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City Hunter Episode 17 Recap


City Hunter<3

Yoon Sung told Eung Chan that he’s just interested in looking at some stuff in the Blue House, and Eung Chan asked him for a favour — teach him how to use the computer. When Yoon Sung was in his office and he leaned down to take a closer look at the screen, he accidentally knocked over some documents.

Aaah some mindless fangirling here over his face lol.

Eung Chan told him that he needed to go through those documents after learning the computer, and Yoon Sung asked him why he didn’t ask for his assistants’ help. Eung Chan replied that he didn’t want to be a useless president and since he was earning much more than those assistants, obviously he must do more as well. Yoon Sung was happy with this answer and continued to teach him things about blogging. Eung Chan invited him to an afternoon gathering with the important officials to do with economics.

Cheon Jae Man told Jin Pyo that he’d been lying when he said that those twenty one people betrayed the country. In fact, the truth was opposite and he told Jin Pyo that "I have a very important document with me." 

Jin Pyo laughed and pretended that he knew nothing about this kind of things — after all, he’s still Steve Lee, even though both of them knew he’s not. Cheon Jae Man cunningly invited him to the afternoon gathering, wanting to introduce him to the President, when he himself wanted to see Eung Chan’s reaction. Jin Pyo accepted the invitation and left. Dong Shik came in and asked what Cheon Jae Man’s thinking of, by letting Jin Pyo take over one of his companies. Cheon Jae Man replied that it’s just a puppet role and that it would do him no harm.

The Blue House bodyguards did a thorough job of checking the safety of the place, and Nana, who had been promoted to be Eung Chan’s bodyguard, was of course there as well. She told Ho Shik that everything was fine. Da Hye was trying to convince Yoon Sung to attend, after all her father personally invited him, but he refused and said that he had nothing to do there… when he saw Jin Pyo getting off the car with Cheon Jae Man. Immediately, Yoon Sung turned around and asked Da Hye, "Where is this gathering?" Lol.

Nana’s eyes widened in shock when she saw Jin Pyo being introduced to Eung Chan,as she knew just how malicious Jin Pyo could go. Eung Chan’s eyes widened double in shock as well, after all, this was the lone survivor of The Mission. Jin Pyo smiled. Later, Da Hye and Yoon Sung came in quietly while Eung Chan was giving his speech. Ho Shik came over and asked why Yoon Sung was there, to which the latter replied that he was invited. When they started having their meal, there was this siren noise and everyone was stunned. Nana looked around while Yoon Sung tried to determine the nature of the sound. Then, Nana, probably on a hunch/instinct, leapt in front of Eung Chan and got hit by …. paint.

Yoon Sung stood up worriedly while all the other people hid under tables.

Irritating Jin Pyo continued to eat, with an irritating calm.


Yoon Sung looked at how calm Jin Pyo was and knew that this thing was done by him. He waited for Jin Pyo outside, and when he came out, he told Jin Pyo, "This is the Blue House. It might cause you your life when you fearlessly threaten Nana." "Are you worried for me?" "No, I just cannot tolerate your stupid fearless attitude anymore." He asked for the identity of the fifth person but Jin Pyo told him that there’s order to things, and that he needed to finish Cheon Jae Man off first. 

A bodyguard found the place where the paint was hidden. Later, Ho Shik apologised to the president and said that he’s willing to resign as a form of apology. Eung Chan told him that it’s better for him to make sure that future incidents did not happen again, and he said that he had some things to ask Nana. After Ho Shik excused himself, Eung Chan asked Nana who gave her the hankerchief (that she had lent him after some spray paint got onto him). Nana said that it wouldn’t be anyone she knew, and after she left, Eung Chan took a hankerchief with the same pattern. Nana called Kyung Hee, who told her, "Is it because you have a burden after receiving the hankerchief? It’s okay, you don’t need to be like this." Nana decided to cut straight to the point — was there a reason why Eung Chan asked for the identity of the woman who gave her the hankerchief? Kyung Hee sat up straight and told Nana not to tell Eung Chan anything, to which Nana promised. 

Kyung Hee went out of her ward to get some exercise, when she saw who else, but Cheon Jae Man. Immediately, she darted behind a pillar and she recalled how years ago, Cheon Jae Man threatened her so that she would not use the pregnancy to affect Eung Chan’s career, Eung Chan who was already a married man with kid at that time, and who got infatuated with another woman, Kyung Hee. The plot draws back to the present, as Kyung Hee clutched her clothes in shock.

Gosh, after this sudden revelation, Jin Pyo was shown looking at Moo Yul’s photo, with a rare apologetic face, and he murmured, "That time when you saved Kyung Hee who wanted to commit suicide… and saved Yoon Sung…. even though it’s not your child but you were determined to bring him up like your own… would you understand me now?"


