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Blood Episode 15

Episode 15 was reallyyy good, I enjoyed it! I’m really glad that Blood is one of the hotter dramas online right now.
Favourite moments of the episode:

  1. When Ji Sung beat up the (lousy and sucky) security and Ri Ta is secretly amazed, I know she is.
  2. When Ji Sung compliments Ri Ta with a really bad praise, and then proceeds to hold her hand
  3. When he quietly rolls hair off the floor and then hugs her
  4. When he shouts at Director at the end of the episode
  5. Anything with Hyun Woo inside is always good:D P.S I miss Luvvy

Based on the preview, I’m guessing that the third vaccine is going to cause everything to break apart, and then we are going to find out more about Ji Sung’s journey towards being human + a kiss between the couple! This is my favourite drama of Goo Hyu Sun, and honestly Ahn Jae Hyun is not bad as well. He needs improvement in his acting, but I think he has potential and he has a lot of room to grow. I love his small little smiles and affectionate gazes at Ri Ta!!

No more conjectures and I suppose there won’t be any more since this is already Episode 15. However, I really hope they don’t make Ri Ta ill with the rare disease because that will be SO…uncalled for? Unless (ooh conjecture #6) the scriptwriters want to put Ji Sung in a similar situation as the Director – having someone you love falling sick and knowing that you have the power to make her better. The Director took the step of turning Ga Yeon into an infected, and possibly Ri Ta’s potential illness is used to tempt Ji Sung into either making her an infected or giving her the vaccine from the Director. Either way, I am not a big fan of this development and I hope my conjecture is wrong. Tempting Ji Sung with the knowledge that he can do something to help has already been done through Sister Silvia, I don’t really want to see a repeat of a similar storyline.

Let’s see how this goes!


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