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The Moon That Embraces The Sun Episode 13 Recap

Yes I bet you guys still remember Hwon grabbing Bo Kyung, and wonder how he's going to get out of this all right? (Because as dramas go, there's no way he and Bo Kyung will consummate while Yeon Woo is still around, it's just…wrong)

For this guy that I can't seem to pinpoint the name right now, let's just call him the Shaman Guy, he held his own ritual in his own place, where he wrote an amulet and burnt it. Nok Young felt the impact, and Jan Shik collapsed to the ground, gasping and clutching her heart. Back in the chambers, Hwon suddenly felt heart pain and clenched his hands around the heart, but what touches me most is that he tried contain the pain and even pushed Bo Kyung onto the bed.

It touches me because (in my opinion), Hwon is doing this for Yeon Woo! He knows that Yeon Woo's life will be in danger if he doesn't go ahead with the consummation, and here he is, still trying to do the 'right' thing. However, the pain was too much and he fainted next to Bo Kyung, who was still tearing and complaining that he's treating her so badly. It took her a few seconds to realise Hwon was down, and she worriedly called for the doctor.

On Yeon Woo's side, she rejected Yang Myung, and told him to simply accept her feelings of gratitude. Yang Myung asked if she already had someone in her heart, and she quickly denied it, saying that shamans were only vessels for the gods, and that they couldn't love someone else. Jan Sik came running to tell her that Hwon had collapsed and they needed her to go into his chambers. Her expression of worry was evident on her face, as she ran off with Jan Sik. Yang Myung looked at her parting back and thought, "You said you couldn't take someone else in your heart?…Then you should have tried to hide it better so that others can't see through."

Hwon was in great pain even in his unconsciousness. 

Hyung Sun was already crying out of worry and the physician looked dismayed at Hwon's pulse. Yeon Woo came running in and when she saw how bad Hwon's condition was, she started crying.

As she cried, Hwon's face suddenly slackened and his hands which were initially trembling and continuously clenching, suddenly relaxed. 

It's not very obvious in the screenshots, but I thought Kim Soo Hyun did an amazing job here! It's a very subtle difference but you could tell when the pain went away. If you only look at the left screencap, you could still see him looking sad/in pain/generally uncomfortable, but the right screencap shows him in sleep. And I can't really tell why, because he kind of looks the same in both screenshots, but yet I could see the difference. Watch it and you will know what I mean. 

Everyone's super amazed and the physician took the pulse again, turning around to give everyone a startled look. Yeon Woo stayed behind to take care of Hwon, and when she heard the gongs outside, she was reluctant to leave. As she pushed herself up, Hwon grabbed her hand and murmured if she had been worried. She nodded, and said that she had been worried about everything, to which Hwon gave a tiny smile, "Were you worried that I would be in other woman's embrace?" Yeon Woo denied it, and Hwon requested for her to stay by his side till morning, because with her, he could sleep peacefully. 


Of course, the three professors and the physician were called into investigation, and since none of them felt that this mishap was their fault, they concluded that someone must have released evil spirits into the palace after one of the professors remarked that there was a strange airflow in the palace the night before. Bo Kyung was smart to make use of what had happened by telling the two Dowagers that she had a strange dream the night before, where the shaman told her that she would never be able to be with Hwon's child. The Dowagers reassured her, but were shocked to hear that Hwon had already known the shaman's existence long ago. 

The ministers were really happy about this situation, and they discussed how they could make use of it. 1. Hwon fell in love with the shaman or 2. The shaman was in love with Hwon and out of jealousy, released evil spirits on the night of consummation. Minister Yoon was very pleased and said that the first thing they should do was to teach Shaman Wol what she should say when she got investigated. 

While out in the courtyard, a few shamans discussed the reasons for Hwon's collapse (the most recent one and also the ones before) and one of the shamans told them that there's a rumour that the late Crown Princess' spirit (i.e Yeon Woo) was the one preventing Hwon's consummation. That's why people could still hear crying from the Hidden Moon Halls deep into the night. Yeon Woo heard this and recalled the night she saw the chambers. In the background, the shamans continued to mention that the Crown Princess died suddenly and there were so many speculations of being poisoned or murdered. 

Haha, kinda tickled that they were talking about a non-existent spirit because Yeon Woo was still alive and well. 

Kyu Tae went to investigate and found out from the physician that took care of Yeon Woo the other time that even after she was dead, her body remained warm. He left, and Princess and Yeon Woo's mother arrived soon after to get a consultation. Princess shyly and quietly asked the physician to send her some tonics for her husband. Yeon Woo's mother stared wistfully at the markings on the pillar and Princess was dismayed to hear that those were the markings of Yeon Woo's height before the choosing of the Crown Princess. They were both stunned to hear that a man was recently hear to ask about Yeon Woo's death. 

Yeon Woo sat in her room and murmured the names under her breath, Hidden Moon Halls, Crown Princess, Heo, Heo Yeon Woo, Heo Yeon Woo, Heo Yeon Woo, causing her eyes to widen as she recalled her parents, Hwon and Yang Myung calling Yeon Woo.

