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A Korean Odyssey Episode 7 Recap

Nothing much in this episode, but the relationship further develops, second male lead enters the scene and we also see a vengeful (somewhat) mermaid.

Son Oh Gong is feeling lousy because he caught a cold, as per Bu Ja’s, the human, analysis. Dae Sik/Oh Jong prepares some ginseng tea for him to alleviate his symptoms, much to Ma Wang’s confusion because Oh Gong shouldn’t have been able to catch a cold. We know why though – it’s because the Guengumdong was frozen temporarily and into his heart.

Hilariously, Ma Wang’s eye keeps twitching due to the side effects of his medicine, which makes him look like he’s winking non-stop. Oh Gong apologises dismissively and joins in the winking. Ma Wang stops Oh Jong from winking as well (hahaha) and informs Oh Gong about how he’s going to invite a distinguished guest from America. Can he also invite Sam Jung as the guest is a human? Oh Gong grunts while Ma Wang chuckles at the imagined scene of Jonathan reuniting with Sam Jung.

Bu Ja finally manages to wink but this causes her eyeball to flip over. Oh Gong is unsympathetic because it’s already a luxury for a zombie to be able to wink. He chases Bu Ja to help her knock out her eyeball so that they can re-affix it, while Ma Wang laughs over the tears of blood Oh Gong will soon be shedding. His twitching is seriously making me uncomfortable hahaha.

Sam Jung visits Sun Nyeo for drinks again and reenacts the moment, saying that Oh Gong’s confession differs slightly from the normal. Usually, he says “I love you” with a cheeky smile and a thrust of his wrist, but that day, (and Sam Jung lowers her voice huskily), he says “I love you” with a serious glance. Sun Nyeo tells her not to be confused because General Dong has no power to freeze the Guemgundong – she’s stronger than her brother, therefore, at the same time when General Dong freezes it, she will melt it.

Sam Jung wonders if she has been fooled by the siblings. Sun Nyeo tells her  this is why she should mix with humans and find a human she likes. If she allows a monster to steal her heart slowly, she will be in danger.

Sun Nyeo’s words are still fresh in Sam Jung’s mind, when Oh Gong surprises her at her house because he misses her. He passes her a thermal with porridge, and tells her that if she speaks into the lid of the thermal, she can convey her thanks to Oh Jong who cooked the porridge. Sam Jung reels from the prank because she realises she has been too comfortable with the ways of the demons. Oh Gong tells her that she will be safe as long as he’s around because his heart will shatter if something happens to her. He then disappears and a dejected Sam Jung mutters out loud, “I won’t believe anything.” But because Oh Gong actually blew into the lid of the thermal mug before he left, this time round, he actually hears her and replies her.


Sam Jung quickly slams down the lid, just like how you would with a telephone haha.

Our demon of the night involves a spirit in the library, a beautiful one allegedly with no legs. Our poor human of the night is shocked when he drops his phone and sees that the lady sitting in front of him has no legs. In the meantime, Oh Jong rescues the second son of the East Dragon King, who allegedly loses his power after being punished and ends up being caught in the fishing net. The octopus gets passed on to Ma Wang, who refuses to take care of him because he already has his hands full fostering Bu Ja and Oh Gong. While they quibble over who should take care of the octopus, the Jade Dragon escapes and funnily enters Alice’s body – funny because Alice has just been criticised for her crappy acting, which puns on the octopus’ tentacles.

Ji Young immediately tracks down the Jade Dragon and brings Alice to meet Ma Wang. Jade Dragon hilariously smells his human’s armpit and touches the boobs, wondering why Ma Wang says that he cannot keep this human shell. In return for fulfilling Alice’s normal schedule, Ma Wang needs to find the person the Jade Dragon’s looking for – a mermaid to whom he sold medicine which would create human legs.

Han Joo wants to introduce a man to Sam Jung for a blind date but quickly covers his mouth and looks around because recently, something strange happens whenever he speaks badly of Oh Gong. Sam Jung speaks into the lid and tells Oh Gong not to fool around, before slamming the lid down and warns Han Joo not to speak badly of Oh Gong.

Han Joo is taken aback at this act, wondering if his boss has gone mad. Also, don’t think we don’t know this is just product placement, scriptwriters.


Right after, Ma Wang finds Sam Jung to enlist her help and inadvertently winks at Han Joo HAHA.

