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Devilish Joy Episode 4 Recap

Really digging the cuteness of the two leads!

Ki Joon dashes into Ma Sung’s house and cannot believe that Ma Sung is really living in Gi Bbeum’s old house. The two of them have such amazing energy for bouncing off lines each other that it’s funny, like how Ki Joon is distraught because he won the bid for the house using company’s money 3 years ago and Ma Sung retorts, “This is why people curse rich families.”

Ki Joon clutches his head in desperation and pleads for the house, revealing that he wanted to give the house as a gift to Gi Bbeum.

Hahaha, the moment he reveals this, you can tell Ma Sung is never going to let the house go now. Ki Joon notices the red high heels on the table and asks, “Are you living with a woman?” “No, they belong to a friend.” “Yes, a girlfriend.” “No, a guy–” HAHA.

And Ki Joon falls on the floor.

Next morning, Ma Sung wakes up and reads the journal on the Strange Person Who Causes A Fuss to give himself a catch up on Gi Bbeum. Gi Bbeum’s dad finds the manuscript of his poem and sends it to the Ward Office, but accidentally sends Gi Bbeum’s signed contract along too.


During lunch, Gi Bbeum’s sister whines about how she has ugly eyes while everyone else has pretty eyes. They squint their eyes to make her feel better. But wow, thanks to this, I realise how pretty Song Ha Yoon’s eyes are!

Ha Im refuses to participate in variety tv shows, much to the chagrin of the writers. Meanwhile, Nan Joo tries to switch out the fake fur choker but misses her opportunity. This leads to Ha Im appearing for a TV interview and the reporter asking her about her environmental efforts given that she’s wearing fake fur.


Ha Im finally realises that her choker is fake and has no choice but to pretend to be an environmentalist.

Ma Sung comes to Gi Bbeum’s house with her red shoes and notes that something is off from her reaction. “Are you still going to insist that we only had a fleeting connection?” Gi Bbeum steels her heart and asks him to throw the other shoe away. “Throw everything away, because those things have nothing to do with me.”

While talking halfway, Gi Bbeum receives a call that Nan Joo is in trouble because of the fake fur choker and rushes off. Ma Sung follows in curiosity. Ha Im dislikes Gi Bbeum because three years ago, she told Ha Im, “Unnie, this is not how acting is done.”

Something I find interesting about the show is that they do bring back instances of how rude or how aloof Gi Bbeum was in her most popular days, and in a way, you do see that karma does bite.

Ha Im is angry that she can only wear fake fur from now on and demands that Gi Bbeum kneel. In order to prevent Nan Joo from getting into trouble, Gi Bbeum does just that. Ma Sung stops the onlookers from filming and steals a pair of sunglasses to hide his face.

He steps forward and offers to buy the fake fur choker, even inviting Ha Im to be part of a Honour Society, before dragging Gi Bbeum away. Meanwhile, CEO Jang has a run-in with CEO Kim, since Kim was the one who stole Ha Im away.

Ma Sung warns Gi Bbeum from falling in love with him just because he saved her but she ignores that and scolds him for buying the choker. Ma Sung retorts that there is nothing more worthwhile than spending money on good causes; she saved her friend and he saved her.

Gi Bbeum stares at him and he asks, “Why? Is it your first time seeing a man give a donation? Do you think I looked cool?” As if that’s not funny enough, Gi Bbeum replis quickly with a request for him to buy her fake choker the next time they meet. Hahaha.

Ki Joon arrives to fetch Gi Bbeum because “she has signed a contract with us.”


Cut to the studio, where Ki Joon says that he thought the kimchi stains on the contract was pop art. Turns out, the employee from the Ward Office specially brought the contract to the studio thinking it was important. CEO Jang whines, “Why would you sign this?” but Ki Joon tells her that she has to pay the penalty fee if she wants to back out now. Gi Bbeum hilariously looks at Ma Sung. She seriously treats him like a cash cow hahaha.

At the meeting, Ma Sung reveals that the Healing Village will be entirely run on donations. His aunt supports him with a, “I look forward to it,” but turns around with a stoic face. His driver asks if Ma Sung is scared of his aunt but Ma Sung says that his aunt is just like a mother to him. I feel like driver is trying to give Ma Sung a hint – look your aunt has been spying on you- which flew over his head.