Kyung Hee quickly returned to her ward and was startled to find someone else there — but it was only Shik Joong, who came to give her the photoframe with Moo Yul’s photo. Kyung Hee passed another hankerchief with the same pattern embroidered on it, for Shik Joong to pass to Yoon Sung.

Ki Joon rushed into the office, talking about the incident that happened just now. He was saying agitatedly that bodyguards really used their lives while protecting others, it aint a joke. Yoon Sung heard this and had a worried expression. He said that he had a headache and needed to go to the infirmary.

While he waited outside, pacing up and down, Nana walked past him without seeing him, and he didn’t do anything. Nana went to the ladies to clean her uniform when she recalled the words that Yoon Sung told her, on the night they ‘broke up’. 

Eung Chan was watching a movie by himself in the theatre, when Jin Pyo came in and sat a few seats down the row. Eung Chan told him to stop his plans, but Jin Pyo said that he had been thinking of nothing but revenge for the past 28 years. He even said that the rotten things needed to be dug out before anything would stop rotting. He grounded out, "Just wait for a while, and you will see the present that I have for you." 

Young Joo was thinking hard over the state of the finances in President Cheon’s companies when he realised that Steve Lee was now the CEO of the construction company. He was thinking that Jin Pyo got close to Cheon Jae Man for revenge, but "Isn’t he spending too much money?"

Then Woo Hyun came in and reprimanded him for still paying attention to Cheon Jae Man. Young Joo said that since he’s suspended and had nothing to do, the least he could do was to think about the case. Woo Hyun told him that the top had decided his punishment — transfer to another office/ demoted. OH NO:< Young Joo was going to protest when Mi Ok and Pil Jae came in with a letter from the City Hunter. Woo Hyun told Mi Ok that Young Joo had been demoted and hence, she should pass the documents to him. Young Joo put out his hand, so did Woo Hyun, and for a few seconds, Pil Jae and Mi Ok looked thoroughly trapped. HAHA 

Then Mi Ok said that she’d actually looked through the contents already — chemical analysis of the chemicals produced by the factory, which showed many problems. She passed the letter to Young Joo, who saw that there was even consent forms within the envelope regarding the dropping of the injury claim. While Woo Hyun shouted that Pil Jae and Mi Ok were demoted as well, Young Joo rushed out of his office. 

Da Hye personally brewed coffee for Yoon Sung who told her that he had stopped drinking coffee. Da Hye said that she still felt that it’s surreal watching her father almost got attacked, and she’d decided to be more diligent.

Yoon Sung smiled to himself and told Da Hye it’s good to see her dropping a little of her immaturity. He asked about Nana’s condition when Young Joo came in and plonked himself down on the seat. (Okay fine he didn’t:P ) Yoon Sung was sarcastic, "Are you my stalker?" Da Hye looked interestedly at the both of them when she got knocked by another woman. Immediately, Young Joo leapt up to help her up and asked her if she’s all right, while Yoon Sung scolded, "Why are you so careless? Be more careful!" Da Hye ignored him, and smiled sweetly at Young Joo, while taking the coffee and giving it to Young Joo instead. HAHA (Y)

Yoon Sung was like, "I thought that was for me!" and Da Hye retorted that it was him who said that he’d stopped. She walked away and told Eun Ah that "Love can change, our teacher is really too mean towards girls!"

Young Joo started taking a block out of the tower of blocks and said that Yoon Shik’s mother wasn’t the only suspicious thing. 

He took out another block and said that President Cheon’s companies had very bad accounts and vulnerable finances. He believed that what Jin Pyo wanted to do was -while taking out the block right in the center- be in charge of that construction company, that would cause all the other companies to fall as soon as that one did. Yoon Sung didn’t reply and left.

After Yoon Sung left, Nana came in to ask Da Hye brew a cup of coffee for her. She was in a bubbly mood until she saw Young Joo, who saw her as well. Then, she told Da Hye to quickly give her the coffee as she’s rushing somewhere. The thoughtful Nana actually got the coffee for Eung Chan, who thanked her because he felt strength from drinking his daughter’s coffee.

Young Joo waited for Nana to get off work and Nana told him that it’s better for them to pretend like they didn’t know each other. Young Joo apologised for not being able to explain himself properly the other time, "I’m sorry." Nana told him that it’s not his fault. She knew that his emotions wouldn’t be peaceful as well, and for taking care of her as her Long Legged Ahjusshi, she’s very grateful for that. 

However, the moment she thought of his father, and how he said, "The one who is dead is dead, the other is in a coma… how lucky," even though she felt a lot of gratitude towards Young Joo, but whenever she remembered that sentence, she really couldn’t believe how someone could be so callous, and she didn’t know what to do. 

