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Defendant Episode 10 Recap

My favourite episode thus far – Park Jeong Woo’s plan is rolling, people are good and kind-hearted and shit hasn’t yet hit the fan (again).

Jeong Woo cleverly manages to get transferred back to Woljeong prison by scrawling Cha Min Ho’s name in blood on the walls. When he gets back, Min Ho puts up an act about how he’s so sorry, just to get under Jeong Woo’s skin. Jeong Woo asks why he has to do this (kill his wife etc) and Min Ho asks the same of him – why can’t Jeong Woo just let him be Seon Ho? What’s so bad about being Seon Ho?

At this point, does anyone even remember that Min Ho killed a random girl in the clubs?? Look at what one senseless killing has led to!


“It’s you who caused what happened to Yoon Ji Soo and Park Ha Yeon”. Psycho challenges Jeong Woo to a race to find Ha Yeon, “Would it be more painful for you to watch your daughter die, or die as your daughter watches? I will do whichever is more painful.”

The prison mates are happy to see Jeong Woo back, who is surprised to find that Cheol Sik has been transferred to their cell (since Min Ho left for a solitary cell).


Min Ho gets transferred out of the prison temporarily to be prosecuted for setting up a paper company (because Seon Ho did it 3 years ago). Meanwhile, Joon Hyuk finds a CCTV footage of Ha Yeon leaving the payphone and realises she’s alive.

Eun Hye begs her prosecutor friend to help her track Seong Kyu’s location. The prosecutors of the paper company issue go lenient on Min Ho because of a bribe – the leaving prosecutor is promised a job at the famous law firm, Law and Park. Honestly…how big is this law firm? It’s flashed like a trump card at least 3 times in the show. Meanwhile, the warden puts the clues together and knows that there’s something more to the eye to Cha Seon Ho and Park Jeong Woo.

Back in the cell, Cheol Shik whispers to Jeong Woo that he has found a way to get out of the prison, which is hilariously overheard by Mong Chi. I swear this cell is like Happy 5 Friends. The rest of the cell mates caution them from escaping from prison; you will get added years to your sentence. Cheol Shik continues to murmur that to escape, you will need to pass through 7 doors. While Mong Chi thinks that’s nonsense – I mean, who doesn’t know that you have to pass through doors? – , it inspires Jeong Woo.

Warden brings Jeong Woo out for a night talk, curious to know just what’s up with him and Seon Ho. He demonstrates his power in the prison, “I am the king here. No one will care if you die here.” He wants Jeong Woo to think about it before Min Ho’s back in a few days, “Maybe you can give me something more than him.”


Since Cheol Shik is new to the cell, he’s bullied into sleeping in the bathroom. I guess this is the show’s way of showing us that these guys aren’t all unicorns and rainbows, which I appreciate!


Joon Hyuk finally visits Jeong Woo to ask why he gave up the final appeal and to inform him that the search for Ha Yeon has been suspended. What Joon Hyuk really wants to ask is why did you not tell me that Ha Yeon’s alive? and Jeong Woo astutely realises too that Joon Hyuk, you know that Ha Yeon’s alive right? 

While tending to Jeong Woo’s injuries, the doctor explains that she’s so attentive towards him “Because you are my patient”. “Even though your patient killed his wife and his daughter?” “Yes, a doctor mustn’t be biased.” Awww! Jeong Woo notices that she has two licenses for internal medicine and psychiatry and compliments her for being smart – but we know there’s something more to that.


The police finally starts the search for the missing Jennifer Lee and wonders about Seon Ho’s involvement because he was last seen with Jennifer. Yeon Hee covers up for him and finds him at the prosecution’s office. She notices what he’s being under investigation for, and insinuates that it’s his father who’s up to something.

I find it disturbing that Yeon Hee has a lack of remorse over the passerby she has knocked down?? She’s so distraught and traumatised that Min Ho has killed Jennifer, but she never once cried over the fact that she has injured someone herself. I really hope that is going to bite her in the ass later on! Or that someone can point out her hypocrisy at least!

Seong Kyu manages to evade from Min Ho’s men and realises that the situation is dire. He decides to send Ha Yeon to the police station and walks away after giving her a teary farewell.

However, Ha Yeon quickly runs back to him, “Uncle, I’m scared.” She’s scared of the police because they took her dad away, and Seong Kyu’s heart melts there and then. Mine too.