While Sam Jung is briefed on the case, she wonders if it is possible for a demon like the mermaid to like a human. Ma Wang latches on the chance to tell her that he will find a human who genuinely likes her, unlike the fake love from Oh Gong.

In truth, the Jade Dragon isn’t here cos he’s punished for selling medicine to the mermaid, but to pass the knife to the mermaid so that she can kill the human she loved. Otherwise, the mermaid will perish. He knows that Ma Wang will not agree, and therefore passes the knife to Oh Jong who passes it to Oh Gong. In return, the mermaid will give Oh Gong a Shingiryu – a mermaid’s tear that allows a virtual realistic experience. This gets Oh Gong’s attention at once, especially after Oh Jong suggests that he can use the Shingiryu to drink alcohol. There is no better bait than Sam Jung, and this is how Sam Jung finds herself with her buddy, Oh Gong, to nab the mermaid who is known to loiter in the school library.

They watch quietly over the librarian, the man whom the mermaid fell in love with, and Sam Jung wonders why the librarian did not love the mermaid. Oh Gong points to the human the librarian already fell in love with. Sam Jung thinks that the mermaid would be devastated, but Oh Gong says that she’s wrong, “She probably wants to kill him.”

Sam Jung thinks that this is a love which shouldn’t have started.

Oh Gong places his head on the books and asks, “You pity the mermaid? What about me? This is also a love which shouldn’t have happened.”

Ma Wang works himself into a drama as he imagines Oh Gong watching Sam Jung’s reunion with Jonathan from behind a pillar. Ji Young smiles knowingly because she already knew that Jonathan had seen (and photographed) the Sam Jung who grew up. She has even given Jonathan Sam Jung’s business card, and that’s how Jonathan lands himself in Sam Jung’s (without Sam Jung) office. Han Joo picks up an urgent phone call so Jonathan goes behind the desk to leave his details. This is when he sees the childhood photo of Sam Jung and realises that his first love IS the adult he is also looking for.

He yells out that this is destiny, while Han Joo is just stuttering, “What? You speak-u Eng-lish-sh. I don-tu und-erstand-du.” HAHAH.

Meanwhile, P.K has to take care of Alice who is very unused to her female body. Jade Dragon keeps groping her boobs and pulling her panties. The strap of her clothes breaks and P.K immediately dims the light to place a cardigan over her. Alice’s body reacts naturally, leading Jade Dragon to realise that Alice likes P.K. Hahaha.

Oh Gong and Oh Jong have a very solemn conversation on which alcohol he should choose to enjoy the Shingiryu. Bu Ja keeps throwing in random food that she wants to eat, confusing Oh Gong on which alcohol he wants to drink.

Oh Gong scolds Bu Ja in English, “You are a zombie!” Hahaha.

Sam Jung pretends to read late into the night in the school library and afterwards, prepares a pail of water because Ma Wang told her that a mermaid will reveal her true self after touching water. Sam Jung comes face to face with the spirit of the mermaid and splashes water on her, but the apparition remains the same. The spirit then runs? moves away? to find Oh Gong, who is also patrolling the premises.

Oh Gong initially has on his cheeky face but his smile goes away after noticing that her legs are gone. He quietly passes the knife to the spirit who turns around and leaves. Sam Jung chases up to him and asks about the spirit’s lack of legs.

She wonders if there will be any danger but Oh Gong answers that it’s not his business to stop a human from being in danger. Han Joo calls Seon Mi to inform her that her friend has been waiting for her. She is puzzled because she has no friends, but just as Jonathan gets on the phone call, Seon Mi sees the librarian, recalls Oh Gong’s words about the mermaid wanting to kill, and the knife he passes to her.

She hangs up on the call and tracks the mermaid, who looks back at her with tears in her eyes.

Oh Gong informs Jade Dragon that he has done his job, causing Ma Wang to realise that he has been made use of. Oh Gong tells Ma Wang to calm down – that mermaid will no longer be able to harm a human. “She will not be able to return to the sea.”


As Oh Gong speaks, “The mermaid is dead”, the librarian enters a storeroom and unzips a bag, which reveals the dead body of the mermaid. He struggles to zip it fully and finds that the body has a tail.

He turns around in shock but Sam Jung blocks his way. He realises that the person he killed is not a human, but a mermaid, and laughs in relief because now he won’t be guilty of murder. “No wonder she was so obedient!”

