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Gu Family Book Episode 14

It's such a pity that I can't watch this series in peace and guilt-less conscience, but here I am, just a teeny bit ridden with guilt and just finished watching the latest episode!

I really love Wol Ryung's return — didn't expect it but neither did it take me by surprise. Even if he has turned into a thousand year evil spirit, I think his character will provide a greater arc to the story. Somehow watching him and Kang Chi just keeps reminding me of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, (even though I must admit I have simply no idea what happened in Star Wars), so I was really happy and glad when they scraped the 'I am your father' revelation and instead have Kang Chi know this shocking fact quite early on. How he is going to deal with this fact will be the interesting part that I am waiting to see.

Wol Ryung not having aged at all is good for the fangirl's eyes^^ He's still as cool as ever, and looks good in that long hair and eyeliner. But it disturbs me to see how he had a smirk when he tilted Yeol Woo's face and at that moment, I just had a thought they look like they could be together. Brrr. On the other hand, I really, really hope that they kept the same actress for Seo Hwa because the chemistry between the two was so, so good. The mouth doesn't look the same, but the voice sounds the same so I'm hoping against hope that two leads will stay^^


This look of joyous surprise really sweetens the drama — when Kang Chi realises that Yeol Woo allows him to stay human even without the bracelet. I love the romance blooming right here, from the start where Kang Chi gets taken aback at how girly Yeo Woo can be, to them hanging up the lantern and her making a wish for him…everything(: It serves to add on to the poignancy later on, when Chung Jo sinks to the floor and reminds herself that she was the one who gave up on Kang Chi, because I pity her — Chung Jo will now never get to enjoy the same kind of sweetness, hope, romance that Yeol Woo and Kang Chi go through simply because she doesn't have the belief and trust that Kang Chi is still who he is.

Yet being the cynic that I am, I want more evidence of Yeol Woo's and Kang Chi's love but I don't think I will get any of that any more. It's quite hard for me to believe that Yeol Woo likes Kang Chi simply because Kang Chi has saved her life twice before….or is the story going to take on the line that she's attracted to him because they are fated to be? I wouldn't mind that plot line, but a mention of it will be nice. Kang Chi's impending love for Yeol Woo has enough reason since she's the one who believes in him all the way, and never betrays him. But I'm also hoping that the love goes beyond this belief, and that the two will like each other for who they really are, instead of external reasons.

A few more days to the next episode!



  1. So what did you end up thinking of the ending of Gu Family Book? I was so sad and so mad and so bitter-sweet nostalgic all at the same time. Of course, dramafever spoiled the ending for me so I was even madder. I unfollowed them on Facebook because of it.


    • HAHA I never did finish this series as I felt it was starting to be draggy and Wol Ryung had gone back to rest in peace with his true love. I just read Dramabean’s episode recap and I think if it was me watching the episode, I would still have liked it that the main couple got together ultimately.

      How did Dramafever spoil the ending for you?


      • The dramafever blog had the normal Gu Family picture for the preview picture and warned not to click on the post or be spoiled. But when they posted the link on Facebook, the picture was the couple staring at each other in modern clothes so I knew something crazy must happen at the ending. I was watching the drama with my mom & sister online (3 different timezones is tough to coordinate) so we were a bit behind on the episodes and I was sooo carefully avoiding spoilers. Of course, I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen but a historical drama doesn’t suddenly go modern without something insane happening.

        I liked the ending, even though I cried buckets. But I was really hoping for a sequel. Although I really, really doubt it would ever happen.


      • I see, maybe it’s an oversight on their behalf, but I understand, getting spoilers can be SO annoying! This is why I avoid looking at previews most of the time because I can guess what’s going to happen in the entire episode just by looking at the previews (of course nowadays, dramas have taken to produce completely misleading previews so… XD)

        Yeah I think Kdramas usually don’t go on sequels, sadly. I know I wanted sequels for quite a lot of shows!


      • I messaged their facebook admin and they apologized but I was so upset at the time. I got way too caught up emotionally in the story! ^_^

        Supposedly the writer really wanted a sequel. That was part of why they changed the official name of the drama from Gu Family Book to Kang Chi: The Beginning. But Lee Seung Gi will be doing his military service very soon – You’re All Surrounded may be his last drama before he leaves, from what I understand. And no one is going to watch a sequel if it doesn’t have him. So either they needed to make it now or they would have to wait 2 years. Since Vampire Prosecutor got a sequel I was hoping but I don’t really expect it will happen.

        I’d love if she regained her memories at some point in their new love story. Like after some big, dramatic moment it suddenly hit her.

        I think I’d like the ending a lot more if we hadn’t had similar endings in Rooftop Prince and Arang & the Magistrate.


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