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The Moon That Embraces The Sun Episode 6 Recap

We transit from child to adult in this episode. I don't love (but not hate, just not loveeee like the others) this episode, because it's like being back at an introduction of a story. The childhood parts went from introduction, to rising action, before having a big conflict and ending in a climax, so now we have the same cycle for the adult parts, and introductions are usually not that exciting. That being said, I lovee the climax/ending/'resolution' of the childhood. 

Yeon Woo was now placed in her grave, while her mother wailed her lungs out. Yeom tried to calm his mother down, while his father grieved. Chae Woon looked on in quiet sadness. 

From afar, Yang Myung rode hard and finally reached the funeral. He stepped off the horse in disbelief,

and cried as soil was dumped into the grave.

Minister Yoon came home and told his wife and daughter that Bo Kyung should prepare to enter the palace. Bo Kyung's mother was insanely happy about how her daughter was now the Crown Princess, while Bo Kyung looked at her father, and asked a silent question, "Did you kill her?"

She asked out loud if Yeon Woo was dead and her father told her that she had left this world. Bo Kyung went back to her room, and took out the bracelet that she knew Yeon Woo had made for Hwon. She recalled how her father emphasized that she should remember the rage and humiliation when someone snatched her belonging away. 

Hwon stood alone, and cried while he remembered Yeon Woo telling him not to blame himself. 

Yang Myung came behind him, and Hwon turned around, asking if he had seen Yeon Woo for the last time. Yang Myung was angry, and asked, "Why are you curious about that?

What have you done for her, that you could ask about how she looked like when she left? What have you done for her, when the child was chased away from the palace like a criminal? When the child was pacing between life and death, what have you done?"

Hwon told him not to continue, but Yang Myung pushed on, "When the child was buried in the cold ground, what have you done?? When her parents and her brother were sobbing, what have you done?!" Hwon shouted, "Hyung-nim!" "Aren't you the Prince who has everything?!"

Hwon looked at Yang Myung in shock,

as Yang Myung's tears started free-falling, "His Majesty's sacred heart, and my loyalty towards you like a brother, just like close brothers who are blood-related, isn't it? At least, just at least…why can't just one belong to me?"

Hwon realised that he's talking about Yeon Woo.

Yang Myung asked why Hwon wouldn't let him have just Yeon Woo, and said that at least with him, he could protect her, even if he was to stake his life and everything, "I will protect her….You…did not manage to protect her." Hwon looked down as the impact of Yang Myung's words hit him. 

Yang Myung gave him one last look,

before walking away and said in his heart, "In the next life, she will become mine. In the next life, it will definitely be me who protect her." Hwon was left standing where he was. 

I love the confrontation here, and I like how I can see both sides so clearly, that I feel sad for both Yang Myung and Hwon. Yang Myung blamed Hwon for not taking care of Yeon Woo, and my heart breaks for him to see how he yearned so much to be the one to bring happiness and bliss to Yeon Woo, but at the same time, my heart breaks too for Hwon, who realised that his close brother loved the same girl as he, and that he was blamed for not taking care of Yeon Woo…when in actual fact, I felt that Hwon had done everything that he could. He didn't sit in his palace just worrying, no he didn't, he went to see Yeon Woo…and when he already felt useless about not having protected Yeon Woo, what worse blow can you bring than a close and respected brother who blamed him for the exact same thing he already felt guilty about?

Nok Young requested for Dowager to let her leave Celestial Hall for a while because her soul had suffered a lot from the ritual. Dowager was reluctant but let her go after she assured her that there would be no problems in her return. In the deep night, Nok Young looked on worriedly, while a guy dug Yeon Woo's grave. 


She hurried the guy, saying that dawn would break soon. At the same time, Yeon Woo suddenly woke up in her coffin and panicked when she realised that she couldn't get out. Someone walked by the grave and Nok Young spun around, asking who it was. Turns out that it was Seol who travelled all the way to Yeon Woo's grave barefooted, so that she could pay her respects to Yeon Woo. Inside her coffin, Yeon Woo kept hitting the sides frantically and she started to choke. Calling out for her parents, her brother and Hwon, she closed her eyes, when the lid was suddenly opened. 

And then we are suddenly hit with a whirl of Yeon Woo's memories of the times she had spent with her family, Hwon, Yang Myung and everyone. The memories always flashed by, and fuzzed out, as if someone pulled the cable out of the television, and the music increased in tension, until Yeon Woo suddenly woke up. Chan Shik immediately went to get Nok Young, and Seol ran in to ask about Yeon Woo. When Nok Young stepped into the room, Yeon Woo looked at her, and asked who she was. Then, she looked at Seol and asked who she was. Nok Young was shocked, for this wasn't what she had expected. 

