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The Moon That Embraces The Sun Episode 10 Recap

Bo Kyung tried to look at the female shaman, but luckily, Yeon Woo stood with her back facing the door. She wanted to enter the quarters, but Woon appeared and pressed the door shut. Bo Kyung left, after telling Hyung Sun not to tell Hwon that she came. Hwon called for Hyung Sun to get the royal physician to treat Yeon Woo's injuries. Despite Hyung Sun's advice against it, he insisted upon it, saying that the shaman taking care of him shouldn't be injured, so it's for him, not for her.

Another royal guard gave Woon a letter that he found when he searched Yeon Woo, thinking that it might be a love letter. Bo Kyung sulked in her own quarters, or rather, sobbed as she remembered the look that Hwon gave Yeon Woo, "His Magesty's expression was one of a man looking at a woman."

Too bad Bo Kyung. 

The royal physician treated Yeon Woo in front of Hwon, and even though he tried to feign indifference, Hyung Sun caught him looking at Yeon Woo. 

Deep into the night, Yeon Woo gave a sleeping Hwon a bow of her head, before leaving with her cape, and Hwon opened his eyes after she left. The next morning, Woon passed Hwon the letter, and in it, Yeon Woo wrote, "Though weeds are not beautiful, they are still useful. Although shamans aren't seen as human beings, we are still a part of Your Majesty's people."

Hyung Sun commented that the words were written beautifully and Hwon recalled the 15 year old him gushing over Yeon Woo's handwriting. The young Hwon and the adult Hwon's voices merged together in a, "How can I forget…" Hyung Sun noticed the change of expression on Hwon's face and told him that his sacred heart must not waver. Hwon asked defensively if he thought his heart would waver because of a lowly shaman, and Hyung Sun said a short but powerful sentence, "She is not…Lady Yeon Woo."


Hyung Sun told Hwon about Bo Kyung having come into his quarters the night before, and said that Bo Kyung had already put down her pride as a woman, and even went back to her own quarters quietly (yeah, if it wasn't for Woon, I wonder if she would go back quietly.) He requested for Hwon to start being more caring towards Bo Kyung. The next thing we know, the Court Lady excitedly informed Bo Kyung that Hwon decided to visit her chambers. 

Hwon's mother saw Hwon going on his way to Bo Kyung's chambers and happily informed Great Dowager, who attributed it to Shaman Wol because everything seemed to be smooth-sailing ever since she entered the palace. She dropped a mini bomb on Hwon's mother, by saying that she wanted to bring the consummation date forward. 

Hwon seemed as if he finally had an interest in Bo Kyung but it was just everyone being one-sided. He actually went there to tell Bo Kyung that even if she did see someone in his chambers, it's only a talisman. He even 'asked' again to make sure that their consummation date was in one month, and knew that Bo Kyung got his insinuation that she shouldn't step into his quarters until that very date. Bo Kyung forced a smile.

Being really angry, Bo Kyung got her Court Lady to arrange for a spy among the attendants. 

Yang Myung kept thinking over Yeon Woo's words and the Professor's words. There were so many conflicts between the two that he kept pondering over who was the one who lied to him. Jan Sil saw him and ran towards him. It took Yang Myung a while, but he remembered her in the end, the girl whom he had saved so many years ago. She thanked him and said that it's because of him that she could become a real shaman now at the Celestial Halls. He recalled Yeon Woo saying that she's at the safe place now and realised that she could be referring to the Celestial Halls. He asked Jan Sil if she knew anyone called Wol, and Jan Sil recalled Nok Young threatening to pull her limbs apart if she referred to Yeon Woo as the moon again. 

She didn't know that Yeon Woo had started using Hwon's name for her, and told Yang Myung that she didn't know such anyone called Wol. She ran off with her shaman friends but was filled with immense guilt. Yeon Woo had the same dream again, of her childhood memories with Hwon but the guy being all fuzzy and distorted. 

