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La Corda D’Oro

I am going mad seriously….. mad with watch La Corda D’Oro!!!!<333

If telling you that I’ve watched 20 episodes of it [apparently there’s 25 episodes in total for the first season] in a day and a half doesn’t tell you anything, I don’t know what will. I will put a review about it soon, since there’s only 25 episodes, but I wish I wouldn’t love it so much! Putting aside the fact that watching it takes up a lot of time, not that I mind it, I will be very very sad when it ends…. D:

Some people may not like it though, because it’s an anime focused mainly on music. However, it has some parts focused on romance! It’s based on the typical kind of manga where there’s one main girl and everyone falls in love with her… yep.

The music’s really nice, and it always makes my day when I hear my favourite piece played by one of the characters in the anime… like Schubert’s Serenade<3

AND there’s so many likeable characters in the anime as well! In fact everyone’s so nice and awesome in their own way, I can’t decide who I will cheer for to be with Hino [ the main girl ]>< Hahaha, I know it’s just an anime, it’s not real life, but still. 😀

So, see you guys in a few days!


  1. I love this anime too 🙂 It’s got quite a typical reverse-harem shoujo plot in many ways, but it’s really good fun, and romantic #n_n# And I love the music.
    I remember wanting Hino to be with the blue haired violinist. I can’t remember his name…


    • Yes I love this anime!! OH his name is Tsukimori but I couldn’t decide between the dark green haired boy and the blue haired one>< In the end she didnt go with anyone so I guess it's quite an open ending?:D


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