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Suspicious Partner Episode 8 Recap

It’s quite a good watch thus far, but I can’t wait to get more action!

I was just bored and browsing around before chancing upon this drama. So surprised to find that Ji Chang Wook has a new drama so quickly after K2! Thank god K2 is no more with us (but I’m forever in love with Song Yoon Ah). I think it was a mistake of Ji Chang Wook to have taken up the K2 since it is very similar in to the Healer. This becomes obvious in Seven First Kisses, where he gets typcasted as that secret spy/agent, so I’m glad that Suspicious Partner came along! Henceforth, let us all pretend that nothing happened between Healer and Suspicious Partner.

Ji Wook (okay guys, is this name on purpose as well?) ices Bong Hee’s sprained ankle but falls asleep. Bong Hee tucks him in and he dreams of his dead father, remembering that there was a man figure on the scene as well. Any prizes for guessing that the District Attorney is involved?

Bong Hee looks for an apartment and remembers the morning when Ji Wook returns sweaty from his morning run. LOLOL thanks for living the dream of every fangirl who wants to live with Ji Chang Wook. Bong Hee realises that there is a fight behind her, and launches an attack on the guy whom she mistakes for a pervert. Mind you, she attacks with her sprained ankle, causing it to worsen. In actual fact, the woman is Ji Wook’s ex who is a prosecutor and was stopping thieves. The two ladies happily exchange namecards without any inkling of their connection.

I really adore Bong Hee in this drama because she is so unabashed and cute. When she returns with a cast on her ankle, causing Ji Wook to think its his fault, she gleefully goes along with the flow after having attempted to explain three times. Good call.

Ji Wook tries to carry her with his arms but fails HAHA omg another reason why this drama is funny. Bong Hee then milks the moment by (politely) requesting Ji Wook to help with things.

Ji Wook’s future is starting to derail as promised since every loss at trial is blamed upon him, just as what the District Attorney predicted. His boss wants him to patch up with the other lawyers, so Eun Hyuk brings him and the disgruntled ones out for a drink…but it is nothing short of awkward hahaha.

Bong Hee enters the same drinking place, piquing Ji Wook’s interest. Turns out she’s there for a pre-interview with her interviewers. The fact that she has to start off with drinking games already causes Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk to be pretty suspicious (yeah they are watching from the side the whole time).

Ji Wook feigns disinterest in what Eun Hyuk has to say about the firm but still worries over Bong Hee. He says as much to her outside the toilet but she says she has to grab any opportunity, otherwise she’s just shamelessly living at his house.

She returns from her toilet break to hear the news that she has been hired…as a receptionist lawyer i.e a lawyer for show, just to say “yes, yes, I understand” and wear short skirts. She gets pissed off, “Who do you take me for!” and almost tosses her drink but Ji Wook appears and stops her, “It’s a waste of alcohol.” He downs her beer, “Let’s go, Lawyer Eun”. Love the emphasis on the word, “Lawyer”.

Outside the place, he holds her wrist, “You are not inconveniencing me. I want you to work for me again.” Just when the moment builds up, he collapses onto her. Yep he’s drunk. Hahaha why does he look so normal when he’s drunk? In the meanwhile, Eun Hyuk runs into the jerks in the toilet and bumps into all of them on the pretext of being drunk.

Ji Wook wakes up half naked and is even more aghast to find that he seems to be naked down below too. He recalls lying on top of Bong Hee and leaning in, but nothing else. Omg HAHA this moment was hilarious – everything from him balking to the film-effect on the memories.

To make things worse, Bong Hee intentionally acts all embarrassed and giggly about last night, as pay-back for not knowing whether she slept with Ji Wook 2 years ago.

Our culprit (who looks really young?) calls Bong Hee, who doesn’t pick up, and taps the door-lock of a house. I’m a bit confused as to whose house that is though, but from the next scene, it seems like it’s Ji Wook’s? Oh my, you mean these electronic locks can be hacked so easily? On the way out, Ji Wook runs into his ex, while Bong Hee watches from the side.

-the end-

While writing this recap, I remembered why Ji Chang Wook is so popular with the secret agent roles. I’ve forgotten his eyes. His brooding eyes, that hints at mystery and worry beneath them. Just look at this!!

Now I sound like a mad fangirl…

I was just thinking that Bong Hee sounds so familiar, when I realise that this is the second time Choi Tae Joon has encountered a Bong Hee hahaha (Missing 9 being the first). I’m so glad that I got to watch Choi Tae Joon be a cute and slightly immature kiddo here, because Tae Ho was just pure psychopathic!

I think it’s really smart that our murderer runs around masked as a DNA analyst, because he has legitimate reasons to be around the crime scene and to be in touch with the relevant people. I was wondering why the District Attorney is so hell-bent on making Bong Hee’s life miserable, instead of putting the least bit effort in finding the possible alternate culprit, but Ji Wook’s nightmare shows that the Attorney has probably a darker past than we know.

