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recommendations of good dramas to watch

Do you always type ‘dramas recommendations’ into the google searchbox like me?(:

If yes, this is just the right page for you! I just want to share with everyone my favourite dramas! They are definitely worth a watch(:

(in no order of preference)

  1. Buzzer Beat ( Japan )
  2. Proposal Daisakusen ( Japan )
  3. Liar Game ( Japan )
  4. Nodame Cantabile ( Japan )
  5. Mei Chan No Shishuji ( Japan )
  6. Jumong a.k.a The Book of the Three Han ( Korea )
  7. Princess Hours ( Korea )
  8. Save your last dance for me ( Korea )
  9. Itazura No Kiss ( Japan )
  10. Code Blue ( Japan )
  11. Brilliant Legacy ( Korea )
  12. Sassy Girl Chun-Hyuang ( Korea )
  13. Mars ( Taiwan )
  14. Meteor Garden ( Taiwan )
  15. Fated to Love you ( Taiwan )
  16. Bai Quan Nv Wang ( Taiwan )
  17. Kindaichi Season 3 ( Japan )

My <3<3<3 drama ultimately is still Buzzer Beat ( trying to figure out if it ending up as number one on the list is a coincidence or not). I am currently watching Kaichou Wa Maid Sama anime and it is still ongoing! It is looking quite good. It is the average kind of story, you know, match a macho-girl with a hot guy who will save her every time she meets trouble, but still it’s pretty funny and sweet to watch!

My top drama for romance is Buzzer Beat. For mystery and mind-boggling-puzzles-like drama, it will be either Liar Game Season 2 ( which is much better than season 1 ) or Kindaichi ( which I fell in love with and am in love with since young ). For favourite anime, I think it will be either Kindaichi or Kaichou Wa Maid Sama ( can’t say I have much choice either, seeing that I only watched 3 animes in my whole life, including Vampire Knight ).

What do you people think? Comment! If you are interested in any, you can always ask me for a synopsis!


  1. Anonymous says

    dramas i’d recommend

    korean romcom:
    coffee prince (same actress as in princess hours)
    he’s beautiful (same concept as coffee prince – gender bender)
    terroir (same actress as in jumong)

    jin (modern doc ends up in Edo period)
    arifureta kiseki (very slow romance between 2 broken ppl)
    yama onna kabe onna (very funny, i wont explain the meaning of the title)


    • Re: dramas i’d recommend

      Haha thanks for your sharing!:D Oooh I like the actor of Jumong! Haha okay I will definitely check out the doramas when I have time!:D They sound interesting


  2. Oh my, I’ve only noticed this comment now (you probably have even forgotten about what you’ve read) but I’m just replying cos —

    Yay I’m glad you second-ed some of my drama recommendations^^

    Lol that’s all.


  3. Anonymous says

    Hi, I stumbled upon your blog while looking for nazotoki wa dinner no ato de recaps hihi. Mars is also my everlasting favourite taiwanese drama. I sometimes still re-watch that one. Speaking about cliche and comparing between taiwanese, korean and japanese drama I think Japanese drama still win in variation of storyline and characterization don’t you think so? hehe just wanted to share my opinions 🙂


    • Hi there!:D What did you think of Nazotoki Wa Dinner No Ato De?

      Yess Mars remains one of my top favourites after all these years.

      Yup I agree! The thing is, Jap dramas almost always only have 11 episodes so it kinda ‘forces’ them to have a great storyline and characterization, which is awesomeee. Though this might mean that sometimes Taiwanese and Korean dramas have the advantage of having viewers being more invested in the characters, because they’ve seen them for a much longer time.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion!:D


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