Driver then passes Ma Sung a thumbdrive and asks him to look at the contents when he feels down. During his consultation with Doctor Yoon, he tells him that he met Gi Bbeum three years ago on the day of his accident.

Nan Joo is glad that Gi Bbeum accidentally signed the contract but is shocked to find out that the man who saved her just now was the man who stood her up 3 years ago. The light flickers ominously when Gi Bbeum insists that what happened between them wasn’t love. Haha.

Ma Sung plugs in the thumbdrive and finds that it was an old MV of Gi Bbeum when she was a star. He finds himself being entranced and starts smiling, “No way, this is Gi Bbeum?” And as she smiles at the screen, he goes, “What? What is she doing?” and pauses the video. Hahaha.

Just as he grumbles to himself that he didn’t receive any calls from Gi Bbeum, she calls to ask if he found any old photos. Ma Sung childishly kids her that he has thrown them away and hangs up.

Gi Bbeum immediately rushes to his house in mismatched shoes and home clothes hahaha.


Ma Sung mutters to himself, “Is she really the same woman as in the video?” Hahaha.

He notices the hole in her socks and cannot stop laughing. Gi Bbeum realises two seconds too late and tries to hide the hole desperately. Ma Sung off-handedly and intentionallynotes, “Oh I threw the photos away!” causing Gi Bbeum to stand up immediately and uncovering the hole, much to Ma Sung’s amusement.

Under some duress, Gi Bbeum ends up cleaning the house while Ma Sung ‘takes some time’ to think about where he placed the photos.

Gi Bbeum keeps poking her nose into the cabinets to spy for the photos and Ma Sung keeps a close watch on her. He stops her from entering the study room and sends her to clean the lawn instead.


Gi Bbeum recalls her party there three years ago where she achieved her first 10 million views and feels a little sad.

When she returns from cleaning the lawn, she notices Ma Sung isn’t around and quickly goes around digging for photos.


Ma Sung corners her from the back and she accidentally stabs her hand on the cactus oops.

He grabs her hand immediately but it was too late.

He helps to remove the thorns from her hand and tells her to ask herself what she truly thinks about the management contract. The fact that she signed it in her drunken stupor shows that her inner desires manifested themselves.


Gi Bbeum notices the blurred words on his hand and asks about it. Ma Sung remarks that it’s a name for a strange woman with a strange charm and Gi Bbeum looks hilariously jealous.


Is it just me, or is this drama particularly bright and everyone has a white hue around the silhouette? I don’t quite like this filter if this is intentionally done.

At the end of the night, he finally hands the photos over to her and comments with a twinkly smile that she has a lot of peculiar things left behind.


Out of pride, Gi Bbeum refrains from asking what those things are, especially she just said a breath ago to thow everything else away.


Back at home, Gi Bbeum thinks about Ma Sung’s words as she falls asleep. My true feelings. Meanwhile, Ma Sung recalls Gi Bbeum cleaning his house and smiles to himself.

Next morning, Gi Bbeum tells the family that she is going to sign with the agency and rise again. She assures her father later that she will work hard and make a comeback.


Her dad tells her that she is named Gi Bbeum so that sadness wouldn’t even touch her and that she will be full of joy everyday. Gi Bbeum ponders over this and murmurs that she hasn’t lived up to her name.

At the agency, Ki Joon tells the managers that he wants to go on a variety show. CEO Jang jokingly tells him to go on Brain Q show where a celebrity and his friend will solve questions, ranging from elementary school questions to Mensa level ones. Ki Joon gets provoked into wanting to do the show, much to CEO Jang’s shock.


While Ma Sung is undergoing an extensive brain examination, a flashback shows us how Ma Sung’s parents got into an accident. He was playing with his toy truck which fell into the front seat and his father accidentally swerved when picking up the truck for him. He lay on the road, crying, and seeing his parents covered in blood, while the cars drove past him. I refuse to believe that no car stopped to help?? Or to call the ambulance??

Back to the present, Ma Sung tells Dr Yoon that so long as he doesn’t face directly a headlight or camera lights, he won’t have any huge issues. Dr Yoon writes a report and notifies the Chairwoman of the results.