Even though I know this is supposed to be a rom-com,  I can’t wait to see more action in terms of the murder story. I actually liked the back story of the murder in the first two episodes and found it suitably eerie, so hopefully they are able to keep it up and develop it further! The murderer does look incredibly young though.

Can anyone also explain to me why the newer dramas have this format of showing 2 30-minute episodes back to back? Is it so that each segment can be screened uninterrupted by commercial time? In any case, I was about to nitpick on the pace of the story given that we are on Episode 8 of the drama, before realising that oh, guys, this is only Episode 4/16.

I’m glad to watch Ji Chang Wook in a rom-com but I realise it isn’t that earthshakingly different from what I expected, because we have seen his geeky/normal/not a spy sides in Healer when he takes on disguises! I can’t wait to see where this drama is going in terms of stretching his acting skills, since so far, I haven’t seen anything different from what I haven’t already seen. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a great actor, but that also means that I think he has so much more potential to wow us. This is my first Nam Ji Hyun drama and I think she’s really growing on me. She has a certain type of ageyo/innocence/forgetfulness that really fits the role of Bong Hee well.

Let’s see what happens next week!



  1. According to Dramabeans: “The broadcasters put into motion something they’ve been talking about for a while, which is mid-episode commercial breaks (which cable stations have already been doing for a while). You wouldn’t think it would be such a big deal to interrupt a show halfway through to play a minute or two of commercials, but MBC and SBS actually did the odd thing of making the commercial break particularly conspicuous, and divided their premiere episodes into “Part 1” and “Part 2” and even reported ratings separately for each half. Note that this doesn’t actually change the content we’re getting, or how much of it will air; it’s just that now we’ll be getting 40 half-hour “episodes” rather than 20 that are hour-long. For the record, I think subdividing episodes into multiple parts is needlessly complicated and silly”

    It seems really stupid to me and I wonder if they’ll go back to calling them just one episode soon.


    • Thanks for the explanation! I was in Korea recently and caught an episode of Suspicious Partner live. It didn’t seem as jarring as I thought however; the commercial break was really short and the continuation of the second half-episode quite smooth. I do agree however that they should just do away with calling them Episode 1, Episode 2 etc since they are really just half-episodes of 1 full hour episode.


  2. maral says

    Tnx for great recap. I am glad you mentioned the k2. But i have to say one thing. After being JCW for some years and reading many of his interviews i know how acting and experiencing new things is important for him. I really hope you have watched Empress ki to see how he overshadowed everyone in the show and how his character changes from naive playful stupid to crazy mad and how capable he is to show that. I suggest you watching the first 7 minutes of episode 43 to see what i am talking about. But about the K2 based on what i read in his interview his role wasnt not supposed to be like that not even Anna’s role. in fact he was supposed to die and even Anna uses him for revenge. He even talked to the writer about the love that happens between them and asked not to mistake pity with love. He is very critical of himself in choosing roles and u could say he was quite disappointed with how it turned out that is why although healer wasnt a big hit domestically it has a special place in his heart. I love yoo jin in K2 as song yoona is an awesome actress but i think her role was best written. they killed a potentially great show. even in seven first kiss he said i dont know what they gave me secret agent again as i was looking for the rich guy part. As u said he is a bit similar to bong soogi in healer in suspicious partner but i also think his comic timing is used here much more i mean on a different level. What makes me appreciate him is that among this generation in which i appreciate quite a few actors he is someone who is known as a beauty with a great talent. I mean his eyes talk without uttering a word and he conveys a great range of emotion in jst a glance. As u said i hope they see his great talent and put it to the use. I know i am sounding like a mad fangirl but i became his fan not because of his face but his awesome acting in empress ki and healer after watching Kdramas for many years and he really stands out for me in his generation. Thank you again for ur great recap and sorry for long writing.

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    • Hi there! Thanks for liking my recap and for your comment!(: I haven’t watched Empress Ki but I have heard really good things about it. I’ve also read that Ji Chang Wook didn’t want to act in the secret agent/spy role again and was dismayed about it for Seven First Kisses; however, I was more against K2 rather than Seven First Kisses. Also I was just speaking generically but really referring to the management’s decision/whoever who chose his scripts, totally not blaming Ji Chang Wook or anything! Indeed, I LOVE his eyes and I hope to see more of them in the upcoming episodes hehehe<3 Hope to see you around!


  3. eriolle says

    The two part ep is due to the effect of THAAD, (try looking that up. 😊😊) and China’s boycoot on K-products. The purpose is to attract more sponsor. So they insert ads in between the break. Haven’t watched the Healer but I’ve watched K2 and a little bit of Empress Ki so I think the genre suit Ji Chang wook well enough though I also wish he will not be sterotyped for that character.


    • Thanks for the info! And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Ji Chang Wook as the secret agent/spy, just that I think it’s dangerous for an actor to be typecasted. You have to watch the Healer though!!


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