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The Equator Man Episode 1 and 2

I wouldn't say that I'm entirely hooked on this show yet, but episodes 1 and 2 have proven to be quite promising. While waiting (impatiently) for the adults to take over so that I can finally see Lee Joon Hyuk in action again, I'm also appreciating the acting of the young actors and actresses. 

If I don't recap this show, this is the only cap you will get, Evil Villain. Pft, I hope you die a terrible death, but judging by the opening scene, I highly doubt you will get shot by Jang Il. 

Poor Seon Woo when he ran into his dead father.


More of him.

Actually, Lee Hyun Woo has lots of potential:O

"When I become a Prosecutor, and if your father was really murdered, I will personally find out who the culprit is."

I love the starting two episodes. While it is still in the childhood, and seems to be so even until Episode 4, I like how they set the stage for future developments, and portray the character development. I'm glad to see two very different kind of characters, despite suspecting that Jang Il is going to be second lead to Seon Woo. Seon Woo has a very likeable character. He loves to fight yes, but he also shows amazing purity in friendship — friends take priority and for his friends, he will do anything. And that always adds so many points in my favour. He's slightly more innocent, as compared to Jang Il, whom has more conflicting sides. He's nice inside, but due to his poverty issues, he has developed this strong pride, and this desire to be successful, to be wealthy. 

This will go on to be a very interesting foundation for the adult version of Jang Il. He has lots of 'potential' to become a bad guy — tempted by money, wealth and status. He may want to be a Prosecutor, but his aims in being one may not be the 'right' one. Seon Woo doesn't seem like the reveng-y kind as of now, but to morph into one will be exciting to watch. 

I'm just kind of prematurely sad for Jang Il already, since we obviously all know that the main girl is going to fall in love with Seon Woo, and not Jang Il who crushes on her…but at the same time, I love the scene between Main Girl (haven't yet found out her name) and Seon Woo. They understood each other, at that moment, despite sharing few words. Jang Il, on the other hand, mainly gets attracted to her because of what she represents. Seon Woo sees her when she's desolate and violent, and that changes a lot of things. 

Just some thoughts!


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