Jeong Woo starts to make preparations by sharpening a piece of mirror. Tae Soo wants to know why Jeong Woo is dead and is insulted when Jeong Woo says Ha Yeon is alive, “Would you say Ji Soo is alive too?” The nice officer comes to calm Tae Soo down (aww, I love the nice officers!) and brings him away. Jeong Woo brings Cheol Shik into his plan but the viewers still don’t know what’s happening. Cheol Shik worries that if Jeong Woo fails, he will really die. Because Jeong Woo thought of the time he almost stabbed Min Ho’s eye with a sharp object, I kinda thought at this point in time that Jeong Woo is planning to use the sharp piece of glass to threaten Min Ho again.

Jeong Woo later finds Raccoon to buy some keys that can open handcuffs. At night, Cheol Shik worries again that it’s been too long since he used some tools. Jeong Woo replies, “I trust you” and Cheol Shik laughs. Their midnight conversation is interrupted when  Rockfish wakes up and wonders why the two are so chummy now. After all, it’s 3866 who placed Cheol Shik in jail right? Cheol Shik hilariously replies that he goes to church and he’s “loving thy enemy” right now.

Eun Hye looks at the video that Jeong Woo has recorded, in case his memory is lost again. He updates his future self of a few important points – Ji Soo is dead, and the one who did all this is Cha Min Ho, aka Cha Seon Ho. Now is not the time to get him, because Ha Yeon is alive. “Get out of here and find Ha Yeon.” Trust the PD Seo who is showing you this video. I love this idea! Smart backup.


Jeong Woo dreams of the birthday night and the part where Ha Yeon and Ji Soo try to wake up him. He jerks awake to find a cell full of concerned friends awww, and after a few breaths, he smiles, “I’m okay.”


Joon Hyuk talks to Min Ho before Min Ho is transferred back to the prison. Min Ho denies Joon Hyuk’s insinuations that he intentionally went to Woljeong Prison just because Jeong Woo is there. Just when I thought Joon Hyuk has come to his senses, he mutters through gritted teeth, “Jeong Woo’s case is closed. I don’t want a retrial of Park’s case.” After he leaves, Min Ho laughs, “What a great friend you have, Park Jeong Woo.” Ughhhh. Looking at his reflection, Joon Hyuk mutters once again, “I can’t take all of my statements back. I’m sorry, Jeong Woo.” Basically, he’s a coward who doesn’t dare eat his words! He would rather choose to seen as ‘right’ than to face up to his mistakes. This reminds of Missing 9 – you have the villain who actually kills e.g Tae Ho/Min Ho here, and you have the coward e.g Mr Tae/Joon Hyuk. Sometimes, it makes you really think – is the coward any less culpable than the villain?


Jeong Woo finally manages to sharpen his mirror slice all nice and sharp, and Raccoon also sneaks a key into his hand. Tae Soo watches from a side and suspects that something is going on.


Jeong Woo later explains to the doctor that he has found the key to stop losing his memory – he misses them so much, but if he holds them in his arms, he would lose his memories so that he can go back to that happy day. The doctor is happy for him, “You’ve figured out a way not to lose your memory,” but Jeong Woo fights to hold back his tears, “I’ll never get to see Ji Soo again.” The doctor comforts him gently that after he’s been through everything, he will see Ji Soo again in his dreams.

Seong Kyu remembers that Jeong Woo trusted his PD, and decides to bring Ha Yeon to Eun Hye. However, she’s not in, and while waiting for her, Ha Yeon faints from a high fever. Eun Hye comes back just as the ambulance drives away and her aunt confirms that Seong Kyu was the one with the girl. She sees Ha Yeon’s schoolbag with her name tag and rushes to the hospital.

Despite her best efforts, Min Ho’s men reach the hospital first and Seong Kyu has to run away with Ha Yeon. Seong Kyu is pretty smart and decides to go to Chamyung Hospital instead, since the men won’t look for them there. You know the saying that sometimes the most obvious place is the safest place?

