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Majo Saiban Review


Starring Ikuta Toma alongside with Kato Ai and Higa Manami (from Code Blue). 

Yay, if I’m not wrong, this is the first dorama that I’ve watched from the start till the end since agessss… as usual, once I’m taken up with a drama, I will finish it in a matter of days and probably write a review on it. So here goes(:

Toru (Ikuta Toma)  is a part time designer who gets chosen to be one of the seven juries. Even though the majo, translated as the witch, appeared to be guilty for sure, one by one, each jury starts choosing "non guilty". Turns out that there is a secret professional organisation which takes care of this kind of matters, such as finding the bane of each jury, so as to threaten them. Toru starts trying to find out the truth, and becomes friends with Izumi (Kato Ai) , another member of the jury. However, Kaori (Higa Manami), Toru’s girlfriend, suspects their relationship and things start changing. 

One thing worth mentioning is that I really feel that doramas are really good with all the matters of brain!! They have super awesome detective stories like Kindaichi (sorry neh, aint a fan of Conan), and then brainers like Liar Game and Death Note, and they do super well with the creepiness of the plot (Friends assure me that Japanese horror movies are simply heart-stopping).

I wouldn’t say that I love Majo Saiban, partly because of the ending, and also because it was getting a leeetle repetitive. But it was definitely an enjoyable watch. Kaori went a bit weird in the head and watching her being psycho in the wee hours isn’t particularly comforting. 

For Majo Saiban, it doesn’t play so much in terms of being a brainer, but rather, it toys with the creepiness of the plot. (aforementioned creepy Kaori) They also did a good job with the main instrumental and main track of the drama, the former successfully instilling a scary atmosphere, and the second one suits the plot very well when the drama is heading towards another direction. 

The way Toru speaks/ Ikuta Toma speaks, constantly reminds me of Naoki/Yamapi in Buzzer Beat! Haha, even the hairstyle is about the same:P (Oh well they are best friends after all) Toru and Izumi are rather fixed characters, meaning to me, acting them out wouldn’t require nothing much out of the ordinary — they can still be in their comfort zone, but Higa Manami rather impresses me with her acting, especially the parts where the camera zoomed into her eyes and all she could act with was her pair of eyes. 

So would I recommend it for you guys to watch? To me, it isn’t a must-watch, but it is quite cool to watch this drama, because the plot line is very different from the usual kind of dramas you have (hahah doramas are always quite different) and it is quite a good drama. Besides, no matter how much I dislike the ending, I shall begrudgingly add that it does make a memorable ending. 


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