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Lee Min Ho willing to participate in City Hunter Season 2


Oh wow. I never thought I'd be doing this, but oh well, it's good to have variation in one's livejournal^^

I've been searching for more trivia regarding City Hunter, and I came across this interview which says that Lee Min Ho will be happy to take part in a Season 2. This interview also gives his interpretation of the ending: 

" Adapted from the manga, City Hunter, the drama has garnered attention because of its focus on social issues. The only flaw is its ambiguous ending at the end of the drama regarding the romance, and this has been criticised by some members of the public, to the point of the theory of "Lee Min Ho's spirit". 

Regarding this, Lee Min Ho expressed, "There are indeed many regrets in the drama's romance. After kissing Kim Nana, City Hunter's identity was found out by others. From then on, the relationship between the two has no progress; for Kim Nana to wait till the five people were punished is also regretful."

"Even though I can understand the City Hunter Lee Yoon Sung's feelings, but I also feel that maybe he can use another more mature method to settle this relationship, to break up and then return, and also saying that they cannot be together because of danger…this makes me very perplexed."

However, the ending in the drama is exactly as how Lee Min Ho imagines it. "After experiencing such great emotional pain, if Yoon Sung could still be happy and lively, the audience would probably feel that he's selfish… so, it fits my imagination that it ends with Yoon Sung, who has experienced so much, driving through the city." 

"But I've also imagined if the drama ends with death. In the original works, the main character didn't die, but together with the director, we imagined an ending where Yoon Sung lost his memory due to the gunshot. It's most memorable with a death. We even thought of having Yoon Sung not knowing whether he's dead or alive, with a blank memory as an ending." 

Due to the ambiguous ending of City Hunter, the public has strong anticipation towards a second season. Regarding this, Lee Min Ho reveals, "I don't know if there are any plans regarding a second season, but if there's a chance to show new sides of the City Hunter, I will gladly participate."   "

Taken from http://news.yule.com.cn/html/201108/95183.html

Any thoughts anyone? Just at the top of this entry, I've mentioned that I've never done this kind of entries before, because usually my livejournal focuses pretty much on the dramas' aspect — meaning reviews, thoughts, recaps, rambles on dramas alone. But I'd loved having different kind of entries sometimes — it's fun to write them and nice to share with you guys(: So there goes the translation of the interview above! 

I'm glad that I see the same interpretation as Lee Min Ho. While most of my friends who watched the last episode told me that they don't really like the ending because it's kinda random to end with Yoon Sung driving alone through the night in a pensive mood, what I really felt was that it's very appropriate. Yoon Sung has gone through so much, from becoming a City Hunter, to actually carrying out the revenge. No matter how much he disagrees with Jin Pyo, he still treats him like a father, and calls him Dad till the very end. Of course, he wouldn't be able to be so happy and cheerful I guess. 

Even though this interview doesn't prove that there's going to be a season 2, but it's nice to know that he's willing to participate if there are plans for it. They should!:O Use the same scriptwriter and director please, I love them. The only sad thing will be… if there's a second season, there will be no Lee Joon Hyuk. Sigh. Oh well. 

Might be doing more of this kind of trivia as well. Look forward to them!



  1. You did the translation yourself? You’re korean or at least speak the language? *___* A

    If I were to concept a second season I’d create Young-jus’s brother as new prosecutor who doesn’t know the truth about Young-ju knowing the truth and who wants to catch the City Hunter. *g*

    You did the translation yourself? You’re korean or at least speak the language? *___* Ah… really came to love the language since You’re Beautiful and after watching severel dramas I could pick up some lines. *__*

    Yeah, the ending wasn’t my taste, but open enough to imagine yourself how Yoon-sung’s & Nana’s relationship could go on. What I was disappointed about was the fact that Young-ju’s death was totally ignored. He could have at least visit Young-ju’s grave and say: “I revealed the truth, brother.” and THEN drive throught the city by night. THAT would have been great instead of the too long scene between Nana, Eun-ah, Da-ye etc. or Ajusshi & Kyung-hee.