Cheol Shik informs Jeong Woo that Min Ho is back in the prison and asks if that’s the only way they can proceed. We next see the guys exercising and Jeong Woo entrusting Cheol Shik. After they are back, Cheol Shik has the glass in his hand. Jeong Woo nods ever so slightly and the plan is in the rolls~


First, Cheol Shik quietly walks towards Jeong Woo, “Goodbye Park Jeong Woo” and stabs him in the stomach.  He then bumps into Min Ho and walks off. While Min Ho is still wondering what’s going on, Jeong Woo collapses on the ground and Min Ho finds the glass in his hand. Woohoo!

The nice officers immediately lock Min Ho up in the punishment cell, because the warden isn’t here to back him up. Min Ho is enraged but the officers don’t care. Tae Soo and another officer carry Jeong Woo to the doctor’s and somehow, the doctor understands something when Jeong Woo grabs her hand. She requests that Jeong Woo has to be transferred to do an operation because the wound is too deep. Tae Soo doesn’t protest and starts to take this in quietly.

As Jeong Woo gets placed onto the stretcher and badass-ly counts the number of doors he’s passing, a flashback shows us that this was the plan all along – the new medical officer isn’t a surgeon. He wants Cheol Shik to stab him and if she can’t handle it, she will send him to a hospital. But he needs to get out before Min Ho’s back and that’s why Cheol Shik is worried when Min Ho’s back earlier than they planned. No worries, because Jeong Woo decides that he will then frame Min Ho for the stabbing.




Min Ho is very quickly let out and is furious. Just before reaching a hospital, there’s orders for Jeong Woo to be transferred to Chamyung hospital instead. Oh sheeet. In order for him to leave the prison, Min Ho slashes his hand, much to the warden’s surprise, who declared that he must be insane.

 While left alone in the waiting area, Jeong Woo takes out the key from his mouth and tries to unlock his handcuffs…but realises that Raccoon has played him – it’s a fake key!!!! A suspicious figure suddenly hides Jeong Woo and it turns out to be Tae Soo, “I won’t believe that Ha Yeon’s alive…until you bring her to me.” He unlocks the handcuffs, gives Jeong Woo doctor clothes and a phone, “You will need it.”

While Tae Soo returns in his officer’s clothes, Jeong Woo hides in the parking lot and calls Eun Hye. Eun Hye quickly informs him that Ha Yeon is at Chamyung Hospital. Omg suspense! Jeong Woo quickly heads back into the hospital to the pediatrics ward. After some trial and error, he notices a man who looks like Seong Kyu leaving a room. With bated breath, he enters the room and pulls back the curtain.


It’s Ha Yeon! “My little girl. My little Ha Yeon.”


-the end-

Ahhh finally an episode where Jeong Woo isn’t helpless and lost, but one where he’s somewhat back in his element! Min Ho’s devious but Jeong Woo’s ingenious too! I particularly like this episode because Jeong Woo isn’t alone here and I always like it when people work together to achieve a common goal. Here, Tae Soo still doesn’t quite believe Jeong Woo but knows that he has a plan and chooses to trust in that plan. The doctor has a quiet, calming effect and represents a listening ear. Eun Hye is like Jeong Woo’s arm; she helps to find Ha Yeon when he couldn’t. Together, they bring Jeong Woo this point, where he finally gets to meet his baby girl.

I think Ji Sung’s acting is undeniably good. He portrays so many emotions with his eyes! I thought I would get tired of him crying – because honesty, he’s been crying every episode, but interestingly, there’s so many layers (almost typed lawyers there ._.) in each scene that it’s just nice to observe how Ji Sung brings it out. I think Yoo Ri isn’t too bad either, although I must admit that I didn’t know she’s from SNSD. Heh. I know I suck, but I’ve never been into Kpop and at least now I know right? Better late than never, is always what I tell myself.

I just hope that someone has the mind to take a photo of Ha Yeon or record her voice, or keep the schoolbag, just to prove that she’s alive. Seong Kyu can’t help but love this little girl and that’s why he’s doing all he can to keep her alive. I approve that he tried to send her to the police, to show the viewers that hey he did try this route…but at the same time, I’ve been thinking who they should bring Ha Yeon to. I feel like if they approach any small fry, even a righteous one, an evil master will step in and destroy Ha Yeon, Seong Kyu and Jeong Woo. At this point, I really like the Prosecutor Choi and I hope that he will come back into the picture again to help! Of course, if Joon Hyuk is to wake up and be a prosecutor for once, I aint complaining.


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