashing in, and the four of them escaped, with Emily saying that she would call Caleb. 

And guess what, whoo!

He told them that there were a lot of data stored on that phone and that they weren't even close to transferring all the data across to his laptop. He looked at Hanna and asked if she's all right. 

Hanna sat a side, and looked at them with worry in her eyes, before nodding. 

He asked about the phone but Spencer told him that the less he knew, the better it was for him. Halfway through the transferring of data, the owner of the phone shut down the phone from his computer, so Caleb couldn't transfer anymore files. He said that he could try and crack open the locked files he had but it would take some time. "Are you sure you want me to do this?" The three girls unanimously replied, "Yes." He nodded and looked at Hanna, "Hanna."

Hanna hesitated for a while, and the three girls stared at her with a -0.0 what are you hesitating for!!- face. She nodded. 

Oh yeah yeah, I really wanted Caleb to be involved since goodness knows when. 

Aria got told by her father to change her clothes because it's inappropriate for school, and her mum told her to pick her battles. Spencer went to find Toby, as promised, but told him that she's really close to getting answers. 

Toby asked why she's there then, and she said it was because she missed him. "So you came here to tell me you can't be here." He smiled and Spencer finally laughed, before they kissed,

and slowly disappeared from sight. 

Hanna found Caleb trying to crack the files in school and Caleb asked when he would get inducted into the Secret Society's plans.

My favourite screenshot!:P

He told her that someone didn't trust him and Hanna realised, "Me?" Caleb told her that they'd been keep secrets whenever it came to stolen phones, and Hanna protested that they'd found it. "Why do I not believe that?" Lucas appeared and Hanna pleaded for him not to back out on the deal to study with her after school because she really needed her grades. Lucas looked kinda ill but promised in the end. 

Garrett came driving by to the house, and didn't see Toby and Spencer at first because they were lying flat on the seat (kissing). They heard him protesting to Jenna on the phone that it was a mistake to get a helper and that "asking him for help was a bad idea, Jenna." Toby told Spencer that it had been like that since last night, and that they were quarrelling over a bad eye operation. However, Spencer didn't think it was about the operation. Jenna hung up on Garrett and he turned to leave. Spencer quickly ducked out of sight, so Garrett only saw Toby, who stared back. 

Way to go, Toby!

Emily had to sit for a make up test but she hadn't studied the last few chapters so Aria's mum decided to let her sit for the make up, make up test on Monday instead. She asked Emily if there were more things she didn't know about her daughter, and Emily told her that Aria hadn't changed from who she was all these while. Spencer came to ask Emily to accompany her in searching Jason's house, since that was the first person she could think of when it came to Garrett+Jenna+Helper, but Emily had to leave for community service. Emily told Spencer to find Hanna, but Spencer said Hanna spent most of her class drawing Spencer "in a pointed hat and a wart on my nose!" Emily told Spencer to offer Hanna her lake house, since she needed some quality time with Caleb and they had already created memories on the couch. 

Emily realised that Spencer didn't know that, and quickly walked away, while Spencer muttered, "That was my Nana's couch." 

Now just a few thoughts here. 

1. I think it's kind of unfair for the girls to treat like it's a given for Hanna to get Caleb's help. I mean, as a viewer, I love that Caleb's 'implicated' in this, because I want to see him in a role more than just a boyfriend, but if we're talking about the show as if we are really inside, I mean, it's not really right for Spencer to roll her eyes and for the other two to stare at Hanna, wide-eyed and full of expectations. Come on, if this wasn't Caleb but Toby and Ezra, I would love to see Spencer and Aria jumping to offer their boyfriends' help. Right, like as if that's gonna happen. 

2. Aww, Spencer looked traumatised there. While Hanna's my favourite character, sometimes I wish that she wasn't so….I don't know what's the word to use here, but it would be nice if she had asked for Spencer's permission instead of just assuming that she could use it. 

Continuing on. 

Hanna and Lucas were studying when she got a text from Spencer who offered the lake house. Hanna wanted to get a birthday surprise done for Caleb and managed to persuade Lucas into helping her. 

Emily went for her community service where the lady started training all of them how to answer calls. She got a transcript of a call which came in the night before, and told Emily to read it through with her. Emily started,

"Crisis Hotline. Can I help you?"

"I need to talk to someone. I'm in a bad place and I don't know what to do. I almost got caught tonight." 

Emily followed the script which asked for more details,  

"I was told to do something important and I screwed it up."

She then reassured the caller, who replied,

"You don't understand, it's gone and I can't get it back. All I could do was to shut it down."