While Nok Young talked to Yeon Woo in the room, Seol and Chan Shik sat outside, where Chan Shik told her that snow flakes would melt when they meet the sun. (Seol means snow in Korean) So I guess that was some kind of prophecy about the danger that Seol would meet. Yeon Woo asked about her identity.

Nok Young told her that she's a shaman who fainted after one of the rituals because the spirits were too strong. Yeon Woo asked about her family, and Nok Young lied, saying that she found her walking on the streets one day, and took her in because her light was very strong. Tears gathered in Yeon Woo's eyes as she asked if she was abandoned because she had powers.


Nok Young told her that perhaps it's the will of the gods that she should forget all the ties she had made in the past, since she had forgotten her memories. Yeon Woo's tears fell, as she nodded.

Hwon met Minister Yoon, and Minister Yoon inquired about Hwon's state of health. Hwon replied that life and death was nothing, and that it didn't matter someone passed away. Minister Yoon expressed that it was his fault for not choosing the right Crown Princess and that now he felt so shameful, he didn't know where to go. Hwon laughed and looked at him, "How can there be no place for Minister Yoon in this world?" His smile disappeared as he continued, "If you really want to find a place, you could always squeeze yourself up by pulling a man who already sat up there, down a horse." 

I love Hwon here. I love it that he's a really smart Prince and that he's so observant about politics. Besides, his digs which are subtle and yet full of impact are to die for. Hah. 

Minister Heo walked out in the courtyard and imagined Yeon Woo sitting on a rock, reading. He was distressed when he realised it was just an imagination. Yeom walked to his father's side and gently touched his arm.

Back in their room, Minister Heo told Yeom that their place for being banished had been confirmed, and that he shouldn't blame Hwon. Yeom said that he wouldn't do that, and Minister Heo told him to remember that he would always be Hwon's man, and that he shouldn't be relaxed in his learning, so that he could be ready any time to help him. One of the servants came in and told them that Yeon Woo's mother had been at 'it' again. They rushed to Yeon Woo's room and saw her mother feeding a girl about her age, telling her to eat her dinner. The girl choked when she saw Minister Heo and Yeom, and Yeom quickly brought her out, while Minister Heo hugged Yeon Woo's mother and made sure she understood that Yeon Woo had already died. 

Nok Young, Chan Shik, Seol and Yeon Woo were ready to leave this place. Yeon Woo turned around to look behind her, and when Nok Young asked why she wasn't stepping on the boat, she replied, "The family who abandoned me is still here. If I leave now, I probably will not see them ever again."

After she stepped onto the boat, Nok Young turned around to the man who helped her and he asked if she would be coming back. Nok Young replied that there was no way she could possibly return and reminded him to take care. He told her that she wouldn't be safe next to Yeon Woo either, and there, they left. As the boat moved away from the pier, the man shouted to Yeon Woo, and reminded her that she should smile more the next time they met. He thought, "Now the moon is hidden…but isn't it the characteristic of the moon to be hidden at times, and yet shining at others? One day, she would return to her place."

On the boat, Chan Shik told Yeon Woo that she's a moon, and Nok Young quickly told Yeon Woo that was because the spirits she worshipped were really strong, so everyone called her the moon. Seol started crying and Yeon Woo comforted her, not knowing why she cried. Nok Young looked at Yeon Woo, and said in her heart that it's now Yeon Woo's decision, whether she would return to be the mother of this country, or to become a shaman. 

It's the day of the ceremony and Bo Kyung was dressed up. Her mother came in and reminded her that she shouldn't feel like she was replacing anyone. Instead, she must remember that that place was always meant for her.

Bo Kyung repeated after her mother's words, that she would never let anyone snatch her place away. 

Hwon placed the chicken down and bowed. As he bowed, his face had pain and grief.

Sigh. He's like constantly reminded that this ceremony was actually meant for Yeon Woo and him, and now it's not anymore. 

Princess remembered how creepy Dowager was and clutched her bedsheets in terror.

While waiting for Bo Kyung to arrive, Hwon looked up in the sky. The sad music started to play.

Yang Myung put out a hand to catch the raindrops, with his head tilted, just like Hwon.

Hyung Sun told Hwon that it's time for him to raise the blind so that Bo Kyung could sit in the carriage, but Hwon made no reaction to move. Hyung Sun called out again, while Hwon looked up in the sky.

With a hand put out, Hwon recalled that Yeon Woo's name meant a drizzle of rain.

He smiled, as if comforted by her presence. 

I love this resolution so much. Even though we know that Yeon Woo was still alive, but looking at how Hwon and Yang Myung grieved over her death, was very heartbreaking. Yet at the same time, I love how both Hwon and Yang Myung smiled with tears when they caught the raindrops. It's as if they were saddened by her absence and yet comforted by her presence in another form. 

