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In Time With You Episode 1 Review

Thoughtsramble is finally back to slightly more normal. Well, the normal pace of watching dramas.

I've not watched a single drama with Ariel Lin, unless you count snatches and glimpses of It Started With A Kiss, which I didn't like at all. The reason why I was interested in watching this was because of how similar the basis of the story is as compared to a book I once read before, called Thirty Nothing by Lisa Jewell. Of course, the development of both plots take different paths, but both have two leads who had a bet. A bet to get hooked up/ a marriage at the age of 30. 

And of course, they wouldn't be able to fulfil this bet, because even the most inexperienced drama-watcher should be able to tell, that their answers lie in each other. 

I guess I'm definitely more comfortable with Ariel Lin as a normal girl acting her age and her mentality. Xiang Qin was definitely not my cup of tea. 


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