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Lol this did come a bit late, because I didn’t want to rush myself into writing it…especially since it’s not really a secret that I’m not a huge fan of this drama. I like it well enough, but just not crazy over it. And so here it is!(:

(Also, despite my best to strain my ears, I can’t catch the names of the characters….so we shall have to resort to code names. Heh. :P)

Father pushed Mother out on a wheelchair for a stroll and told her that he had decided to agree to the marriage between Son A and  Girl. (omg this must be the worst codenames I’ve ever come up with) Mother asked why the sudden change of mind, and he replied that he was convinced by Yuji the night before. At this point in time, they heard a shout coming from the gardens and Mother remarked that’s Yuji shout, so they quickly headed over there, and were joined by Son-in-law.

They realised that Girl was dead and lying on a slab of stone, surrounded by the twirling roses.

Reiko was happily eating her breakfast and saw Kageyama feeding the cat with milk. He revealed that he saw the cat in the courtyard and brought it in. Reiko commented that he seemed to be so free till he had time to take care of cats, and Kageyama replied, “Missy, is it okay for you to be eating your breakfast in such an easy and relaxed manner?” He told her that there was a murder heavily reported by the press and it seemed to happen in the area that was under the department she belonged to. She quickly walked over to her phone, and saw many missed calls by Katzamatsuri.

“Kageyama, the car!!”

And Kageyama, who was happily fondling the cat, gave a tiny, smug smile.

When Reiko rushed to the scene, she saw Katzamatsuri groaning at his phone, “What on earth is this??” She thought that he was exasperated at her, and quickly rushed up to apologise. Turns out he was being frustrated over a photo of her, as Houshou Rei, as he pondered out loud if Hou Shou Rei was actually part of this crime organisation since she appeared every time there was a crime scene. Reiko muttered, “This seems to be harder and harder to deal with…”

Girl -let’s assume she’s called Dakahara- was estimated to have died at about one am and was suffocated to death. Reiko puzzled over the location of the body, since the coroner said that the body was moved to the gardens instead of Dakahara being killed there, and they told Katzamatsuri that it was rumoured to have been the Revenge. Reiko had no idea what they were talking about so Katzamatsuri told her the curse of the Red Roses

– Beniko was a maid working for the family when she and the eldest son fell in love with each other. Enraged at their romance and thinking that she seduced him, the family killed her beloved black cat. She was disillusioned and killed herself in the gardens. From then on, anyone who got pricked or tried to get rid of the roses, would die —

Katzamatsuri told Reiko not to badmouth the roses because then she would be cursed, and she gave him a nudge, “Stop joking!” which caused him to be pricked. He immediately went into shock, “It’s bleeding!” but Reiko simply walked away with a look of disgust.

Back at home, Kageyama praised Reiko for being prettier than the roses, but she soon realised that he’s praising her with an ulterior motive — he wanted to be told of the details of the interrogation because he always wanted to solve the mystery of the Curse of the Red Roses. However, Reiko rejected his idea of telling him what she had found out.

Hahaha one of the selling points about this drama must be all the funny faces.

He started going on about how she’s wasting the taxpayers’ money if she didn’t start solving the cases, and she conceded defeat. So she told him about how Katzamatsuri and her interrogated all the members who first found the body. The mother was convinced that it’s the curse because she saw Dakahara cutting off a rose before. The father said that he felt jumpy ever since he saw Son-in-law cut off the roses the other time, and Son B said that because he was the son-in-law, he didn’t know about the curse.

Katzamatsuri had the idea that the culprit would be the one with pricks from the roses all over his hands (since he would have those pricks after placing the body in the rose gardens). However, his ego was pricked when it turns out that the father, son-in-law and Yuji all had pricks on their hands, because they tried to get Dakahara out of the roses when they first saw her. They decided to go investigate her room that she was staying in after being with the family for a month, but the mother cautioned them. Katzamatsuri asked what she meant when she said to be careful, and the father said that every time he went near the place, he felt uncomfortable, and couldn’t stop coughing&sneezing.

Kageyama revealed that even at this point in time, he was there protecting Reiko…and he felt that the roses were too pretty, so he snipped a few off. Reiko was traumatised to find the roses she praised earlier was from the gardens, and suddenly the lights went out. She screeched Kageyama’s name before disappearing under the table. After lights came on again, Kageyama told her that he had accidentally pressed on the remote. Reiko mock-cried, “You are pulling my leg right?” and Kageyama suppressed his laugh while denying.

On with the story.

Son A revealed that he brought his wife-to-be, Dakahara, home because he wanted her to get along well with the family. However, Minako, the eldest daughter felt that it’s just a ploy by Son because he’s angry over the fact that Son-In-Law would be the one to inherit the hotel chains. Son denied this. When asked about their reception towards Dakahara, Mother said that she got along well with her, but son-in-law said there was no way he could accept a stranger so easily. Father was convinced by Yuji’s words when the four guys were together for a game of mahjong the night before.

