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Did you know that Playful Kiss/ Itazura No Kiss that were based on manga were actually also based on the true experiences of the person who drew the manga? I mean that’s so sweet! and cool kinda, because I always thought that dramas don’t come true in real life… though it’s quite sad that she died so young.D: To this date, the manga has an unfinished ending… <3thoughtsramble    – I don’t know if I should give up doing these reviews… it’s like I feel I’m bad in this and I’m not getting      readers…I guess I will see how first.. I always told myself that I will write because I love it and not       because I want people to notice this.. but even this gets kinda hard after a  while, though some have          told me that I haven’t written for very long anyway… gahhhh-      For every sixty seconds spent being upset is a minute of happiness lost

updates — Mermaid Melody and Playful Kiss

My exams are coming! So this website will be pretty cold for a while, but I promise I will try and put short updates when I have time, like now:D SO I’ve decided to sorta ditch Mermaid Melody after watching 13 episodes at one go. I think I got sick of it, especially since I watched so many episodes at once. I felt like I was watching a kindergarden show! I mean it’s fine to have a young target audience, but I was more perplex that the person who recommended it to me is 20 years old and told me it’s fabulous. [she just watched it mind you]. Basically, a mermaid Lucia saves human Kaito’s life. So one day Lucia became a human to find Kaito [and to get sth of hers back] but Kaito didn’t realise it’s her because her human form and her mermaid form are drastically different. [supposedly]. That much is still very sweet. So she works hard to remind Kaito who she is; she can’t reveal her own identity by herself because then she …