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Lee Min Ho’s Interview about City Hunter

Q: The style in City Hunter is totally different from Boys Over Flowers and Personal Preference. What is your emphasis on acting in City Hunter?

A:I think that it should be the relationship between characters. As the plot develops, Lee Young Sung and Kim Young Joo’s relationship gradually changes. When Kim Young Joo’s father had an accident because of Lee Yoon Sung, it seems that it should be tense between the both of them after that. However, if one recalls the relationship between these two people, Lee Yoon Sung will naturally feel guilty, because after all, it is because of him that Kim Young Joo’s father met with the car accident. While acting this out, I don’t want to ignore the interactions between people.  

Q:If the script has a clash with the understanding that you had of a character, how would you solve it?

A: Firstly, I will think it through carefully. If I have a very clear idea or thought, I will mention it for us to discuss. Actually, this has something to do with my character. Usually, I like to dwell over it first, before asking for opinions from other people. 

Q: Lee Yoon Sung’s actions seem to be different from other heros, somewhat less amazing. 

A: This has also got to do with my character. When I express myself, I don’t like to force it on other people, even when I’m angry, I will also wish to express it in a calm manner. So even when it’s a very forceful action, I don’t like to complete it in a too attention-seeking manner. Playing with the spoon, and the scene filmed at the staircase, are the classical scenes in my heart, especially when filming the staircase scene, there was dim lighting with tight space, but it was extremely satisfying to portray such a pressing scene in that kind of environment. The bigger it is, the more it should be expressed quietly. 

Q: It’s been said that you don’t really use body doubles. There are many dangerous scenes?

A: I completed 80% to 90% of the scenes myself. There are body doubles used when there are scenes such as falling from great heights, but actually, I will also like to have a taste of such a challenging action scene. 

Q: Lee Yoon Sung lives because of revenge, he thirsts for warmth of a family, and cares for societal problems. How should one express such a complicated character?

A: Lee Yoon Sung is very lonely, as a revenge tool, he must hurt others. Knowing this causes him to live very difficultly. I will add in the loneliness that Actor Lee Min Ho felt before into the acting, and based on "loneliness", I will modify the method of portrayal when facing different characters, so as to present the most natural Lee Yoon Sung. 

Q: Lee Yoon Sung wants to lead a peaceful life, what about you? Can you relate to his thinking?

A: In my opinion, Lee Yoon Sung is really pitiful. He couldn’t choose the way he wants to live since he was born, and he didn’t get any fatherly love. It’s natural for such a person to wish to lead a peaceful life. 

Q: While acting out Lee Yoon Sung’s loneliness, did you think about your own loneliness?

A: Actually, I used to like interacting with strangers, and I like being liked and accepted by many people, however I became gradually more introverted. Even now, I will intentionally avoid those that I don’t want to see, and it comes to a point where I don’t really know how to greet those friends whom I’ve not met for a long time. Sometimes I feel that it’s not bad to live like this, as long as I still want to be an actor, I guess I will need to tolerate this kind of loneliness during daily life?

Q: You got famous from Boys Over Flowers, and now with City Hunter, you have reached even greater heights in your career. What meaning does this work has for you?

A: Before, Boys Over Flowers allows me to become a shining star, while City Hunter gave me a chance to show the capability of an actor. It can be said that I have taken yet another step towards being an actor. After City Hunter, I’ve received many scripts, with different plots. It’s thanks to this drama, that my career in acting has taken progress. 

Q: What understanding do you have towards acting?

A: Being an actor means that one should freely express one’s feelings, no matter whether is it within a two,three hours of movie or a twenty episode drama, as long as the actor portrays the character’s feelings, and conveys the emotions to the audience, he can be counted as a qualified actor, but this is really difficult (laughs). However, no matter what kind of character it is, an actor’s sincerity is a must. 

Q: What expectations do you have towards the next work?

A: I want to try characters that allow space for exploration. A thug with nothing to do, or even like Twilight, living in a magical world. 

Q: The reason for wanting to try out these characters are?

A: Ever since high school, I’ve been living the way I want, it was only after I became an adult that I’ve learnt restrain, so I want to find the feeling of the past in my works. Fans will also anticipate seeing the real me? I believe that after acting these kind of characters, I will have the confidence to do even better. 

Q: You are already at an age of twenty-odd. Right now, do you wish to become more mature quickly?

A: Many male actors can’t wait to be in their thirties, but I rather like the stage I am in now, where it’s in between a youth and an adult. I don’t wish to be stuck in the same kind of character. Many people said that a man’s charm will only shine after his thirties, but this means that there will be a loss of youth, and I will also be sad. Actually, I really dislike the feeling of the time flying past. (laughs)

taken from:http://ent.sina.com.cn/v/j/2011-08-10/09443382464.shtml

-the end-

Here’s the second part of the interview that I translated in the previous post! Translating these articles take time out from me writing the recaps, hence you can see that my City Hunter Recaps aren’t coming as quick (much as I wish to have a relaxed life, there’s only so much time I could take to write sigh. ) But it was fun reading what went through Lee Min Ho’s mind! 

Lol when I read this article, my first thought was, "OMG he wants to act in a show somewhat like Twilight? NO WAY." Lol I have nothing against Twilight, but please no, imagining Lee Min Ho as a character like Edward Cullen is just too painful. Of course, hahaha I think he only meant it in a sense that he wouldn’t mind acting as a character in an imaginary world, not that he wanted to be Edward Cullen per se. Hahaha:P

Ah ah, did you see that sentence where he said he’d completed most of the action scenes? Ah respect for the actor mannn:D I guess most actors couldn’t even carry out those action scenes partly because they are actors and they couldn’t risk the chance of them getting injured in the course of acting, and also because I believe most actors wouldn’t be able to even carry out those actions anyway. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t that easy to do somersaults on cars, or to push oneself off the wall to give the bad guy a kick:O Even Park Min Young looks great doing her karate/taekwando/judo flips (which I absolutely love). 

So yes, I’m looking forward to Lee Min Ho’s next choice of drama. (Though I will miss Yoon Sung desperately, not mention Nana, Young Joo, Sae Hee, Shik Joong etc) I believe that it will be something to look forward to^^ 



  1. Anonymous says

    In fairness to Lee Min Ho’s acting ability, every character that he’s portraying leaves a very promising impressions. I will not mention Gu Jun Pyo because I haven’t watch it yet, but in Personal Preference the “Jeon Jin Ho” character I really loved it! Being cool and all of a sudden showing his affection to Park Gae In :). And most recently the “Lee Yoon Sung” character in City Hunter, omo! It just made me more obsess to him, at first, I doubt if the drama “City Hunter” is really good because I thought it is awkward for Lee Min Hon to do such actions like martial arts, stunts, cause usually he portrays a young cool man from a well-known family but I’m all wrong! Fighting scenes fits him well because of his so “fit” body. I’m really looking forward to his next drama, wish it would be more comedic and more episodes haha 🙂

    Oppa saranghae


    • Haha I’ve watched it already and hmm….for me I wouldn’t say that he didn’t act well as Gu Jun Pyo. Rather, it didn’t give him much space to show his acting skills. But I agree with you on Jeon Jin Ho! Definitely, it was a character worth fangirling (though I personally didn’t like the last two episodes)

      It will be a challenge for him to break out of the ‘Yoon Sung’ image that everyone is so familiar with right now –but I’m really looking forward to it. (:


  2. There should be a city hunter #2 and the ending with city hunter and kim nana getting married and having a happy ending.


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