Eldest Daughter asked if her parents went for a stroll at about one am because she seemed to have seen someone on a wheelchair being wheeled. However, both her parents were asleep and there was no way anyone could have gotten into the wheelchair without the mother waking up. Mother murmured that it would be possible if it was Beniko, and suddenly everyone’s imagination ran wild.


They went to question the employer of Dakahara, Ikuto-san, who was very proud that “Don’t look at me now, I did a cover photoshoot before too!” She told Reiko that Dakahara was really popular, and the camera even skimmed past a photo of her holding roses that someone gave her. Apparently Dakahara was really in love with this married man, who ditched her later on, but thankfully she had moved on. Katzamatsuri appeared from the toilets after yet another bout of stomach pains. Then they went on to another shop whose owner told them that he had seen Dakahara laughing away maniacally the other day.

Right when he told them that, there was another person with a maniacal laugh outside the shop. Reiko and Katzamatsuri quickly moved on back to the house where they found a black cat shut in a shed, and the daughter of the Eldest Daughter playing with the cat. Eldest Daughter quickly came in and scolded her daughter, “Your grand dad wouldn’t like it!” and Katzamatsuri was scratched by the cat….thus deciding to end the day of work.

End of Story. Reiko was sure that Kageyama wouldn’t be able to come up with the solution, but she was insulted once again by him, and then admitting defeat. After dinner, Kageyama explained each and every thing to her, such that the appearance of Dakahara seemingly being possessed by Beniko, was nothing more than many explanations put together.

[I’m going to take a new way to recap this]

Why the roses? Because the culprit wanted to hide something, or he wouldn’t choose the flowers that were placed right inside of the gardens.

Why the maniacal laughing? Well, turns out that Kageyama did the same thing too! The very guy whom both Reiko and Katzamatsuri heard laughing away was him.

And that was because the cover shoot Ikuto-san was talking about? It was merely nothing more than her face being plastered onto a cockroach and holding a can of spray. That was what Dakahara was laughing about too.

Appearance of a black cat that seemed to fit well into the story of the Curse? A pet that Dakahara adopted but kept it a secret because the father was allergic to the cat. Reiko interjected with a question, “How did you know?” Kageyama told her to recall how the Eldest Daughter had said that, “Grandpa wouldn’t like it,” and that’s also the reason why he kept sneezing&coughing when he went near Dakahara’s room.

Stomach pains that Katzamatsuri experienced? He had eaten cat food placed in Dakahara’s room.

So why was the cat shut in the shed? It must have gotten in accidentally when someone else opened the door to get something from the shed.

So the culprit had pricks. Why? Because he wanted to hide something — remnants of the struggle when he killed Dakahara. And that’s when Reiko recalled about how the cat scratches looked like scratches from the roses. Thus by placing the body among the roses, he could pass his scratches off as simply pricks from the roses. In this case, the father’s not a suspect because he took care of the gardens all the time, and had no need to hide. The wheelchair wasn’t really the wheelchair either, but a baby pram to transport the body. And the only person who would know where to get the baby pram which was located in the shed?


Motive? He was the one who got involved with Dakahara, the man whom Ikuto-san said was the married man. Evidence? There was a photo of Dakahara holding a few roses with white tinges on them, and that’s the highest breed of roses that the rose gardens in the family had. Besides, the father had commented that he had seen the son-in-law snipping off a few roses before!

So off Reiko went to reveal the truth.

And the truth was, Kageyama was right. (When was he wrong?^^) The son in law felt that Dakahara had a motive to get back into the family, and to wreck his family, but in truth, Dakahara really wanted to start a new life with the son. The mother told the son in law that he wouldn’t be forgiven by the family, and even the roses. As this sank in, there was an apparition of Beniko which spooked everyone out.

Katzamatsuri came and tied things up, as usual. Reiko went home, where Kageyama told her that people came up with their own explanations to justify their own fear. “It’s best to be wary of others, but remember, it’s just as important to believe completely in others.” As he turned to leave her room, Reiko asked how he had gotten the apparition of Beniko to appear, “Ah, must be the power of the Hosho company,” and Kageyama turned around, “So you have seen it too?…..the truth is….I didn’t arrange it.”

“What do you mean??” “Who knows…..” and he stepped out of her room, laughing, as Reiko protested because she would be afraid to sleep that night.

-the end-

I adopted a new style (kinda) of recapping for the revelation part and I hope it goes down well with you guys!(:

I thought Kageyama’s laugh at the very end was very heartwarming though. It was as if he’s looking after Reiko all this while so he knew that she wouldn’t be in trouble, but the teasing got fun reactions from Reiko which tickled him.

No promises on more recaps on this drama 😛


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