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updates — Mermaid Melody and Playful Kiss

My exams are coming! So this website will be pretty cold for a while, but I promise I will try and put short updates when I have time, like now:D

SO I’ve decided to sorta ditch Mermaid Melody after watching 13 episodes at one go. I think I got sick of it, especially since I watched so many episodes at once. I felt like I was watching a kindergarden show! I mean it’s fine to have a young target audience, but I was more perplex that the person who recommended it to me is 20 years old and told me it’s fabulous. [she just watched it mind you]. Basically, a mermaid Lucia saves human Kaito’s life. So one day Lucia became a human to find Kaito [and to get sth of hers back] but Kaito didn’t realise it’s her because her human form and her mermaid form are drastically different. [supposedly].

That much is still very sweet. So she works hard to remind Kaito who she is; she can’t reveal her own identity by herself because then she will turn into bubbles, but Kaito realising it himself is okay. Meanwhile, she as a Mermaid Princess has to save the ocean. There’s some evil sea creatures who want to take over the sea. So, Lucia has to use her mermaid pearl to save everyone. HOW? By turning into a singing idol and sing songs that will torture the sea creatures. Okay, so 5 episodes of this are still okay, good, I can go on. BUT 13 episodes? Where each and every episode is the same — They go somewhere, evil sea creatures come, capture Lucia and other Mermaid Princesses, GLOAT, Lucia and other princesses use this time to start turning into singing idols and sing, evil sea creatures POOF and disappear.

So yes:@ it will be fine if they have different songs actually, but no, I think they sang the same song for at least 10 episodes.. hmm.. So I forwarded past that!:D It’s still watchable actually, but I won’t take time specially to watch it anymore. If I start watching it again, I’ll only probably watch for the romance between Kaito and Lucia, which is quite sweet really.


I’ve decided to watch Playful Kiss!:DDD This is so exciting. I mean the drama is still on going so I can’t give a full review, but I would say this is a must watch based on the 4 episodes that were just released. Playful Kiss is the korean adaptation from the manga [ if you have heard before, Itazura No Kiss is the japanese version, and It started with a Kiss is the taiwan version]. At first I didn’t want to watch it because terrible memories still reside in my brain after watching It Started With  A Kiss. I know the girl was supposed to be stupid, but I can’t see the logic in that a genius will fall in love with a stupid girl. So I stopped watching it. Then just a few weeks back, I realised that Itazura No Kiss is based on the same plot as well! and I LOVE Itazura No Kiss, so I’ve decided that it’s probably that I just don’t like the taiwan’s rendition.

So I gave Playful Kiss a go. In fact I only started watching from yesterday, but the pull of the drama was so great, I just couldn’t stop pressing next episode. The Leads: Kim Hyun Joong — Baek Seung Jo. Jung So Min — Oh Ha Ni. Oh Ha Ni has a deep crush on Seung Jo, and one day she finally confessed.. but Seung Jo rejected her in a very mean way, while declaring that he hates stupid girls. Then Ha Ni moved into a new house, and there was an earthquake! Somehow, her house was the only house which collapsed and so they had to find a new place to move in. The news station called to tell them that Ha Ni’s dad’s friend wants to find them [the friend saw them on the news] and so they moved in to her dad’s friend’s house. Guess what?:DD Seung Jo is the friend’s son. So what will happen now that they are under the same roof? Watch to find out!

I already know what will happen since I’ve watched Itazura No Kiss, but I’m excited to see what different renditions they can give me. I love the part how the girl isn’t as stupid as the one in the taiwan version. In fact, she’s isn’t stupid in the academic sense at all! She’s just stupid like she’s easily bullied that kinda of thing. [which irks me too, but on a smaller scale]. GOSH you should watch Kim Hyun Joong if not for anything else. His mega watt smile is just worth watching! I wasn’t his fan after watching BOF, but I might be after watching this [depending on how the drama goes]. He is so sweet and nice and cool:DD [yes that’s a fangirl, me].

So yeps, I shall continue watching this definitely, and you should too! I’ve also decided to check out La Corda D’oro when I’ve time. Seems like the kind of musical anime that I would like=D

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  1. Anonymous says

    That was an interesting episode! Can’ wait to see what happens.

    Thank you so much for the recap!


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