Young Joo looked at her apologetically, and hesitantly put his arm comfortingly on her shoulders. Nana went to find Sae Hee and asked if she’d liked to drink. Sae Hee laughed and said, "It’s you who want to drink, right?" Later, Nana told Sae Hee that lately, she had no one to confide her feelings in. 

Sae Hee guessed correctly that she now knew who Kim Young Joo’s father was. Nana thought that she knew that from the news, but she dropped her smile when Sae Hee told her the truth, that she and Kim Young Joo were ex-spouses. Yoon Sung was looking at the necklace and the ring, that he now kept inside a box, when he’d gotten a call from Sae Hee. The scene switched back to the hospital, with Sae Hee drinking alone, when Yoon Sung entered hurriedly. Sae Hee told him that she felt that it’s more appropriate for him to send her home, "She said that she’d no one to confide in now… what happened?" Yoon Sung looked at her without replying.

With sad music in the background, Yoon Sung carried Nana home.

<3333 Aaah have you noticed how Yoon Sung always carried Nana this way, and not the piggyback way?:P Anyway I always felt that this way was more romantic haha:P Perhaps piggbacks are getting too overated in dramas.

He entered her house and put her down on her bed, looking thoughtfully at her face.

"I’m such a fool… it was me who told you to let go, but I can’t help myself… I can’t hand you over to others, but I can’t put you by my side." He reached over to touch her hair and continued, "Kim Nana… take care of yourself." He looked at her for a few more seconds, before leaving her house. Nana opened her eyes slowly. 

Eung Chan asked what Cheon Jae Man and Jin Pyo were doing together, but Cheon Jae Man denied knowing that he’s Jin Pyo. "He’s just Steve Lee, working together with me." Eung Chan warned him to stop whatever he’s doing because that’s for his own good, and that as long as he’s the president for one day, he would not approve the plan that Cheon Jae Man was pushing for the government. Cheon Jae Man told him that Young Joo was getting close to the Secret Document and that it’s time to completely clear this threat. Eung Chan was firm, "You shall not touch that prosecutor. After all the matters are cleared up, I will personally reveal The Mission." 

Young Joo had to pack up his stuff, and Pil Jae and Mi Ok were apologetic, since they couldn’t help. When Young Joo was going to drive off, Woo Hyun suddenly stopped him, and said, "Your backing is really great." Turns out that the top had new orders — Young Joo not only wasn’t demoted, his suspension had been lifted as well. Young Joo was super happy as he followed Woo Hyun back into the office and even joked with Woo Hyun. 

Yoon Sung was waiting patiently in the office while Eung Chan finished the call. It was Eung Chan who told the top that he didn’t want to bury the noble intentions of such a young and promising prosecutor. Yoon Sung asked if he’s referring to Kim Young Joo Prosecutor, and said that he knew him from the news. (Yeah right:P Your ‘stalker’ eh!) Eung Chan asked Yoon Sung, "If you only had ten hours to your exams, and you had to study for both Mathematics and English, what would you do?" "Then you can only choose and focus." Eung Chan nodded and said that as a president, it had always been that — making choices, decisions and making sure it would benefit the people. Later, Yoon Sung taught Eung Chan how to print photos from his phone, and as way of appreciation, Eung Chan promised to bring him to a good place with him next time. Yoon Sung smiled happily. 

Sang Gook told Yoon Sung that he still couldn’t understand Jin Pyo’s intentions. He told Yoon Sung that Jin Pyo said it was better for the Secret Document to disappear rather than for him to read it. He also told him where Jin Pyo’s next destination was. Cheon Jae Man received news that Jin Pyo borrowed a sum of money from other companies for the construction company. Those other CEOs felt no need to consult Cheon Jae Man when Jin Pyo was the CEO. Cheon Jae Man was enraged because he was trying to buy another company, and hence he had a lack of funds. When Jin Pyo turned up, Cheon Jae Man pretended nothing was wrong but he was determined to show an eye for an eye. 

During the bribery session, Jin Pyo told the two officials to find their bags of ‘seaweed’ in the locker room. Yoon Sung knew this, by some method, and he went to the locker room. However, when he was about to open it, a henchman came in. Yoon Sung hid behind a mirror while the man, who suspected that someone else was in the room, walked around. 

COOL RIGHT?? I LOVE THIS PART GOSH all those mirrors and real life. 

Yoon Sung caught the henchman unaware and managed to knock him out. He went to open the locker door only to find that the locker had no seaweed bags. He realised that Jin Pyo purposely lied. Young Joo and Pil Jae came to find Cheon Jae Man and Jin Pyo, and when they walked past the counter, Young Joo’s eyes caught something and he turned around.

