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Lee Min Ho expresses regrets at the incomplete love in City Hunter

More trivia on Lee Min Ho and City Hunter: 

Q: Heard that while filming City Hunter, you were hurt by the pieces of explosion. How’s the recovery?
A:There were two sites of explosion on the set. Perhaps there was too much explosives, after the explosion, the glass shards hurt my leg. I’m better now, but actually I have a lot of injuries everywhere, I still feel that it’s tough (laughs)

Q:In City Hunter, it ends with the foster father dying, and Lee Yoon Sung living on. Towards this ending, what’s your views?

A:This ending suits Lee Yoon Sung’s character very well. Yoon Sung is someone who doesn’t know how to be selfish. It’s not realistic for him to live on happily when his foster father died. The best ending will be like what happened in the drama, he still stays around in the city, leaving people the grave impression of the view of his back. But after that, perhaps Lee Yoon Sung will get his happiness (laughs) like the original works, it’s good to live a normal life. 

Q:In the big ending, Lee Yoon Sung and his foster father reached a mutual understanding. What feelings did you incorporate when you acted out this scene?

A:The feelings are constantly built up throughout the twenty episodes, of course there’s a need to separate those feelings at a certain instant. If his feelings suddenly soften when facing his foster father, then the audience will not be able to connect easily. Lee Jin Pyo kept his strong image from the start to the last. I feel that if one wants to oppose Jin Pyo, it’s needed to show the side other than the strong one. It will be hard to act well if there’s only strength in the eyes. That scene’s one big characteristic is the sadness and anger that was endured silently when facing Jin Pyo. After knowing that he was abducted, by using the awl to self-mutilate, this really shows that Yoon Sung’s feelings have reached an explosive point. After that, he starts to understand his foster father more and more.

Q:You have decided very early that you wanted to act in this drama. Is there any difference between the Yoon Sung that you’ve imagined, and the one that is now presented in front of the audience? 

A:At the very start, I imagined this character to be more depressed, a dark person who met Kim Nana, and started working at the Blue House, and gradually got cheerful. But in reality, it progressed in a totally opposite direction (laughs). While working with the director, I learn that an action drama fails very easily, so it must be supported with romance, that’s why there were many quarrels scenes added at the start of the drama.

Q: There is a lot of variation in the relationship between Yoon Sung and Nana, which also challenges one’s acting skills. You seem to have put in all the acting skills that you have accumulated all this while?

A: The quarrel scenes with Kim Nana is like bickering in all the dramas between the leads, and I’m very familiar with that. There’s some scenes that I have no idea how to act, then I will trust the director completely, besides, Park Min Young is a very talented partner. However, Yoon Sung didn’t face Nana with a more mature attitude in the end… I personally feel that it’s regretful. After revealing his identity to Kim Nana, the relationship between the two seems to have stopped progressing, and in the end, he only told Kim Nana to "Wait for me".

taken from:http://ent.sina.com.cn/v/j/2011-08-10/09443382464.shtml


There’s actually a second part to this interview which I will translate some time(: Haha this is one of the rare dramas where I actually found interviews that really reveal the thought that went behind producing the drama! 

Aww poor Lee Min Ho haha, he got injured?:O But I bet he will always strive to work harder despite his injuries, I don’t know why, I just have this impression that he is very goal-oriented…. which is a good thing. I personally feel that the scene between Jin Pyo and Yoon Sung was really well done. There was this air of grief and regret hanging in the air between them, while Nana cries at the side, and when they held hands and looked into each other’s eyes… and Jin Pyo gave a small smile… it was a really good interpretation of the scene I felt. 

