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Playful kiss

Well, I was just checking out some sites like Dramabeans and articles on Playful Kiss and I was …. sad. I already knew that the episode ratings of Playful Kiss was bad, but give it some chance eh? Apparently, people [ Im not saying all] blame the 3.5% of the first episode on Kim Hyun Joong and his bad acting.

This is just my opinion, that he has improved a lot from BOF. There’s a reason why I didn’t like him in BOF and I do now in Playful Kiss right? [ Putting aside the fact that he looks much better here] and that reason is that I could see him acting to the potential of the character. There are people who say that oh, he doesn’t act arrogant enough etc, but each rendition from the manga would have its differences. Honestly saying, I don’t think that the male lead in the taiwan version was much better, but the episode ratings for that one was good. [I think]. Why? I think this is because Playful Kiss has to face more competition from other channels like KBS and SBS. Besides, a lot of the viewers actually come from online, so the episode ratings would not register as well.

Some like dramabeans critisize the plot. I guess this is why at times, I do like japanese dramas much more than korean dramas. Japanese dramas are more… realistic.. in a sense. Jap dramas can show the playful side of life by dotting themselves with funny stories and antics of the characters. They can be absolutely lame, to no point, to I don’t know… well you get the point. They do it, we love it. Yet other dramas can’t do that because then all the viewers will start critisizing it for the lack of plot, or lack of motivation behind the elements of the plot.

I can see where that is coming from, but for me [ and I’m sure I’m not the only one] what stuck with me ultimately is not the conflict, but the interaction between the characters, and this is why I like Playful Kiss a lot. There’s a reason why Buzzer Beat is one of my favourite dramas as well.

Ah. I guess that’s why Japanese Dramas always aren’t very famous until some other country decides to do it in their own way.

So. Even though I don’t like it, I guess it’s Playful Kiss’s fault for playing up to the wrong target audience. Or maybe it was just their first episode [ honestly I forwarded past that one].

Why am I ranting about this? Ack. So basically, my whole point is just that — Give it a chance and maybe you will find a treasure! You have to admit that his acting is improved, right?

Also, is it just me, or don’t you find Jung So Min looking a lot like Eun Hye?

Right, I think I’m done here. I’m wallowing in sadness that the next episode only comes out next Thurs. Ah well.


  1. Awwww. I like it even if it doesn’t have a complicated plot – but then romcoms never do – did Goong or You’re Beautiful or BOF have a complicated plot? Not really. If one wants complicated plots, one should watch revenge or period dramas.


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