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Playful Kiss Episode 5

Yes. I’ve finally watched it!! kya~~~

Obviously Seung Jo didn’t do anything to Ha Ni when he pushed her down on to the bed; it was just teasing on his part, but it got Eun Jo pretty worried through out the whole episode. I think  he kinda suspects that Seung Jo is slowly, but surely falling in love with Ha Ni! The highlights of this episode includes knowing the results of Seung Jo’s written examination, the scene where he showed off in front of Ha Ni, and right at the end, where Ha Ni got knocked down by a car. He admitted Ha Ni to the hospital and left to take his entrance interview for a prestigious university, but turned up again later at her ward, surprising everyone.

It is my guess that he didn’t go for his examination after all, because someone told me that he got into the same university as Ha Ni which wasn’t good at all.

I realise something — Kim Hyun Joong can’t act very well for some scenes! Like, in my opinion, he acted quite well for the scenes that needed emotions — angry scenes, happy scenes, "jealous" scenes… but when there are scenes that needed him to take a further step out of that comfort zone, he couldn’t… Still, that’s just what I think, and anyway no matter what, I thought he improved a lot from Boys Over Flowers.

I LOVE HIS SMILE O MY GOSH. When Ha Ni realised that she got into the university, Seung Jo heard and smiled. That smile is… just cannot be described. Don’t you find that lots of Korean Stars have smiles that dazzle fangirls to no end? I realise yet another thing, that I have been dazzled by three out of four actors from Boys over Flowers! First it was Kim Bum when he was in BOF, then it was Lee Min Ho when it was Personal Preference, and now Kim Hyun Joong for Playful Kiss. I’ve not "fangirled" over something like this for a long time, and I guess it’s because I can relate to it… not in the sense that I have exciting things like this happening to me as well, but rather because my age and the characters’ ages are very similar, hence I can actually understand the different things that they are going through.

WOSH. Since I will be having exams soon, I guess I will only do reviews on Playful Kiss! I will be updating soon with a review on La Corda D’Oro [ which I’ve finished watching<3]

Till down, see you again!

P.S Please help me spread the existence of this livejournal around! KAM SAH HAM MI DAH~~~

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