And there, we bade farewell to our child actors. You did a great job. 

The scene drew out and then we have Hwon standing over river, catching raindrops. Hyung Sun came to nag at him, and he turned around, in his adult form, and told Hyung Sun that he felt ready for a game of ancient golf. Hah at Hyung Sun's sigh-oh-dear expression. When Hwon hit the ball, this other minister, Yoon Soo Chan, jumped out and shouted that Hwon's skills could shoot a ball so high, it flew into the clouds. Hwon smiled and replied that his sucking up skill was the one that could shoot into the clouds. 

Hah, glad to see that Hwon hadn't lost his edge. If anything, it became sharper. 

When this minister commented that he was just lucky to shoot in the ball because the hole was a little bigger, Hwon laughed and asked if he knew what the largest hole in the palace was.

He brought them to the library/where many books were stored, and took out a box which he found. There, were many appeals that Minister Yoon's faction hadn't submitted to him. The appeals consisted of the peasants complaining that the officials had pocketed the money, that there weren't enough land etc. 

When they defended themselves by saying that they wanted to check out the validity of these problems first, he went from being sarcastic to angry, and asked if they thought he didn't know how to read dates. Those appeals were one month old, and "Why aren't they brought to me??" He looked at them and shouted, "Do you understand? This is the biggest hole, this court that prevented the communication between myself and the commoners, is the biggest loophole!"

From how Hwon had addressed himself, we know that the previous King had died, and Hwon was now the King.

Minister Yoon's faction discussed over this, and the other Minister Yoon (how confusing) suggested getting Hwon to vacation, since his health had been failing (and he had refused to consummate his marriage). One of the other ministers said that it might be a good time to carry out 'that event' and Minister Yoon muttered about how when a dog got worried and started to bite his owners' fingers, one would have to treat him nicely so that he would know how nice his owner was. 

Right, comparing Hwon to a dog now. You are the dog. 

Minister Yoon suggested the idea to Dowager and told her that she's the best person to convince Hwon in leaving the courts for a small vacation. If Hwon decided to take in a concubine instead, it would be disastrous. Dowager was insistent that the Crown Prince should be born by Bo Kyung and was moved to take action. Later, Minister Yoon also told Hwon that he should go for a vacation, but Hwon asked sarcastically if he wanted to go along,

before answering his own question out loud, that since Minister Yoon was the father of his wife, he was the one who would take over the courts when Hwon was not around. "Of course you will prefer to stay here, than to be in the saunas."

Loving Hwon~

Hwon was called to see Dowager, and before he left, he smiled with another sarcastic dig at Minister Yoon, "Why do I feel like she's going to mention the same things as you?"

Bo Kyung saw him and happily greeted him, but he gave her the cold shoulder. When they sat in front of Dowager, true to Hwon's feelings, Dowager brought up the matter. She also mentioned how worrying it was that Bo Kyung still hadn't given birth yet, and Bo Kyung launched into this act of blaming herself, that her lack of good behaviour was what made it fail.

When Dowager assured Hwon that there would be someone to take care of the court matters, Hwon replied, "Isn't it a fatal mistake, for a king to depend too much on his officials?" Dowager knew what he was insinuating, and asked what he meant, but Hwon merely smiled and said that it was nothing. Dowager was enraged, and threatened to stop eating, since Hwon couldn't understand her good intentions. 

Yeah right. On the other hand, wow Hwon has definitely become more sarcastic and sharp. 

Hwon's mother told him that he should listen to Dowager's words and not make her angry again, when they were told that Bo Kyung….

….was crying outside Dowager's room and begging her to start eating. She wailed and said that it's her own fault, so Dowager should be appeased. 

Hwon looked at Bo Kyung putting up this act, and came to tell her (in a gentle way though) that he would convince Dowager to stop fasting, so she should get up. Her legs softened as she got up, and she crumbled into Hwon's arms. Hahaha I honestly laughed at how the palace maids and eunuchs all looked away.


On a side note, don't you find Bo Kyung a bit too old for Hwon?

Anyway, it's just a front that Hwon was being nice. He murmured that she had such strong backings, what with Minister Yoon and the Dowager at her back. Bo Kyung pushed herself from his arms, but he tightened his hold and leaned down beside her ear, whispering, "Did you forget what I told you during our wedding? You and your family can get what you want…..but don't think of getting my heart. You will. Never. Get it."

Bo Kyung seethed with anger back in her room and wondered angrily if Hwon hadn't gotten over Yeon Woo. Princess came in to comfort Bo Kyung, but unknowingly poked at her sore spot by commenting that it wasn't a lack of morals that prevented the consummation, but a lack of love. Bo Kyung asked why she was here, and Princess replied shyly that she had gotten the auspicious dates for consummation of her own marriage. 

