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Just a quick look

Just took a quick look through my archives and wow discovered reviews/recaps done by myself which I've kinda forgotten:P And I discovered  that there are quite a number of comments which I've totally forgotten to reply (there goes my policy of replying every single comment lol). Anyway, Hmm it's too early, since it's still September, to do a round of 2011's dramas and animes and shows and books and what-not….but till now I must say that  City Hunter remains the Drama of The Year. I mean, this show seriously just sent all the other dramas out there stumbling to get their feets steady. Of course, there were other good dramas as well, but I guess the brilliant mix of action, romance, revenge (meaning plot) is just my right cup of tea. Not to mention having the Tragic-And-Torn Hero of The Year going to Lee Yoon Sung and The Most Likeable Female Lead going to Nana.  Though of course, I must say, after watching for the nth time (okay probably only the third time), Buzzer Beat …

Just a tiny scoop

LOL this is not one of my usual updates' post, but merely a post on fangirling because I'm currently watching Buzzer Beat again (for perhaps the 4th time?) and I just wanna say that I <3333 the Basketball scene! For those who actually watched before, I'm referring to the one where Naoki couldn't shoot in for the first hoop and Riko scolded him, after which Naoki shot in, a nice and perfect arc.  I CAN'T EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT SCENE, REALLY.  I mean I just love how Riko made Naoki play well in the basketball match!!! It's one of the scenes that sure to make me go squealing and clutching whatever cushions that's next to me hahah! <3thoughtsramble

Majo Saiban Review

  Starring Ikuta Toma alongside with Kato Ai and Higa Manami (from Code Blue).  Yay, if I’m not wrong, this is the first dorama that I’ve watched from the start till the end since agessss… as usual, once I’m taken up with a drama, I will finish it in a matter of days and probably write a review on it. So here goes(: Toru (Ikuta Toma)  is a part time designer who gets chosen to be one of the seven juries. Even though the majo, translated as the witch, appeared to be guilty for sure, one by one, each jury starts choosing "non guilty". Turns out that there is a secret professional organisation which takes care of this kind of matters, such as finding the bane of each jury, so as to threaten them. Toru starts trying to find out the truth, and becomes friends with Izumi (Kato Ai) , another member of the jury. However, Kaori (Higa Manami), Toru’s girlfriend, suspects their relationship and things start changing.  One thing worth mentioning is that I …