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The List Goes On

5. Both are open about their sex life with the other friend.6. As quoted by You Qing herself "What a coincidence! It seems like whenever I'm having a relationship, you are single but when I'm nursing my wounds, you are in a relationship." Exactly, that's the problem between the male and female lead in Thirty Nothing too! And while Chen Bo Lin is the male lead of the show, as you know, I tend to take more notice of the second fiddles a.k.a the nice guy up there. Chen Bo Lin's character is really nice and all, but Nic (nice guy up there) is ahhhhhh. So Squeal-able.  <3thoughtsramble

In Time With You Episode 1 Review

Thoughtsramble is finally back to slightly more normal. Well, the normal pace of watching dramas. I've not watched a single drama with Ariel Lin, unless you count snatches and glimpses of It Started With A Kiss, which I didn't like at all. The reason why I was interested in watching this was because of how similar the basis of the story is as compared to a book I once read before, called Thirty Nothing by Lisa Jewell. Of course, the development of both plots take different paths, but both have two leads who had a bet. A bet to get hooked up/ a marriage at the age of 30.  And of course, they wouldn't be able to fulfil this bet, because even the most inexperienced drama-watcher should be able to tell, that their answers lie in each other.  I guess I'm definitely more comfortable with Ariel Lin as a normal girl acting her age and her mentality. Xiang Qin was definitely not my cup of tea.  <3thoughtsramble