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Emergency Couple Episode 19 Recap

I really like this episode a lot, so my fingers felt rather itchy…and then..I couldn't resist, so here's the recap!!

Continuing from last week's episode, we see Jin Hee dragging Chang Min into the stairway and putting the stethoscope to her heart so that he can hear for himself, that he really makes her heart thumps. She tells him that her heart has always been racing but she didn't want to acknowledge it.


Chang Min is quite touched and all, until he suddenly breaks the moment and says that he cannot hear anything at all. Jin Hee tests out the stethoscope and she can hear Chang Min's heart just fine, so Chang Min takes the stethoscope back and starts jabbing it at Jin Hee's general chest awkward area. She finally realises that he's joking and shrugs him off, before covering her chest and looking insulted. HAHA.

I was quite worried for a moment there, and still am, because I am always quite curious why Jin Hee had the heart problem in the first place. As we saw in the first episode, her heart problem caused her quite a bit of trauma and while I initially dismiss it as a symptom of stress, I do wonder if there's something more to her heart problem. I definitely hope not.

Yong Gyu comes along and being the pig he is, he gobbles up Chang Min's cookies. Chang Min arrives just at the right moment to forcefully fish for the remains of the cookie from Yong Gyu's mouth. Like the previous cookies, it contains a message and this time it reads "A husband must know that a wife is an art that he created."


I personally don't quite like that statement. Unless the subbers lost the nuance of the statement, if not, this is a statement that females would/might take offence with, no?

The son of the granny is finally calm and tells Jin Hee that money is of no issue when it comes to treating his mother. He blames Jin Hee but Chang Min steps in to remind the son that he should accompany his mother more and travel with her once a year. He sighs, "Once time passes, I realised that it becomes too late."

Later, Chang Min and Jin Hee pack the equipment together and Jin Hee asks if Chang Min saw the cookies. Chang Min says no at first, but finally smiles and relents with the jokes. Jin Hee feels that Chang Min influences her a lot, and that she got to where she is today largely because of him. She doesn't know if it's because she is competitive, but she wants to be like him. Chang Min and her reach out for the same equipment and their hands meet. He leaves after giving her the box but she, on the other hand…


Ah Reum with her pretty face and good figure, runs into a perverted patient, who keeps asking her to examine his upper thigh and moving her hands higher and higher. She finally notices that he's just making advances on her and feels uncomfortable. Chang Min hears the harassment at the same time, so he comes over and rescues Ah Reum. The patient is angry and very rude. He keeps calling "YA, YOU" towards Ah Reum and I was just like omg someone punch him now.

Thankfully Chang Min did not listen to me hahaha. Instead, he does the quite clever thing. He gets frustrated with the patient and says, "I'm her husband!"




Jin Hee overhears this and rolls her eyes.


And patient quickly scampers away. HAHA. BYE.

Being just you know, a beet jealous, Jin Hee tries to verify with Chang Min if he did that because the patient was harassing Ah Reum. Chang Min says that Ah Reum runs into quite a bit of this kind of trouble because of her figure and face. Then he looks at Jin Hee and says, "I assume you won't be getting into that kind of trouble? That's a relief" before smiling his cute smile and walking away.


Hmm that's not a smart thing to say to Jin Hee, because the next thing you know, she's fuming in front of the mirror and saying "I CAN get into this kind of trouble", making sexy faces at the same time.


Ah Reum walks in on her and she quickly stops in great embarrassment. She asks Ah Reum if she remembers her saying to take her time with Chang Min. Ah Reum jokes around a little before getting serious, telling Jin Hee that she understands Jin Hee's heart, and that she's worried Chang Min will become someone Ah Reum likes more and more. Jin Hee smiles and says they should go for a drink sometime. Ah Reum agrees.

Chang Min visits his mother who tells him that she wants to meet Jin Hee. She can't stop thinking that it's her fault that her husband died. "He left because he doesn't want to see me anymore." That was quite heart-breaking for me and I must admit, I teared a little here.