Ki Joon wants to make up with Ma Sung, who says that he can agree to anything else but giving up the house. So Ki Joon asks him to be on the quiz competition with him haha. Meanwhile, Gi Bbeum comes to the agnecy and tells CEO Jang that she will make a comeback, but CEO Jang notes that she’s 30.

Younger kids than her are vying for a spot, what about her? How is she going to make a comeback especially when she has been alleged to be a murderer? How do they turn old water into fresh water? The only way is to find a well, dig and dig a hole, get rid of all the dirt, before getting fresh water.

Gi Bbeum stands up in resignation, much to CEO Jang’s relief, but she sits down again and he funnily bounces up with a, “What now??”. Gi Bbeum musters her courage, and promises to dig a well as hard as she can.

Ma Sung actually plays the recording of Gi Bbeum’s song for his houseplants to hear but it spoils in the cassette player. He calls Ki Joon who hangs up on him after saying that he got Gi Bbeum to join in the competition instead.


He then calls Gi Bbeum and gets triggered when he hears Gi Bbeum whispering and saying that she’s at Ki Joon’s house. He immediately rattles off two questions, which Gi Bbeum cannot answer and Gi Bbeum hangs up on him.

He rushes to Ki Joon’s house, where the two managers try to test out the duo’s capability. First up – what is the capital of Madagascar? Gi Bbeum answers correctly, but only because that was one of the questions Ma Sung tested her just now. Second, what’s the capital of Botswana? Ma Sung answers correctly….and the next question too.

The two managers note that at least one of the duo should be smart and plead for Ma Sung to replace Gi Bbeum. Ma Sung agrees reluctantly, but only because he didn’t want the two to spend time together.


So there is Ma Sung, on his way to a quiz competition which he thought was just a bunch of people gathering in a neighbour to answer questions. Little did he expect that it’s a broadcasting station! Oh dear.

Ki Joon has also arrived and surprisingly, does get a hoard of fangirls. But this hoard of fangirls also immediately ditches him the moment Ma Sung appears because he’s hot. In their words.

Ma Sung quickly hides into the broadcasting room when he hears Ki Joon finding him because he wants to go home. Ki Joon and Gi Bbeum split up to find Ma Sung and Gi Bbeum unknowingly walks right into the room where he is.

CEO Kim follows right after her and goads her about making a comeback. Gi Bbeum apologises for his company’s loss 3 years ago and he replies bitterly that he lost so much because of her. Well dude, you are such a messed-up person. You are the one who planned the entire rape thing and yet you have the audacity to go, “You two were dating behind my back, weren’t you?”

Gi Bbeum replies hotly, “You know we weren’t,” and yells, “CEO Kim!” CEO Kim slaps her and tells her to talk to him with respect, “What a bitch.” The entire time, Ma Sung is watching from behind a pillar.

When he leaves the room later, he hears CEO Kim telling the host to ask Gi Bbeum questions about the incident 3 years ago. He knows that if he does not appear on the show, Gi Bbeum will have to stand in for him.

His driver helps him find a pair of sunglasses that will block out lights completely and he is such a star, descending on the crew with a “Gong Ma Sung is here.” What a star, this man. He hilariously however, is tight-lipped and refuses to introduce himself or explain why he has sunglasses even when the show starts rolling. Hahaha.


Ki Joon whispers under his breath that Ma Sung must win the irst prize so that they can get more screen time, so Ma Sung immediately snatches the first two questions.

The third question however, is shown on the screen so he cannot see until the host reads the question out and he answers based on his hearing and knowledge.

Thereafter, Ma Sung continues to let go of all the questions that are shown on the screen (Ki Joon is absolutely useless hahaha) but answers all the questions that are asked verbally correctly.

The final question is a tiebreaker and is displayed on the screen. He tells Ki Joon that they have to pass on this and Ki Joon hurriedly asks why. He replies, “I can’t see the question,” so Ki Joon rudely snatches his sunglasses off. Ma Sung is imemdiately hit by the strong recording lights in the studio.

At the same time, we see Dr Yoon telling the Chairwoman that when Ma Sung faces a bright light, he will have difficulty breathing, and experience immsense pain, almost like a fake death. His aunt eerily notes that that means Ma Sung can actually die.

Back to the studio, Ma Sung gasps in pain and clutches at his stomach.

-the end-

I decided to do a recap for this episode because I had some thoughts to share and also because the two leads were so cute in this one!