Emily suddenly realised it and asked if this call was made by a guy or a girl but the lady told her it's irrelevant. 

Bryan (Aria's dad) went to find Ezra, wanting to get his assurance that he wouldn't see Aria ever again. Ezra tried to make things better but Bryan spotted the messed up bed, and asked if Aria was ever here in his apartment and if that was where they had spent their time. 

He threatened to call the cops and walked out of the apartment. 

Hanna was asked by Noel and Mona about the birthday surprise, and she had no choice but to invite them along. Emily showed Spencer and Aria the transcript, when Hanna turned up and said that she had seen it since Emily taped it to the mirror that morning. Spencer wanted them to work on the hotline together but Aria said she could barely pee without a chaperone these days. Hanna asked if she would be coming to the birthday surprise then, and Aria replied, "If you are having it in my closet." 

Caleb popped out from a classroom, "Hey guys… you got a minute?"

Whoo thrill again. 

He told them that he had managed to open a file and it was a photo of the four dolls that they had received the other time against a wall. He realised that it wasn't what they had wanted, but Spencer said that it's great (in a polite manner, not like it was really awesome) and requested for him to send it to their phones. When the other three left, Caleb asked, "What happened when I was in California? You, your friends, even Lucas! No one's looking at me in the eye."

Hanna told him that she was and she's just thinking what she should get for his birthday. All Caleb wanted though, was the truth, starting with the stolen phone, but Hanna stressed again that they found it. 

She told him that wasn't important, but "this is the important stuff," and they kissed. 

Byran was fuming, "He actually stood there, in front of me, justifying his actions." Aria's mum was trying to find an aspirin and Bryan told her they should call the cops, but she said that would ruin Aria's reputation too, not just Ezra's. She wanted to protect her daughter, "we raised her up to be independent and open-minded, and we don't get to be shocked at how she turned out." 

Hanna went to tell Ezra that she supported him and Aria, and that two people in love should be together. 

The lady at the Hotline Crisis Center got a call and wrote a note showing Emily that it was the caller of the transcript and that they should listen in and take notes. They immediately picked up the call where the guy was panicking that he simply got sucked in and that made him felt like he finally had some power. They realised that the caller was…Lucas, and Lucas continued saying that there was only one solution which was not going to be pretty. 

Funny how the two girls who pretended to be on odds with each other, Spencer and Emily, were now acting in pairs. 

They told Hanna about it, but she didn't believe them, because Lucas had her back for a long time and did so many things like bringing Caleb back to Rosewood. She wanted evidence but since Spencer and Emily didn't record the conversation, she told them to drop it. Aria called Ezra who finally picked up, but told her that she shouldn't be calling him. Aww. 

Garrett came by the house in time to see Jenna being driven off. Toby was on the porch and he calmly sat on the railing when Garrett told him that he was supposed to be in the car with Jenna. 

Toby asked what happened and Garrett said that all he did was to tell Jenna that Rosewood wasn't good enough for her and that they should move on. He said that Jenna had so much courage, and Toby replied, "I never question her strength, just how she uses it."

"You don't understand her."

"You're right, but it looks like she found some of your friends who do."

Toby told him that he could just walk away like he did, but Garrett told him that the difference was that he's in love with Jenna. 

It was the night of the surprise, and Spencer took Hanna to the attic to find torches. The bell rang and Hanna went to get the door, while Spencer continued. She realised that the wallpaper of the attic was the same as the one in the photo that Caleb had cracked (aha, knew it that the photo wasn't going to be wasted) and quickly took a picture. She called for Hanna but Lucas appeared and she quickly ran away. 

Aria's parents took her out for dinner, but they avoided the restaurant when they saw Ezra inside. 

Emily went to return the transcript that she took and had to help answer this call. She realised it was the caller/Lucas who said that he had made a decision and that he's not waiting. The camera changed to Lucas (to confirm that it's him), "I keep seeing her face, and how hard it's going to be, to lose her forever." Hanna called for Lucas who quickly hung up. Bryan told Ella that it would be much better if she'd let him call the cops but Ella didn't want to have the conversation on the street. They ran into their old friend,  and Ella invited them (friend+son) to dinner. Bryan supported it, "Yeah it will give some time for Aria and Holden to catch up."

Oh wow, new love interest for Aria and rival for Ezra!

Spencer tried getting Hanna to look at the wallpaper but she's freaking out about the party because Caleb's coming early, "Who comes early for their surprise party!" Lucas went into the kitchen to look at the birthday cake and Emily appeared. Lucas commented on Hanna and Caleb, and Emily replied, "If you're Hanna's friend, she forgives a lot. Please don't do something you will regret, Lucas." Lucas suddenly realised that Emily knew, and turned around in shock. Emily walked off. 