Much as I used to dislike the mum, I think her transformation is rather believable. I mean, her husband had to die for her to become better, so I think that's a reasonable 'trade' there and that she didn't just miraculously turn good like usual bad characters.

Jin Hee's mother and sister walk in on Jin Hee being frustrated that there's nothing to wear. Hahaha, they are so confused with the situation because Jin Hee is complaining that there's nothing to wear when she is facing huge mountains of clothes.

Chang Min has to examine a patient who complains of ear problems. When he wants to touch her with the stethoscope, she gets very offended and insinuates that he wants to molest her. She pulls open the curtains and tells Chang Min to just examine her ears. Never mind that she is having a fever and coughing.


Chang Min is like, okay fine *you crazy woman* and proceeds to examine her ear. His knee accidentally touches her upper thigh so she freaks out and pushes Chang Min so hard he lands on the next bed. Sang Hyuk comes over and pulls Chang Min upright. Lol. Chang Min just cannot take it, rolls his eyes, and goes off looking for Jin Hee since this patient insists on a female doctor.


Jin Hee, at the same time, is facing trouble with a male patient who refuses to let her examine him. Chang Min comes in and takes over Jin Hee, who goes out and peeps through the curtains. (Tsk tsk!) The patient quickly takes off his pants and Chang Min gasps before leaning closer.


Turns out this patient has a second degree burn on his penis because he was caught cheating on his wife and his wife poured boiling water over there. Hmm ouch?

Young Ae and Sang Hyuk have their usual couple quarrel over whether they think the wife was justified in doing that. Chang Min and Jin Hee walk in, both exhausted from the ordeal. Chang Min reveals that the weird female patient and the male burnt patient are actually a married couple. While they all marvel at the weirdness of this situation, Young Ae tells the male doctors to be careful because a male doctor was actually sued for sexual harassment when he accidentally touched a female patient's thighs.

I think this is a good insert because we have Ah Reum's situation before to parallel with what Chang Min faces now. I guess it shows that both female AND male doctors have their fair share of trouble when it comes to dealing with patients and that while each gender faces different kind of difficulty, BOTH genders do get it bad. Not just a hot female doctor.

Jin Hee is happy that Chief is back and follows him back into his office. She asks about the granny's situation and promises to look for ways to treat him. Jin Hee asks if Chief has rested well and he said no. Then he asks her, if you had to choose between being a doctor and living only one year, and not being a doctor but living really long, what would you choose. Jin Hee says that she will not be able to give up being a doctor since it took her so much to arrive at where she is now, but "I guess I would live first."

Chief tells her that he realises it's hard for him to leave his job even though he was only away for two weeks, and Jin Hee tells him haltingly maybe it will be good if he finds someone to date. That way he will look forward towards off days, because he gets to spend it with someone.


What I don't understand is why Jin Hee is tearing up while she's saying this.

Chief smiles sadly and thanks her for her opinion.


Jin Hee leaves the office and blinks away her tears.

Yeah I don't understand why she is tearing. At this point I'm assuming that she is still in love with Chang Min and not Chief. So, it doesn't really make sense for her to be tearing when she suggests for Chief to get a loved one…right? It feels a bit like she is sad at the situation, that she cannot be the loved one whom he will look forward to spending time with. But I can't really wrap my head around this part.

Chief and Ji Hye wonder how the patient whom they have just operated on will feel after he has woken up. He's an opera singer and they practically just destroyed his voice box while saving his life.

Chang Min is driving his car out of the carpark when a woman suddenly walks into the path and turns towards him. It's Jin Hee. Like this.



Chang Min's reaction:


Oh no, I really love this couple. Jin Hee thankfully didn't become crazy and is doing this just to cheer him up. She beams when Chang Min finally relents and goes to eat dinner with her. He tsk-s at her for being a beer addict and she says it was him who made her like that — forcing her to drink when she couldn't really drink in the past. She feeds him food and purposely/accidentally gets ketchup on his lips.


Of course, then she would have to offer to wipe his lips for him.