She woke up and told Seol that she almost saw the face this time round. Seol asked if she really wanted to see his face, and murmured in her mind that the person was someone right by her side every night. 

It's time for Yeon Woo to visit Hwon again, and Hwon kept picking on her meaning in the letter. 

He made it sound like Yeon Woo was being disrespectful and when Yeon Woo tried to explain herself, he shouted, "Do you know who I am? I'm the —" and he remembered that he said the exact same sentence to Yeon Woo when they first met. Getting really frustrated, he called for someone to arrange for his night stroll and commanded Yeon Woo to go with him. 

During the stroll, Hwon got everyone else except Yeon Woo to move behind, so that there's a distance between the two of them and his party of people. They walked past Yeon Woo's quarters that were now closed and unused, and Yeon Woo got flashbacks. With a wide-eyed expression, she asked Hwon if this was the place where Hwon hid all his memories and pain. As Hwon turned around to look at her, she continued, "The person who shed tears here…is it Your Majesty?"

Hwon stunned everyone by grabbing Yeon Woo and pulling her really close. 

He asked her how she knew and she said that it was because she had shaman powers. Hwon then asked if she could tell what he's going to do next since she could read his mind. 

Ah, a scene full of potential. 

Hyung Sun watched in horror, Woon watched in his usual expression and all the palace maids turned their heads away. Making use of this chance, Hwon pulled Yeon Woo and ran away. As Hyung Sun and palace maids scurried after them, Woon walked another way. Hwon pulled Yeon Woo into a room.

They are holding hands!(: 

Of course, Yeon Woo pulled free. Hwon asked her who she was, and she replied Wol, but he didn't want that answer. He grabbed her shoulders and asked, "Do you…really not recognise me? Have you…really not seen me before?"

Yeon Woo asked him back in a soft tone, but with tears in her eyes too, who he's looking for when he looked at her, "Is it the girl called Yeon Woo?" Hyung Sun finally found the room but was stopped by Woon. Inside the room, Yeon Woo asked Hwon if he placed her by his side simply because she looked alike with the girl and told him, "But…I'm not her." Hwon told her to shut up and said that she's stepping over the line. He told her that just because he made her stay didn't mean that he favoured her, "How much are you worth that you dare, that you dare —"

And he continued in his mind, "Make me so confused." He looked away and stumbled. Yeon Woo reached out to catch him but he told her to stay away from him. If she was to step over the line again, he wouldn't let her off that easily any more. He instructed for her to go back and after they moved off, he told Woon to send Yeon Woo back but without her knowing. He also needed Woon to go somewhere else after that. Yeon Woo walked back and recalled Hwon shouting at her. Nok Young came out from the halls to find Yeon Woo standing outside. Yeon Woo told her that she had been having flashbacks that couldn't be hers but it felt so real that it felt just like reality. 

"It makes me very confused…" Nok Young told her that it's just her powers and Yeon Woo murmured sadly, "I can't be the owner of those memories…even if we look really alike, I can't possibly be that person…" Seol who was listening at a side wiped her tears and Nok Young's eyes had tears in them.

Yeom went back to his old home again and Yang Myung gave him a scare. Then Woon appeared, giving the two of them a scare. Haha. Turns out that Woon was only there to tell Yeom that Hwon had sent for him, and he soon got up to leave. Seeing the letters by the side of the table, Woon inquired after them and asked more about Yeon Woo. Seol was actually at the old home and as she turned to leave, she got attacked by Woon who thought that she was sent by someone to spy on them.

Back in the house, Yeom asked Yang Myung about his supposed lover, and they soon got onto the topic of Yeon Woo. Yang Myung told Yeom about the incident where he had offered to elope with Yeon Woo, and he blamed himself for hiding his true heart with smiles that time…for if he had insisted and brought Yeon Woo away, then she probably wouldn't have died.  