Princess was carried to the house, but stayed inside the carriage, and added more dates to the list of auspicious dates. Hahaha, oh gosh this princess. She excitedly went into the room and saw that her husband had already lay down in the sheets, back-facing her. She shyly told him about how she had obtained the dates, and pushed the list towards him. However, she was stunned when she realised that she had been talking to Yang Myung all the time.

Yang Myung teased her about how she had added more dates to the list, and later when Yeom entered (sigh..so she made Yeom marry her after all), she left the room angrily. Yeom asked Yang Myung why he must always irritate the Princess every time they met, and Yang Myung replied that he's feeling indignant. The late King had always wanted Yeom to be helping Hwon, but what the Princess did was to clip Yeom's wings and all the knowledge he had, would go to waste. However, Yeom said that he's grateful for what the Princess had done for his family.

…I want my young Yeom backkkk.

The Angry Princess tossed Yang Myung's shoes up the roof, but Yang Myung had another pair of shoes tucked in his clothes. As he turned to leave, he looked at Yeon Woo's room. He lamented that even though both of them had grown up, but the Yeon Woo in his mind remained at 13 years old. He murmured, "Don't you want to know? How Yeon Woo would look like if she was still here."

He walked back with an imaginary Yeon Woo by his side. Yeon Woo told Yang Myung to return to the palace.

Yang Myung said that no one there would miss him, but Yeon Woo replied that Hwon would. In a palace with no one to confide in, how lonely Hwon must be. Yang Myung said that Hwon had Woon by his side, and Yeon Woo looked up at Yang Myung, requesting for him to take care of Hwon.

When the conversation ended, Yang Myung found many people gathered outside his residence and he ran. After he evaded their notice, he asked, "Are you satisfied now…this is my way of protecting Hwon…"

Hwon had a nightmare, of Yeon Woo telling him not to blame himself, of Dowager blaming him, of Yang Myung blaming him. Everything battered at him and echoed, and he woke up startled. Woon asked if it was the same nightmare again, and he nodded, saying that he needed to get outside for a walk.

….I want my young Chae Woon back too. 

He asked Woon if he knew why that certain section of the palace was called Hiding the Moon, and Woon answered in its literal meaning. Hwon told him that when the late King built this section, he thought the Moon was really beautiful and wanted to capture the Moon's reflection in the lake, so that when the Moon didn't rise that night, he could quietly take out the Moon from the lake and look at it. Hwon had also hidden a moon inside his heart, "Look…the sun and the moon cannot occupy the same sky…but at least…they can be together in here."

The camera showed the reflection of Hwon, Chae Woon and the moon. 

Nok Young was doing a ritual in the forest when the candles blew out. She looked worriedly at the moon, and Chan Shik came running with a letter. A man wrote to her, and said that the weather had changed, so he would be coming to her in three days. Nok Young felt pangs and looked at the ominous sky. In the morning, Chan Shik, Nok Young, Seol and Yeon Woo walked to the pier. Nok Young turned to Yeon Woo and told her to return. Yeon Woo let down the drapes of her clothes, and there

we have our adult Yeon Woo.

-the end-

And thus, we bade farewell to our entire childhood cast, from Yeon Woo, to Hwon all the way to Chan Shik. I would miss them, and even when the drama continues from the childhood, like a comma instead of a full-stop, I still feel that the resolution was really good. It was like a temporary full stop to that episode, from Yeon Woo meeting Hwon, to them falling in love, to her death, and his wedding. Not to mention that I absolutely love Yeo Jin Goo's acting in that scene. Ah, the drizzle, the barely-contained tears, and the smile. (Yang Myung too<3)

Now for the adult section. 

We can't say much about the acting yet, since there isn't much conflict in the first place. Yeah, we saw adult Bo Kyung crying, but tears do not necessarily make a good actress. You can cry all you want, and barely move the tiniest branch of a tree, but then yet again, Bo Kyung wasn't crying to move us in that scene. Kim Soo Hyun seems to be holding his ground, especially with the sarcasm and the anger. 

I quite like how the characterisation was very uniform. While I was watching the adult scenes, I constantly imagine the child actors and I could just see them doing the same things. Same expressions, same kind of reactions, and same opinions. That's good, because more often than not, I've seen dramas that continue off from the child section with an unintentional kind of break. It was as if the childhood character and the adult character were two characters in himself/herself. It was okay in this episode though, and that's great. 

Heh. I must admit that the adult actors have not won me over from the child actors yet. But we shall see, we shall see(:

I would love to read comments! 


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