However, Sam Jung coldly replies, “The mermaid will punish you. The story of a mermaid pardoning everything and turning into foam, that’s a fairytale created by humans.” She steps aside, revealing the spirit of the mermaid.

The librarian’s eyes widens as the mermaid stabs the knife into the heart of the librarian. The knife disappears into his body and as Sam Jung narrates, “This will be a spike in your body forever.”

The mermaid then looks at Sam Jung and melts into water. I’m not sure if this is entirely clear but I think this is why Oh Gong realises that the mermaid is already dead? Because the apparition form doesn’t have legs. Post-incident, Bo Ri wonders if Oh Gong will have the heart to use the Shingiryu because Oh Gong had once similarly been made use by a human and abandoned. This is why he was trapped in that house for hundreds of years.

Seon Mi runs into Oh Gong at Sun Nyeo’s place and tells Oh Gong that he’s different from the mermaid. “I like being with you. Even if it’s forced, I’m happy that you like me. I’m speaking from my heart.” Oh Gong looks down and comments that the librarian must have said the same thing.

Seon Mi acknowledges the weakness of humans and promises that if she ever makes use of and abandons Oh Gong, she will remove the Guengumdong so that he too, can stab her in the heart.


Oh Gong puts out his hand so that they can sign a contract, but Seon Mi doesn’t want the burden of a contract. Oh Gong changes the topic and asks her what she would wish for if she could have a virtual realistic experience and she says, “I want to return to when I was young and see my Grandma.”

Jade Dragon is reluctant to leave and complains that the water in the tank is too dirty. He makes the excuse that he has to retrieve the knife and he will be scolded by his father for the Shingiryu, thus he will stay in Alice’s body for a while more.

Oh Gong returns home to find that Bu Ja has created a wheel of alcohol so that Oh Gong can decide what he wants to drink. The dart lands on whiskey, which is such a coincidence because that was what Seon Mi was drinking at Sun Nyeo’s. Oh Gong smiles in approval.

However, the next scene, Sam Jung sees her grandmother and runs into her arms.

We then see Oh Gong swirling a cup of water, while Sam Jung murmurs “grandmother” and cries in her sleep.

OMG that’s a twist I didn’t really see coming, because right till the end, Oh Gong still acts like he’s going to get his alcohol. I approve Oh Gong, that was one sweet thing you did.

Jonathan had left an envelope the previous night on Sam Jung’s desk and had even asked whether she had a boyfriend, to which Han Joo said no. Sam Jung now opens this envelope and realises that the photographer was the oppa from her childhood. Side note, Han Joo is hilariously cute.


P.K shows Bu Ja the viral video of her dancing, but she cannot see very well anymore because her body is slowly rotting. She hopes that her family will see this video and reach out to her. In the meantime, the thugs who tried to bury her inform somebody that the only relative of Bu Ja is her mother, who has fallen ill from looking for her daughter. This someone is Kang Dae Sung. The other thug accidentally lands on the viral video and they are shocked to see Bu Ja dancing.

The night of the drama, Ma Wang keeps rambling about Jonathan and finally reveals that Seon Mi was Jonathan’s first love. “The drama today, director: Woo Hwi, scriptwriter: Woo Hwi, the leads: Seon Mi, Jonathan…and you.”

Indeed, everything plays out just like how Ma Wang imagines – Jonathan runs up to Seon Mi, takes her hand and hugs her.

Oh Gong looks at Ma Wang, “From now on, no matter what I do, it’s all your fault.” Oh Gong then marches up to Sam Jung and Ma Wang wonders if he’s going to kill the human.

But nope, he pulls Sam Jung away, “Nice to see you.”

Everyone looks confused, as he continues, “I miss you,” and KISSES HER!


-the end-

I’m not quite sure whether I like the fact that a Chinese classic has been remade into a love story – that Son Oh Gong eventually loves, even without the influence of the Guemgundong. Putting that aside, there’s something about the fact that they shouldn’t be in love and yet they are that is pulling my heartstrings and I like how the story is developing. Overall, the story still maintains a funny, light-hearted tone, although I suspect that it’s going to take a dark turn very soon.

Also, I like the premise that humans create the very evil spirits of the show – greed, sadness, lust etc. This is quite a refreshing idea. The spirits, while disconcerting at times, also tend to become less scary as the episode progresses. I really appreciate this because I watch all the episodes late at night and let me tell you, my heart just cannot take all the devils on the screen (when a spirit appears, I minimise the window to the smallest it can be).

