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Emergency Couple Part lll

It's quite a pity because Emergency Couple's episodes always get released on days when I'm the busiest, hence I don't think I would be able to recap them. However, I do like how it's turning out so far hehehe. Pleaseee just give Chang Min and Jin Hee a happy ending! I admit I might be biased towards Chang Min from the start. He certainly wasn't the nicest character around and I don't like him in his immature ways. Yet, he has really become more mature in the past few episodes, and I'm sure the death of his father is going to change him and his mother in ways that are permanent and for the better.

I do like the pairing of Jin Hee and Chang Min. Jin Hee and Chief make a really cute duo, but I feel like they are perhaps just a brief respite to each another rather than the significance of a new life. They make each other's hearts skip a beat, but that initial attraction and admiration…could it really be the start of true love?

In any case, I think this drama makes a good point of treasuring what you have, right now, at this moment. Do not wait till you have lost the person that you love most, before realising what you could have done better or how he/she was so important to you.


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