She was soon quickly hauled to Euigeumbu (what I understand to be equivalent to a courthouse). Seol and Jan Sik saw her tied up in ropes along the way, and Seol quickly tagged after her, instructing Jan Sik to inform Nok Young. But Nok Young was not in the Celestial Halls at the moment, she was visiting Shaman Guy who told her that the consummation couldn't happen, because then they would miss the chance for everything to go back to square one. Nok Young told him that it's too late, ever since she had released the evil spirits and if not for A-Li's last words, she would have killed Yeon Woo. 

Shaman Guy told her that's not her true words, and that she did all these to help Yeon Woo and the Celestial Halls, but Nok Young gave him an expression full of sarcasm,

as she told him that she only did that so that Celestial Halls would not die in her hands, insisting that it's too late to turn back now. 

Yeon Woo was asked for an alibi but she kept mum about Yang Myung in order to protect him. She was strong and calm on the outside, as she replied for the umpteenth time that she wasn't the one who released the evil spirits. 

From a simple appreciative point of view, I think it's smart yet irritating how one thing leads to another. More on that later!

Minister Yoon came into have a word with her alone, and there, she realised that Minister Yoon was offering her a  deal. 'Confess' that she was the one who released the evil spirits and she would simply get chased out of the palace. Continue with her own way, and she would be tortured during the interrogation. 

Nok Young was devastated to find that Yeon Woo had been hauled to Euigeumbu and when she went there, she met up with Seol. She saw Minister Yoon leaving the place, and quickly pulled Seol aside. Minister Yoon was perplexed because he was sure that he had seen Yeon Woo before. Nok Young sent Seol on her way, and went into the jail to see Yeon Woo, who was still worried about Hwon and how the ministers were going to make use of this to weaken his position. 

Yeon Woo wanted to confess that she was a spy sent to Hwon's palace, so that Hwon wouldn't need to suffer the blame of getting her to stay by his side. Nok Young was angry at her for being worried over Hwon and not herself, and told her that the idea sucked because Hwon wouldn't be happy to see her do that. Yeon Woo realised that if she had done that, then Hwon would blame himself for not having protected a shaman, however lowly she was. 

Ehh, I don't really like this scene because I feel the same way as Nok Young does! I'm never a fan of scenes where the girl lands in something bad but can only think of the guy. 

Hyung Sun received the news and stuttered as he told Hwon about Wol's capture. Yang Myung prepared for another trip and as he left, Jan Sik came by to tell him about Wol's capture so that he could be Wol's alibi, but he hardened his resolve and told Jan Sik that had nothing to do with him. Yeon Woo was placed in The Chair, and one of the ministers mentioned seeing Yeon Woo in the markets the other day. This caused Minister Yoon to remember that she was the one who ran past with Hwon, and he smiled. 

Hwon came storming into the place and shouting at the ministers. 

Yeon Woo turned her face away from him and he noticed her injured feet. Minister Yoon made him discuss about this matter privately, and on the surface, the excuse was the ministers wanted to deal with this themselves so as not to trouble Hwon. Minister Yoon dropped a veiled statement that the scholars would be suspicious of him should he continue to be so interested in a shaman's affair. GRR. 

Hwon roared in anger back in his chambers and got up to save Yeon Woo. He was stopped by Hyung Sun who reminded him that he's the King of his people, and that for the best of things, he had gotten to sacrifice one person — Wol. He assured Hwon that Wol was smart and could protect herself. 

The torture began, and Yeon Woo screamed in pain. (ooh that rhymes.) However, no matter how many times Minister Yoon tried to get her to say that she was the one who released the spirits, she stared back and said with an iron heart that she wasn't the one. 

Nok Young pleaded with the Great Dowager to let Yeon Woo go, saying that she didn't have the powers to cast such a spell. Great Dowager was displeased with Nok Young for not telling her that the shaman was already discovered by Hwon, and told her that she wouldn't be able to tell what went on in Nok Young's black heart. Nok Young questioned Dowager's trust in her, and asked then, why the Dowager had such a trust in her eight years ago to release the spirits on Yeon Woo. She threatened Dowager in a subtle manner, saying that she should might as well confess and be killed along with Yeon Woo, "But…"

But if she confessed, Great Dowager would be in a totally different situation, especially if Hwon knew about this. Great Dowager was affronted, and even more shocked at the timely arrival of Hwon. Hwon learnt that the Shaman Head was now Nok Young but barely gave her a glance before sitting down. Nok Young excused herself, and walked out of the palace weakly. Hwon also came by to request something out of Dowager. He even bowed his body slightly, as he asked for Great Dowager to save Yeon Woo. 

Great Dowager was agitated and asked if he had really fallen in love with the shaman. She looked scandalised as Hwon replied, "I am also a man…" but was immensely pleased afterwards when Hwon continued that because he's a man, it's inevitable for him to be moved by women, but rest assured, he would never fall in love with a shaman of such lowly status. 

He even praised Great Dowager that she was the only one with the power to control him and Minister Yoon. 

It's funny to see how the Great Dowager is so easily manipulated. 

