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Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun Interview 121112

Hmm….while I remain a shipper of Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung (hehehe), I think Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun make a pretty cute couple as well~ Snippets of interview:


YJG: I felt sorry towards SH during the filming of Moon That Embraces The Sun, because there was one scene when I had to knock into her shoulder very loudly before walking out
Interviewer (towards SH): Did you know that he felt sorry? Or is this your first time hearing it?
SH: Oh..I've heard it once before.


Interviewer: So did you ask for any material compensation?
SH: (laughs shyly, doesn't know how to reply, YJG and Interviewer laugh)


(After showing Yoo Jung's interview when the interviewers asked about her and Jin Goo)

YJG: Yoo Jung's character…mm how do you describe..she has a very lively personality, and even plays daring pranks…a very happy-go-lucky girl like a friend. So Hyun on other hand is slightly quieter, and has an opposite personality but still has its charm.


Interviewer: You have not contacted Yoo Jung recently?
YJG: (laughs and flusters at the suddenly question) I…I..have not been in much contact recently.
Interviewer: (as if Yoo Jung was there) Yoo Jung ah, what do we do, sorry ah~ Jin Goo Oppa's heart is going towards So Hyun~



Interviewer asks SH what her memorable scene with JG is, and she answers with the scene by the flickering light. Interviewer follows with a question, "Did you all feel embarrassed?"

SH: (calm) I didn't feel awkward or anything.
Interviewer: Oh…SH has no evil thoughts about JG (JG pretends to protect himself by putting his arms around himself. Lol~)
YJG: (laughs) I felt a little awkward. Actually, I feel awkward looking at anyone straight in the eye as long as it's a female.
Interviewer: Aren't you looking at me just fine~ Think about it, what if you are looking at your Aunt or something~


At the end,

SH: Miss you —
YJG: Please give us your guidance!


Awkward moment as they put their hands together LOL. 


So what do you guys make of this pairing~? To be very honest, I still prefer Hwon/Yeon Woo over Jung Woo/Su Yeon, even though both acting pairs had great chemistry, and they did such a great job at the childhood parts of the whole show. 

This is just my opinion, but I guess if I must put a finger on it, it might have something to do with the feeling that Jung Woo's tears over Su Yeon partly came from the fact that the girl got raped because of him. Hwon and Yeon Woo convince me that they had true love at that young age, but Jung Woo's love for Su Yeon seems to be mixed in with immense guilt. We are talking about two different dramas of course, and hence I should not be comparing the love presented in both childhoods, but oh well~ Just a thought anyway. 



  1. Anonymous says

    if you compared just the drama by itself yeah your right: young actors in TMTETS is more lovable, heartbreaking & so touching they made me cry a lot even though IMY made me cry too. One more reason is the love story of the drama, it’s totally different. TMTETS drama love team Kim Yoo Jung & Yeo Jin Goo were so sweet & have strong chemistry. IMY Kim So Hyun & Yeo Jin Goo they have chemistry too but not strong like KYG & YJG in TMTETS but in this interview man they look good together. The shyness, sweet, awkwardness, innocent & fresh love team. I love it! To be honest, i think whoever they paired up to YJG will have chemistry & will be look good together & i’ve seen it . He still young & he will paired up to other actress anyway. Since SK don’t have Love Team i would like to see YJG will be paired up to these young actresses in the future. Young actresses like Seo Shin Ae, Lee Young Yoo & more. Don’t let us down YJG :))


    • Heyy thanks for the comment!

      And haha I agree with you — YJG has a way of bringing out the sweet romance side of whoever he’s paired with. He has the advantage of looking cute, but it’s definitely kudos to his acting skills as well^^ I am definitely looking forward to the day when he holds the entire drama by himself(: Imagine 20 episodes of YJG goodness heh.


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