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Did you know that Playful Kiss/ Itazura No Kiss that were based on manga were actually also based on the true experiences of the person who drew the manga?

I mean that’s so sweet! and cool kinda, because I always thought that dramas don’t come true in real life…

though it’s quite sad that she died so young.D: To this date, the manga has an unfinished ending…

    – I don’t know if I should give up doing these reviews… it’s like I feel I’m bad in this and I’m not getting
      readers…I guess I will see how first.. I always told myself that I will write because I love it and not 
      because I want people to notice this.. but even this gets kinda hard after a  while, though some have    
      told me that I haven’t written for very long anyway… gahhhh-
      For every sixty seconds spent being upset is a minute of happiness lost


  1. Re: your drama writing. I really like it.

    Would you be OK with me recommending your LJ in my own for fellow drama lovers – I have a pretty large friendslist and I am sure a lot of them would love to read your stuff.


    • Thank you so much for your comment! I was really encouraged by it thank you:DD

      Of course I would be okay! Instead I feel kinda shy about it… if it’s not too troublesome for you that is!


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