Hwon said in his heart, "If there must be one person to be sacrificed for the rest, then I shall might as well…sacrifice myself, to save that person." 

I don't really care whether it works, I just think that this adds points for Hwon in my head. 

Yeon Woo continued to be tortured but she still remained in firm stand that she wasn't the one who released the spirits. Yang Myung suddenly barged in, shocking everyone by saying that she was with him in the courtyard of Celestial Halls at the time the spirits were released.

Come to think of it, this is a really stupid move, Yang Myung. I mean, of course you had no way of knowing that Hwon already planned something, but…argh, this just throws another obstacle in. 

In order to save Yang Myung from being suspected as wanting to rebel against Hwon, Yeon Woo lied that she was the one who was tired of being a shaman and wanted to ask Yang Myung to bring her away, but she didn't know that he was the King's brother. Minister Yoon got the news that Great Dowager wanted him to stop the investigation, and asked her why later. She told him that this incident had quelled Hwon's fire, and that it's a good chance for them to exploit the Yang Myung — Yeon Woo relationship, so that Yang Myung could be eliminated out of the equation. 

Yang Myung came to see Yeon Woo and was pained to see her in such…pain. 

He told Yeon Woo that they should just tell them that he was the one who seduced her, not she who seduced him. In that way, she would be cleared, and he would just deal with the results. Not good, Yang Myung. In order to get Yang Myung off the idea, Yeon Woo lied and made a jibe at Yang Myung, saying that if he thought that she had lied for him, then he's sorely mistaken. 

And then Yang Myung lied too, saying that he's only doing this because he didn't want to go on a trip with bad feelings. 

Hwon heard of Yang Myung's attempt in saving Yeon Woo, and remarked that this meant Yang Myung met Wol before too. He looked at Woon, and realised that Woon knew of this. Yang Myung came by to talk to Hwon, and requested for Wol from Hwon, saying that he could put down his status as a Prince. Hwon refused, and told Yang Myung to think about it. He was the one who had said eight years ago that if it was him, he would throw everything aside for that one person, but would Wol really be safe by his side, especially with relatives who wanted him to fight for the King's throne?

Actually you know what, I'm probably differing with public's opinion here, but I'm starting to not like Yang Myung. The more he goes on about how ohhh I can put down everything for her, I can and you can't and this means you love her less, so I should get her, the more I roll my eyes and feel a little less sympathetic towards his situation. You should get it straight, the reason why you could put everything down as a Prince was precisely that — you are the Prince and Hwon is the King/Crown Prince. By not leaving his position, Hwon is being responsible to his people, not being cowardly in his love. Seriously. Stop feeling so noble in your love. 

Yang Myung left in anger and you could tell a storm was brewing in his heart, as he thought If you can't even grant me this one request…

Back in his chambers, Hwon asked Woon with a heavy heart if he was too harsh and cruel to Yang Myung. He didn't want to lose any more people that were precious to him, but even Yang Myung wasn't safe now — for the ministers would make use of the relationship between him and Wol to eliminate him. He commented with sadness, that the person who would suffer the most out of this, was Wol. 

-the end-

I have quite a few thoughts about this episode actually, for some reason. Firstly, like what I've said, I'm irritated as a fangirl and yet at the same time, I'm taken in with some parts of the script. Don't you think that it's so arghh to see how if Shaman Guy didn't release the spirits, the consummation wouldn't be halted, but because he had done it, it prevented the consummation AND got the ministers the idea of framing Yeon Woo. Next, if Yang Myung didn't come forward, then Yeon Woo had no alibi, so he came forward and now Yeon Woo had an alibi, but because he came forward, it gave the ministers a chance to exploit the situation. So one thing leads to another, and now we have this. 

I have no idea in my sudden change of feelings towards Yang Myung, but I guess right from the start, I was always rooting for Hwon, and yes even in the childhood bits, I had that nagging feeling whenever Yang Myung went into his self-righteous mode. Don't misunderstand me — I still like him, but just a little less now. I can see both points of views very clearly, but there's obviously a misunderstanding on Yang Myung's part. 

I'm also usually not a fan of people doing noble things for one another. Case in point, you should check out my entry on the cliches of Korean Dramas. In this episode, we have a sorta roundabout session of people being noble to someone else. Hwon for Yeon Woo, Yang Myung for Yeon Woo, and Yeon Woo for the both Hwon and Yang Myung. Somehow, Hwon for Yeon Woo strikes me nicely in the heart, Yang Myung for Yeon Woo strikes me as nice but useless, and Yeon Woo for both Hwon and Yang Myung strikes me as…sad. I don't feel too good about her getting all worried over Hwon without a single thought about herself (Sorry, I always hated Bella for that.) but I could see why she did what she did with Yang Myung. No matter how Yang Myung wanted to put it as if they were just doing what a man and a woman did at night, the ministers would associate him with some kind of blame for meeting up with the shaman in charge of the King's health. 

And for that, the only thing she could do was to pull the blame to herself. Yeah true, ultimately, the ministers and Great Dowager could still exploit the situation, but at least for now, Yang Myung was free of blame. 

Long thoughts this time round! I hope you guys enjoyed the recap. Comment!


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