Seol went back to her room and Yeon Woo learnt that she had gone back to her previous owner's house. She commented that the owner must have been a really nice person, and Seol said in her heart, "That kind person is you…" Yeom started remembering his sister and he went into her room. Crying, he touched the chess pieces and recalled how determined Yeon Woo was when everyone else was worried for her…and lo and behold, he managed to find the letter that Yeon Woo had hidden away eight years ago. 

Yang Myung walked alone on the street and Jan Sil suddenly appeared, apologising profusely. She hugged him and promised him that he would get to meet the person he wanted to meet, and that she would repay him in whatever way she could (for saving her life last time). 

Hwon couldn't sleep again as he thought over the conversation he had had with Yeon Woo. The next day, Yeom bid farewell to his mother and Princess was dismayed to find out that he didn't tell her because she would have accompanied him into the palace. Her reason was quite clear hehe. Whenever Yeom stepped into the palace, all the palace maids would be so enamoured by him. It's so funny and nostalgic to see that Yeom still retained his charm even after eight years. 

Hwon was ecstatic to see Yeom and Hyung Sun was equally happy to see Hwon so happy. Aww, he's such a simple, kind man. 

Even though this was probably just any innocent meeting, Minister Yoon's faction got into a discussion over Yeom's possible reason for entering the palace to meet Hwon and they felt that his presence could be threatening. Even though he's the Prince Consort, he had many followers and should he decide to take charge, he could even be more powerful than his late father. 

Yeom finally passed the letter to Hwon and tears gathered in his eyes as Yeom told him that he should read it…then burn the letter personally, "And forget my sister from now on…." Hwon tried to smile as he told Yeom, "Everyone…is telling me to forget her…"

Hyung Sun escorted Yeom out of the palace and said that he should visit more often. Yeom requested for Hyung Sun to take good care of Hwon and left. With only Hyung Sun and himself, Hwon opened the letter and read it. I use my last breath to write this letter to you. Maybe it will only give you more troubles, maybe it wouldn't even be passed to you. Before I leave, I already felt very blissful to have seen you…so please do not blame yourself…and hide me in a corner of your memories. Father's going to send the medicine over soon…so I won't be able to see you ever again. Please..you must forget me…for me, please take care of yourself…and please become a good ruler. 

Hwon cried as he thought out loud how Yeon Woo worried about him even in her last moments, and that she must be feeling terrible. He looked at her words that were written with weak strokes, and told a crying Hyung Sun to get him the chest so that he could look at Yeon Woo's beautiful handwriting again. Hyung Sun complied immediately. 

Time for the Spy Report. The attendant reported faithfully to Bo Kyung what Hwon had done and Bo Kyung was alarmed to hear that he had asked for the chest, that had the word "Woo" engraved on top. Back in Hwon's quarters, he opened the chest and cried as he looked at the letter Yeon Woo had written for him. Suddenly, he realised something, and grabbed Shaman Wol's letter. Placing them side by side, he scrutinised the words and called for Woon to get Shaman Wol immediately. 

Whoo whoo exciting! 

As Yeon Woo walked towards his quarters, she was suddenly pulled aside…by Yang Myung, who asked her again if she didn't know who he was. Hwon looked up from the letters with certainty. He's sure that they were written by the same person. 

-the end-

I love the ending! I knew that the letter was really important and ever since Yeon Woo/Shaman Wol passed it to him, I had been screeching silently for Hwon to compare the handwriting. 

I don't think I will call the past two episodes slow-moving because I don't think they were, but they are lacking in something that the first six episodes had and I guess I'm just looking out for more conflict! I understand that they are still building up to something but I can't wait for it, because the scriptwriters have always been able to come up with conflicts that are so good, I just hope that the rising action is going to go somewhere. 

I'm glad that Han Ga In didn't look out of place standing next to Kim Soo Hyun even though there's the age gap but I want more Yeon Woo — Hwon scenes please! Sorry, you have gotten a whiny fangirl right over here. 

The scene where Hwon cried over the letter was good to me. I think I teared there which was something I hadn't done since Episode 6 perhaps. 


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