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What’s wrong with me today! I keep having the urge to type a post><

Anyway this is really short: Hmm I realise that [I shall be honest here] that my livejournal traffic isn’t really picking up. I’m kinda sad not because of the low traffic per se, but because I want to make more friends really! I want to meet more friends that disagree or agree with me on the dramas that I love/hate. SO this is just to ask for help! That if you like my livejournal, please comment^^ and tell your other friends about it as well.

To be honest, I was thinking of closing down this livejournal, but I’ve decided, that even if few people are reading this, I will write for at least myself, and those who keep coming back. THANK YOU to those loyal readers, it’s because of you that I didn’t stop this.

so… ONEGAISHIMASU! Please comment^^[things are getting so lonely here, I’m like monologuing each time] whenever you come and help me get it out there.

thank you><

P.S I’m still waiting excitedly for Episode 5 of Playful Kiss to come out. Apparently, he did not get into a good university because of Ha Ni!! I know it’s necessary so as to create more scandals and love stories, but is it just me, or do you want to pick up a hammar right now and throw it at her!! Say yes

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