Tee hee. After dinner, they go for a walk at a bridge that they had gone before during their marriage. Jin Hee confesses that she's scared. What if one day she comes to work and is told that Chang Min has quit his job. Will they still be able to meet? Will they ever meet? Chang Min replies that if they get together again but hurt each other AGAIN, they may never recover from it. That's why he wants her to rethink and rethink. Jin Hee accidentally turns her ankle and Chang Min chides her gently for wearing heels (they were worn to impress you 'kay). He places his jacket over her shoulders. Jin Hee protests, "I'm comfortable" but Chang Min laughs, "You say that when your nose is red."

We cut to Chief and it's not such a sweet picture. He sits at the roadside stall and drinks solemnly, sadly, recalling all the times he has spent with Jin Hee. Aww:(

He ultimately lands himself at Ji Hye's place and onto her sofa. While he tries to be sober, he wonders aloud what Ji Hye is to him, "Sometimes you would drink with me, prepare and bring food for me, buy socks for me, be my designated driver…" Ji Hye jokes that she's an all-purpose machine but Chief cuts in, "Aren't you…hurting?" Ji Hye knows who he's so drunk over and puts a pillow on the sofa, asking him to sleep. Chief flings the pillow away and lies on her thighs instead, mumbling "To you…is it okay if I am like this for a while."

Ji Hye's face changes into one of hurt and sadness.


She suddenly stands up and flings a pitcher of juice in his face. She shouts at him for being inconsiderate and for falling apart in such a pathetic way in front of her. "How long more must I wait for you? If you like Jin Hee, you should grab tightly onto her, and not run away like how you ran away from me!"

I wish this has happened. Because it didn't and it was just her imagination. Instead, she doesn't do anything and Chief lies there comfortably the whole night.


In the morning, Jin Hee sees Chief and Ji Hye and rushes up behind them to say hi. She accidentally overhears Ji Hye say, "It's been so long since we slept together," and drops her phone in shock. The duo turn around to find an awkward Jin Hee and later on, Ji Hye worries that Jin Hee thinks they really slept together. In the you-know way.

Jin Hee hesitates outside Chief's door for a while but finally musters her courage and enters. She brings him updates on the granny's cancer situation and is surprised to hear that her proposed treatment is SO expensive. She says that she will find another way out, and turns to leave, but Chief calls, "Big Rock." She freezes at his affectionate nickname for her, and turns around. He says, "It's your off day, so go home early…go on a date." A silence lapses, before Jin Hee replies, "Yes Chief."


I don't understand again. Is she feeling wistful at their missed connection? Guilty at his feelings towards her? Touched at his kindness? Awkward? Someone please explain to me.

Okay here comes my favourite part of the episode. Basically, Jin Ae walks into Chang Min's house and pleads him to take care of Baby. Mother is out having fun, Husband is out earning money and she has auditions. Chang Min has no choice but to take the baby in. Jin Hee receives a call from a frantic Chang Min and hears Baby Gook crying in the background. She quickly rushes over to find a very frazzled and helpless Chang Min hahahaha.


Here's a screenshot of Daddy Chang Min and his baby.


He feels that they should feed Baby, so he quickly sets him down on the mat and googles for how much baby formulae they should use. HAHA I don't know, I'm just tickled by that. They wonder at the amount of powder to give him and in the mean time, Baby is being SO adorable.


CAN YOU TELL? He's rocking on his back so that he can grab his tiny legs. Kyaaaa omg such a cutie pie.

Jin Hee accidentally spills baby powder on the carpet, being the klutz she is. Then, Baby poops in his diapers and looks at them innocently hahahaha. Chang Min takes charge of the situation and soon, they get everything settled. The two of them play with Baby,


bathe Baby, and have a bubble fight themselves,


while Baby looks on in confusion at the two adults who are so childish. HAHAH. I love this baby.