Emily met Spencer and told her that now Lucas knew she was on the phone. Spencer told her about the wallpaper, and they went to find Hanna together. Mona told them that Lucas and Hanna went to set up the fireworks on the pier, and the two girls were in shock. They quickly looked out of the window, and saw Lucas rowing the boat across the lake with Hanna inside the boat. 

The scene switched to Hanna's side, where Lucas stopped rowing suddenly. Hanna started having second thoughts about setting the fireworks since Caleb's going to be there soon, but Lucas's behaving weirdly like looking behind her, and also asking her to sit down. It was as if someone was in the water behind them. Spencer called out Hanna's name and Hanna wanted to go back, but Lucas said that they're not going anywhere. Hanna told Lucas that she's sorry if she asked too much of him and that they should just forget about the fireworks, the sign, everything. Lucas stood up in anger, and heaved a box (I'm not sure, of what, fireworks?), "This is not about fireworks, Hanna!" But Hanna took the oar and knocked Lucas off the boat. She tried rowing herself back, while Emily went to call the police and Spencer stood on the bank. 

Slowly, more people gathered on the bank, whispering and discussing. Something caught on the oar, and in an attempt to free it, Hanna fell off the boat. She swam back and collapsed in Spencer's arms. Emily returned and they worried over Hanna, while Mona and Noel appeared all wet. Spencer asked where they were, and they replied that they took a dip. 

Hmm, suspicious!

Spencer asked if Lucas was still out there, and Hanna clutched on to Spencer,

When Caleb appeared, "Hanna!"

He asked what was going on, and Hanna gave a weak, "Surprise~". The overturned boat slowly floated to the shore while everyone's murmurs rose in volume as they watched that. 

Later, someone scooped Lucas's sneakers off from the waters. 

-the end-

So do you guys feel? Personally, I reallyyy hope that Lucas is not dead…and I don't think that he's A either! Just a runner of A, perhaps, but not the big, evil mastermind. That's just what I think though. 

And wow, how conflicted can this be? On one hand, I'm glad that Toby and Caleb are both so much more involved in this secret about A, but on the other hand, I wouldn't want any of them to get hurt. That being said, I felt a whoop of excitement when I see Caleb sitting down in the kitchen, trying to crack into A's phone alongside with the four girls…and when Toby seemed to be holding his own stand with Garrett. Since Ezra wasn't my favourite right from the start, I don't really have any wishes for him to hold some sort of significance with the cracking down of A. 

We are getting closer and closer to getting real answers! When I first started watching Season 1 and half of Season 2, I'd really hoped that A wasn't one of the Pretty Little Liars, because it's such a convenient twist, and a disappointing one at that. I still hold my stand, but I think/hope fervently… it isn't going to be one of the Pretty Little Liars. 

Argh, one episode a week is simply not enough. (Neither are weekly doses of Caleb, Caleb&Hanna, Toby, Toby&Spencer enough). 



  1. I really, really, really hope it’s not Lucas, Jenna, or Garrett. I already know it’s not one of the Liars because that would just be so incredibly stupid, in my opinion. I feel like it’ll end up being Jenna or Garrett just because of everything that’s happened so far, but it is such a cop out. Like, anyone could guess that it’s one of them, and there’d be no element of surprise! It could be Jenna, it could be Garrett, it could be both, and then if it is I’d be like, “What, that’s it?” I mean, I do think they killed “Alison”, but just because they might have killed her doesn’t mean they’re automatically A.

    Also, I was pissed that they weren’t more understanding towards how Hanna felt about being adamant against getting Caleb involved. But she’s my favorite, so. DX


    • Me too! I hope that it isn’t Lucas because I like him, and I think there’s more to that than we think. In fact, some people are speculating that what Lucas was referring to all along, was a confession to Hanna. That might not be the case ultimately, but I don’t think it will be Lucas, Jenna or Garrett! PLL is always so good at making us fixated/suspecting certain people, before dropping a bomb killer, so let’s hope they manage to do this all the way. I think it’s incredibly disappointing if PLL was A too, so I hope the scriptwriters won’t do that.

      YESS omg I’m so glad I’m not the only one who felt this way. It’s so annoying to see how they get pissed at Hanna for not wanting to volunteer Caleb’s help. Like what I said in the post above, it’s not like we will see them jumping to offer Toby’s and Ezra’s help.


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