Haha so they do know that action dramas will not succeed easily? That’s why I said that the scriptwriter was really smart to incorporate all those elements together — action and romance. Without the action part in this drama, I’m sure City Hunter wouldn’t be so successful as it is now. Though of course, if you think about the other side, City Hunter probably wouldn’t even be remotely famous if there’s no relationship between Kim Nana and Yoon Sung (I will be the first to protest… hahaha kidding. But Kim Nana and Yoon Sung is one of my favourite couples:D) 

Lol and it’s nice to know that if Lee Min Ho was a real City Hunter in reality, the Kim Nana in his life wouldn’t have to go through the same fate as what Kim Nana had to go through in City Hunter. Haha^^

And lolol Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho really have very good screen chemistry!:DD 



  1. I understood that maybe the turn of the story was more important to wrap up up the motive of “reveng

    I also regret that the relationship which was carefully build up during the first 12(!!!)episode seemed to stop progressing, but I understood that maybe the turn of the story was more important to wrap up up the motive of “revenge”. Romance never goes along with revenge, so accepted the neglegiance of romance quietly. There were so much action scenes that and every scene drove the plot forward that I can figure out WHERE to put in the romance if there’s really no screentime to play around like in Best Love (I’m watching now). Of course I’d wish that there was a nice love scene when because there seemed to been some moment where you felt like shouting “just get a room you two!” But I guess that it’s not in Yoon-sung’s character to actually SLEEP with a woman but only to woo her for informations. I even imagined him being a virgin coz he was too focused on studying and exceeding in everything his father wants him to that there was no time for romance at all.

    Yeah I also think, that his funny sweet encounters with Nana were the mainpoint for the high ratings. When watching IRIS I was also suprised that the first 4 episodes where about the growing romance between Hyun-joon & Seung-hee. And I liked it coz when he believes that she died it was one of the motives for revenge that has driven him.

    I heard about him having a car accident, but he got away with minor injuries. Well, no success without injuries. ^^ He’s a tough one and earned himself to be cald “actor” now. ^^

    Thanks a lot for this article! I love reading background production informations from actors. ^^ I’d also love to read an interview about the writer, when there’s is a translation.


    • Re: I understood that maybe the turn of the story was more important to wrap up up the motive of “re

      Episode 12 was just extremely lovely and sweet — in fact I’ve titled it in my mind(and in thoughtsramble) as the sweetest episode, with the most progress in the relationship. Indeed, I guess with the development of the revenge plot, there seems to hardly any room for the development of the romance! Haha I don’t think it’s in Nana’s character to sleep with a guy too:P

      Haha yes, it’s like… while the scriptwriters may be using the romance plot as a sideline to keep us constantly attracted to the drama, for most audience, it might have been the other way round — focusing on the romance and seeing how it changes when the revenge plot progresses.

      Lol, hahaha I’m glad that people start to see him as an ‘actor’ now! Like a true blue actor… actually he acted pretty well in Personal Preference already, but City Hunter was still the best work so far. (Y)

      You are welcome!^^ Yeah me too!:D Because then by reading those production information, it actually adds on to one’s observation and appreciation of the works.

      Have a great day!


      • [City Hunter] Yoon-sung & Nana

        I think those this K-Drama couple is my OTP of the year, and 2nd place goes to Ah-jung&Ki-joon from Lie to me. I’m so in love with them that I’m finally starting to draw k-drama art! XD Fanderay on kolorful palette and me we’ll be creating a new art section, I hope! XD Yeah, big dreams, but whatever. Have a look, if you like *g* my blog:


      • Re: [City Hunter] Yoon-sung & Nana

        LOL (I never really got used to saying OTP haha) indeed Nana and Yoon Sung are one of my favourite couples ever!! Seriously, I mean I love both the girl and the guy separately, and together, they are just awesome^^

        Lol my friend told me that Lie To Me isn’t good so I skipped it:O

        Haha glad that you shared the link with me;wow you have nice art works! I really like drawing but I’m more inclined towards (and am also much better at) doing handicrafts.


  2. Esther says

    The series has the best story but the actros and actresses are not embeding themsleves fully into the characters lives.
    And also some parts where there are things happening then, as the seried continue its like they never happened. For example when lee yoon sung hurt his arm, there are no sequency of him healing, and the next episode he is seemed to be healed.


  3. Eshter says

    But all in all, i love the couple lee yoon sung and Kim Nana. The bestest. I think lee min ho has a bright future.


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