This episode wise, I’m not crazy about the kiss because it’s done under feelings of jealousy and anger. Some people may find it hot, but I generally prefer kisses of love (haha). Nonetheless, I think Lee Seung Gi has done a good job of portraying Son Oh Gong – he’s not a typical nice character, but he has his soft spot, especially for Seon Mi. He does things that go beyond the scope of the Guemgundong because he just wants to make her happy. Technically, the Guemgundong only prevents Sam Jung from being harmed or being sad right? Basically negative emotions. He has no incentive for making her feel good because just by virtue of the Guemgundong, it wouldn’t make him happy as well. Therefore, you can see that Oh Gong is already doing things that are gradually beyond the influence of the bangle! That part where he gave up his Shingiryu was really touching and I liked how the scriptwriters played us by having a few scenes of him thinking about which alcohol to drink.

Episode 8, we will see more details of how Bu Ja ended up being killed – possibly by a hit and run, explaining the grotesque angles she was found in, and Sam Jung thanks Oh Gong for something, while he once again says, “I love you, Jin Seon Mi.” Note: Jin Seon Mi, not Sam Jung!

On a side note, this marks the return of my recaps after a very long time! I think this could be my longest hiatus yet. I may write a separate post on this, but in the meantime, I’m sorry for leaving this space empty! Hopefully I will be able to commit to recapping this drama as it’s my favourite at the moment.



  1. Long time no see! I’m watching Hwayugi too!
    I had to wait to read this until I finally saw 7 (and I ended up staying up late last night to watch 8 too).

    I’m loving Hwayugi but confused too. Summer Fairy says it didn’t really happen but I suspect she lied because she’s worried about Oh Gong and Seum Mi, not because it was true? They keep saying a monster and a human can’t be together but I’m wondering if they can but, as the mermaid story demonstrates, it’s a more serious thing than between two humans because the consequences if there is any betrayal are much more dire? Plus, Princess Iron Fan is human but didn’t used to be, right? And the way all of them go up and down the human/monster/deity scale, it makes me feel that the possibilities for Oh Gong &/or Seun Mi are pretty open if they succeed in saving the world? (He could become human or she get some kind of reward/promotion or who knows?)

    I actually didn’t like the “frozen confession” because it felt like a shortcut to make us believe that he’s falling for her but after episodes 7 & 8, I believe it anyway so I don’t need the confession anymore.

    I’m also sad Bu Ja’s deteriorating since PK is so cutely caring for her. I don’t like Octopus Guy but he’s too funny with the boobs and wedgies.

    ——The rest of my thoughts have to do with episode 8 so don’t read until after you’ve watched!! (If you recap 8, I’ll copy this over there but just in case you don’t I’m putting my thoughts below.)

    The reason I don’t quite believe Summer Fairy is because General Frost was confronted about it by that other guy (forget his name). And that scene sure seemed to insinuate that the Geumganggo was deliberately added to muddy the waters and prevent Sun Oh Gong and Seun Mi from realizing their true feelings for each other.

    I’m not sure what to think of the bell and the cursing demon. If the things it says were still in effect, then her assistant would still be in trouble, right? So I agree we can’t believe the things it says. But I also agree that their fates are an entwined mess. And she totally thinks it’s a love bell, doesn’t she?


    • Yeah I feel like with Hwayugi it’s a lot more possible to conceive of the couple being together forever (rather than like alien/human in You Who Came From The Stars or god/human in Bride of Habaek). Also, I vaguely remember Sam Jung in the classics having gained immortality at the end? But of course this is an adaptation so it might be slightly different.

      Just like you, I’m not quite sure what’s the true point of the frozen confession other than being a cliffhanger. Guess it was thrown in just to muddy the waters a little!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, forgot to say I agree about preferring a kiss of love over one of jealousy. Though the flashbacks in episode 8 made me like it more considering how much both of them were affected by it. It’s making me look even more forward to a real kiss of love when it finally happens. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Something is a miss in EP 8. Sam Jang and son oh gong kissed in EP 7, right? Why is there no scean where Jonathan reacts about! Or even just plainly asking about it. Like who’s the guy? Why is he kissing him? Or are they together? It just go as if he didn’t see anything.


    • HAHA yeah good question there, I guess Jonathan just knows that something is kinda up between the two of them, but he seems more bewildered rather than traumatised anyway. Maybe the scriptwriters just try to do away with explaining just because Jonathan ‘is from America’.


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