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HELLO! I'm actually not that busy, but I haven't been posting anything because I wasn't watching anything on-going and recent. I was going down this memory lane/catch-up lane, watching Boys Over Flowers and a ton of movies which I never caught in the cinemas.


Hahaha even though I haven't been watching any on-going dramas because of my busy schedule, I have taken time out to watch some old movies and dramas when I'm chilling or eating! So I think the next few posts will be more of updates on what I've been doing rather than recaps/reviews. Boys Over Flowers That's right – guess who has decided to pull out her old stash of DVDs and to binge on this drama HAHAHA. I am loving it all over again, despite it having been…6 years? OMG it has been 6 years. Guys we are old. I love it when they have the four of them together<33 And of course, I love Yi Jung/ Kim Bum. Look forward to these screenshots HAHA. I'm only on Episode 5! <3thoughtsramble

Lee Min Ho’s Interview about City Hunter

Q: The style in City Hunter is totally different from Boys Over Flowers and Personal Preference. What is your emphasis on acting in City Hunter? A:I think that it should be the relationship between characters. As the plot develops, Lee Young Sung and Kim Young Joo’s relationship gradually changes. When Kim Young Joo’s father had an accident because of Lee Yoon Sung, it seems that it should be tense between the both of them after that. However, if one recalls the relationship between these two people, Lee Yoon Sung will naturally feel guilty, because after all, it is because of him that Kim Young Joo’s father met with the car accident. While acting this out, I don’t want to ignore the interactions between people.   Q:If the script has a clash with the understanding that you had of a character, how would you solve it? A: Firstly, I will think it through carefully. If I have a very clear idea or thought, I will mention it for us to discuss. Actually, this has something to …