I love it whenever Ma Sung teases Gi Bbeum – he just cannot stop himself from being interested by this fiesty little one who always jumps out and save others. Choi Jin Hyuk’s little eye creases and twinkly eyes are to die for! I also loveee the two leads’ height difference; she looks like such a little pudding next to Choi Jin Hyuk’s tall frame!

But on deeper thoughts for the show, I do feel that there is a fundamental flaw with the premise of amnesia presented. If Ma Sung wakes up every day, only having his memories right till the day before his accident, he shouldn’t be able to go about his life with such routine. He shouldn’t be able to wake up and know that he’s supposed to read his journal or register immediately that he’s going to face a memory loss the next day. Yes, he’s going to know somehow the two things above – perhaps through a reminder, but I feel that the mindset/attitude Ma Sung has towards each day can only be so from a viewer’s perspective. And this big picture notion of continuity is inherently contradictory to Ma Sung’s lack of ability to remember yesterday today.

A more accurate reflection of such amnesia ideas I feel, are 50 First Dates and the Defendant, where it’s clear that each time the lead loses his or her memory, the routine restarts rather than continues. Of course, each lead makes progress, tiny steps that show recovery through time. But Ma Sung’s behaviour doesn’t sit quite well with my notion of such portrayal of amnesia. Take 50 First Dates for example, where the female lead falls in love with the male lead every day at the start (before hints of recovery kick in towards the end). Instead, Ma Sung seems to have a continuous curiosity liking for Gi Bbeum after the third day or so, rather than renewed interest each day. I would say the first two days of meeting Gi Bbeum in 2018 are the most accurate in my opinion of how such amensia should tie in with his interest in Gi Bbeum.

But all that being said, I do think that the show is portrayed this way for expediency sake. It wouldn’t make much for smooth story telling if Ma Sung has to restart everyday, spending time understanding that he’s going to lose his memory the next day and coming to terms with it. This is especially so since the idea of struggling emotionally with his amensia is clearly not the main point of the show. I guess, what I’m trying to say is that it does feel like the amnesia thing is tied in as a way to make the show unique and to create the conflicts that would otherwise not surface with a usual amnesia. Nonetheless, I think if the show is done well eventually, I can look past it. I’m clearly loving everything else – the banter, the chemistry, the plot. I like it that there’s enough to go for 16 episodes. We have to get them deep in love in 2018, get Ma Sung’s memory back, solve the mystery from 3 years ago, and bring justice for Gi Bbeum. Also side note, but I thought the title of the drama is quite cleverly-done hehe.

It’s still too early to tell, but hopefully, I will be back with more recaps!



  1. kayohs says

    On the amnesia plot point and continuity from day to day, I’m with you in that one. It doesn’t quite seem plausible for an amnesia person to have such continuity. And I definitely also called back to 50 First Dates in how that was portrayed, and agree with you that it worked better there.

    Here’s the other thing bugging me: why is MA Sung being tight lipped with Gi Bbeum about the accident and the amnesia? By keeping her in the dark, she is not an active part of the amnesia story (IMHO).

    Wouldn’t it have been great to do an early reveal and have her fight for him or with him on the journey of recovering his memories? Have her protect him in her own way, the way he seems to be unconsciously finding himself moving to protect her?

    The larger mystery can still also be about solving the murder, and his own past trauma.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Are you up to date with the episodes? I got reminded of your comment as I watched the latest one and totally agree with you that somehow, Gi Bbeum is just kept out of the amnesia story. This is quite different from I envisioned (and what you have mentioned) – for the couple to fight together and protect each other


    • kayohs says

      Just caught up. The disconnect is still there. Le sigh. The writing is not going where I wish it would. The character revelations and supposed moving moments fall a bit… flat?

      Like the big confession in the rain. She says she loves him. I’m not quite sure when that happened? I totally bought the first love butterfly fuzzies. But not so the supposed true love deep love thing the story is trying to push.

      It’s like though their paths cross each other, it’s still a her story his story and not THEIR story.

      That gripe aside….The chemistry is great. Abused the rewind button a fair bit on all the kisses and skinship scenes. Bahaha.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Everything is flat. I’ve given up on the show and am preparing for a finale/drama review instead. Yeah, I don’t buy into the deep love confession thing in the rain, it felt very hollow to me.


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