Yong Gyu comes over to discuss something with Chang Min and is shocked to see Jin Hee in Chang Min's shirt. HAHA. Likewise, Gwang Soo arrives to pick his baby and covers his mouth in surprise. And even when the both of them sit down for a round of drinks, they can't stop staring so the couple asks at the same time, "What?"


The guys cough and Yong Gyu goes about telling them that he's thinking of switching to Music instead. Chang Min encourages him on, since trying new things is itself a good thing. Gwang Soo invites Yong Gyu for future chats since they both like Indie. Despite Jin Hee wanting to leave with them, the two are like "Where do you think you are going in that thing (shirt)" "Let's go let's go" and quickly escape. HAHA.


The couple is just speechless.


And being the alcoholics they are, they continue drinking. They finally reveal to each other that they had faced serious stress problems, such as her and her huge gaping bald spot, in the past. Jin Hee wonders why they never told each other.


However, she gets very happy thinking of what Chang Min said about trying new things and collapses onto the table. So Chang Min carries her in his arms into his bedroom and puts her gently on the bed. She puts her arms around his neck and pulls him in.


"Oh Chang Min…I'm going to start over with you." Chang Min looks at her as she continues, "Unlike before, with a very new beginning." (at which she flings open her arms thus allowing Chang Min to escape hahaha) Chang Min tucks her into the blanket and…

the next thing we know, it's morning. Jin Hee wakes up to a man's heavy breathing and finds herself lying on a man's arm. She turns around and sees Chang Min's sleeping face. I see Chang Min's bare shoulders. Oh no. She soon realises they are both in bed…naked and screams.


A very piercing one which wakes Chang Min up. Then he sees her, and starts shouting.


And so the episode ends with a very pretty picture of our leads. Heh.

-the end-

I know this is probably not one of the best episodes but I like it nevertheless. I see progress with our leads because they are starting to finally get over the – Jin Hee "I want to get back together" and Chang Min "No, go home"- stage. I absolutely love the scene of them with Baby Gook because he is so lovable kya~. I like it that they are finally reconciling with the past and starting to realise what has gone wrong with their marriage — they rushed into it, they were young and immature, they didn't think of confiding in each other about their problems. When they should have depended on each other, they hid their problems and that's when it got worse.

I think this drama makes a good point about the past and explores it with different couples. For the main couple, it's about how they learn from their divorce. It shows that the divorce is actually good and a blessing because they both grow and become so much more suitable for each other. For Chief and Ji Hye, I see a sad pair who may not get back together anymore. They have missed the love that they faced in the past and while Ji Hye still habours feelings for Chief, I think we can establish that Jin Hee is more than just a heart flutter to the Chief. Regardless, I hope that Jin Hee can symbolise change for Chief. He might not end up with her ultimately, but I think maybe his heart can be more open because of her. There are other couples as well such as Young Ae and Sang Hyuk who face newlywed problems. I like this mild parallel of a newlywed couple with the past Jin Hee – Chang Min, because you can totally tell from the responses of the two opposing couples, that the latter has really learnt from their mistakes. They are able to listen to Young Ae and Sang Hyuk's quibbles and provide very constructive, wise advice. I guess the really sad couple is Chang Min's parents. It shows that not all relationships can be repaired. Sometimes the human heart is willing, but fate isn't. And when the person is gone, what can you do?

I do have a problem with this episode and that is Jin Hee's reactions towards Chief. I don't understand so if someone can explain to me, I will greatly appreciate it!

In the mean time, I'm looking forward to this:




  1. Anonymous says

    for the reply from Chief Gook on if he enjoyed his break is no. thats why he ask what will jin hee do if she only has a year as a doctor to live. coz he cant handle the two weeks break not doing anything. so jin hee say most people will look forward to breaks coz they have their loved ones beside. so she ask him to go out for dates.

    on a side note, i ship gook chun soo and oh jin hee. this ep is sad man. )):


    • Oh really? This was some time ago so I can’t remember what I watched anymore, but okay I shall edit it(:

      hahah yeah I felt really bad for Chief Gook but I guess it was easier for me to watch because I ship the main couple.


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