    I’m not sure if I’ll be glad about a second season. I heard that ATHENA as sequel of IRIS wasn’t that good and still haven’t watched it despite my love for Jung Woo-sung.
    City Hunter was good as it is and Yoon-sung was officially released as City Hunter. How is he gonna move on? As MIT-specilist of the Blue House who comes across corruption and starts to fight as City Hunter II again?
    Anyway, I at least I hope the screenwriter will the be same because she was awesome in her writing and totally wrote herself into my heart. *___*


    • Re: You did the translation yourself? You’re korean or at least speak the language? *___* A

      Nope, I translated it from another language, sorry for any misunderstanding!

      I might be learning Korean next time haha! Currently I already have three languages and it’s a bit tough to handle sometimes:P

      Ooh I was quite all right with the ending — cos I agreed with what Yoon Sung said. Though yep, I felt that Young Joo’s death was a bit…. too… I don’t know, ignored which was why I felt that it would be nice to have a continuation of the plot to neatly tie things up.

      I can see why you are unsure about a second season. For myself, I will be happy enough if they come up with just one special episode, like doramas, to complete the romance between Yoon Sung and Nana, and to explain the post-revenge, like what happened. Besides, more Yoon Sung + Nana = happy me!XD I wouldn’t want a second season which might undone the good work that the first season had, but I don’t see much harm in just one episodeXDD


  2. Haha I’m sorry for giving the wrong impression! I didn’t translate this from a Korean source, I translated it from another language. Hopefully that will not cause any doubt of the authenticity of the interview(:

    Yes, that’s why I really appreciated finding this interview and wanna share with you guys!:D I personally agree with the kind of ending they gave us, but it was nice reading the thought that went behind it.

    Thank you(: Do come back soon!


  3. Anonymous says

    loved this show

    I have discovered Korean Drama thru Hulu.. I live in the US. I subscribed to this show very much hoping there will be a second season! The writing is great. The video is awesome. The actors were all so good! I was sorry to see the Prosecutor killed off….like comments aboe–ahhhh sigh….the older actors…all the bad guys..they all played their roles so well. Korean drama is such a nice change from US dramas. I am looking for more great shows to watch so if anyone has any recommendations, please comment. Will follow this blog. Thanks!


    • Re: loved this show

      Hey there!(:

      I don’t think a second season will ever be made, but it was a good show — plot, casting, script. Yep, Asian dramas in general, are very different from US Dramas. What kind of shows do you want to watch?:D


  4. Anonymous says


    for sure i really like this movie.it is very good keep it up…


  5. Anonymous says

    I was disappointed had to watch It twice the ending. Couldn’t believe that after all that Sufffering And giving up the women he loved . He ends up alone no love, no family,no Friend .. The ending so gloomy. Loved his acting wishing the end had a better outcome.


  6. Anonymous says

    City Hunter

    Please make City Hunter 2. I loved the series and hope it continues.
    I watch Korean Drama on Netflix because they are always wonderful.

    Oregon, USA


    • Re: City Hunter

      Hi there!(((:

      I highly doubt they are gonna make another series out of this show, but it was good while it lasted, I really loved it:D


  7. Anonymous says

    City Hunter 2

    Please have a season 2! It’s killing me not knowing what happened with the romance!


  8. Anonymous says

    City Hunter 2

    Please have a season 2! It’s killing me not knowing what happened with the romance! It was an incomplete ending! We need more!


  9. Anonymous says

    Still hoping 😦

    I’ve watched City Hunter like 5-6 times already but I just can’t get enough of it :((( You feel me guys? Hahaha. 3 years had passed but I’m still here, waiting and hoping that they are going to give us what we want. I agree with you, it doesn’t need to have so many episodes. Two or three will do, right? In the series, Yoon sung and Nana kissed twice. ONLY TWICE GUYS!! First, in the bar then the second one is in the rooftop. So yeah, I want to see more hahaha. I want to know what happened after all the revenge thingy. I guess thats what everyone wants, right? πŸ™‚

    Oh thanks for translating the interview by the way πŸ™‚


    • Re: Still hoping 😦

      Wow I can never bring myself to watch City Hunter again – I loved it so much and I don’t know if I want to go through the cliffhangers once more!! I definitely feel you but it’s just our bad luck that kdramas rarely do produce sequels with the same cast, unlike TW dramas.

      No problem!(:


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