Both guys at the information counter were knocked out. He rushed to the locker room and found the henchman unconscious. Calling Ki Joon, he knew that Yoon Sung was not with them at the moment. Jin Pyo told the two officials that the bags of seaweed had been placed in their cars instead. Later, Sang Gook told Jin Pyo that he still couldn’t understand why he kept delaying the time to reveal the truth. Jin Pyo told him that he had other plans, "It’s not fun to know the truth beforehand." Knowing that it’s Sang Gook’s mother’s death anniversary, Jin Pyo told him to pay his respects, when Sang Gook got a call saying that their house had been suspected of a gas leak. The camera showed Dong Shik making that call (while I roll my eyes at Dong Shik’s lack of creativity.) 

Upon hearing that there’s a gas leak, Jin Pyo said that he would go back to check on things himself… even though I think he suspected something. 

Young Joo arrived at the Blue House and saw Ki Joon, Eun Ah, Ho Shik and Young Deok strolling down the path. He asked them about Yoon Sung and got good remarks from Young Deok. Yoon Sung arrived in his car and continued talking on his wireless earphone, reminding Sang Gook to tell him about Jin Pyo’s schedule. (While I was screeching for him to stop talking quickly!!) Sang Gook told Yoon Sung about the gas leak, just as Young Joo came forward to stop Yoon Sung. Yoon Sung’s gaze flickered when he recalled how Young Joo almost got killed because of the ‘gas leak’ and he turned around, wanting to rush to his father. 

Young Joo asked him where he’s going and he said that he left something at the presentation he did earlier. Young Joo smirked and said that Young Deok mentioned that there was a call who praised him from the brilliantly done presentation.

He then stepped closer and told Yoon Sung that if he left then, he would be admitting that he’s the City Hunter. Yoon Sung smirked and said that his girlfriend was waiting for him, "I’m going to skip work." He turned around, and Young Joo stepped in front of him, when Yoon Sung did a flip on him and overturned Young Joo on the ground. He then quickly left, while Eun Ah, Ki Joon and the rest were shocked. Ho Shik stepped forward to help Young Joo, but there was suspicion in his eyes now. 

Jin Pyo entered his house, but it was a matter of seconds before he was surrounded by Cheon Jae Man’s henchmen, who started attacking him. He put up a strong fight, but he was beaten to the ground. Dong Shik took out a knife and looked at him.

Just as Yoon Sung rushed down the steps. 

Just as Dong Shik took up the knife and wanted to stab it downwards Jin Pyo, Yoon Sung ran forward and did a kick on the other guy. 

My attempt at taking screenshots of City Hunter in great action<3 Lol. Allow me a few seconds of being reduced into a brainless fangirl. I love it when the City Hunter is fighting bad guys:DD 

Jin Pyo took this opportunity to take up his sword and cause Dong Shik to move away. While Dong Shik watched the fight from the side, Yoon Sung took down the opponents in his path.

He then helped Jin Pyo up and then, somehow, they stood back to back, keeping a close eye on the opponents. 

Dong Shik’s eyes narrowed as he saw the side profile of Yoon Sung, and he connected it with the guy he had seen at Nana’s house ages ago (/the one who totally owned him at the staircase). The camera revolved around Jin Pyo and Yoon Sung.

With the cool music in the background, Jin Pyo and Yoon Sung stood back to back.

-the end-

So how did you guys like this episode? For me, it has gone back to taking an emotional tone, which is fine by me because it does need to develop the romance side of the story. After all, what makes City Hunter really work is because of its amazing balance of action and romance (and good plot and acting skills and likeable leads) 

It is in this episode where we have the unrevealing of the big secret — Yoon Sung is actually the kid of President Eung Chan. Okay I actually accidentally read this spoiler on the site where I watch my dramas from, so I wasn’t that surprised…but what about you guys? I don’t really mind it…. at least it wasn’t that random or sudden to me, since I’ve already suspected something the moment Cheon Jae Man wanted to find Kyung Hee in an attempt to threaten Eung Chan. The first thought I’d when I saw that piece of news was nothing related to the revenge plot though:P My immediate reaction was amusement that Da Hye had a crush on her half-brother! 

Also, I love it how this episode ended with Yoon Sung and Jin Pyo standing back to back! It’s like even after all the thing of how Yoon Sung tried to show that he doesn’t care about Jin Pyo, the fact is… he still does, very much. No matter, the fact that Jin Pyo groomed him into the City Hunter, that very fact linked the two of them together, and it is so significant as I watched that scene the first time — I just felt that physical representation of what Jin Pyo always muttered, that both Yoon Sung and him would not get a happy life…. 

How did you like this episode?


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