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YAY just to inform you guys, I’m going to start "cleaning up" my livejournal and putting entries that I think not many people will read under lj cuts. This is because I insist of having ALL my entries on one page, and I’m not sure if readers will have a hard time loading every single thing. SO yep!

Also, on a spur of the moment, I’ve decided to start ending off my entries with certain quotes and stuff, so look out for them!

All right, here’s the screenshots I took 😛 I feel like a total pervert — wait, pause, enlarge screen, screenshot, esc large screen, paste, save



AHHH I love the second last screenshot<333 I have friends who told me that they are dying from jealousy hahaha. ARE YOU DYING FROM JEALOUSY AS WELL?

A small recap here for episode 6: Seung Jo didn’t sit for his interview and Ha Ni was dying from guilt. She decided to leave his house because she realised how much trouble she had brought him. Seung Jo found her with her suitcase but didn’t attempt to stop her. Instead he asked her if she needed help with her suitcase. Ha Ni was a little disappointed that he didn’t stop her from leaving, but he handed her a envelope, telling her that it was from Parang University. Opening the letter, Ha Ni realised that it was not addressed to her, but to Seung Jo. Seung Jo had decided to go to Parang University.

Apparently, he had been invited to the university with offers of scholarships and stuff. Ha Ni was overjoyed and asked if she could stay now. She promised that she would make his life at Parang University very enjoyable. Seung Jo agreed. Brimming with gratitude, she went shopping for a gift for Seung Jo but realised that all the presents she had in mind were too expensive. She started taking up part time jobs and Seung Jo suspected something because now she was always returning home late.

There was this particularly very cute scene when Seung Jo happened to buy a drink from the exact same convenience store that Ha Ni was working in. He walked to the cashier only to get a shock because a woman in a jacket zipped all the way up to the head was standing there [ Ha Ni who decided to hide behind her spiderman looking jacket]. She could not see, so she asked Seung Jo how much money he gave her, and asked him to take the change himself from the counter. After he left, Ha Ni realised that the manager of the store heard the exchange and she was sacked. She then went to take a job at the restaurant and did deliveries for them.

She was told to do another delivery and only realised upon arriving at the door step that it was Baek Seung Jo who ordered it. Guess who was at the door when Seung Jo came out to pay for his meal? Yes, a woman in a black zipped up jacket. It was hilarious.

Other highlights of the show include them at the Graduation ceremony where Ha Ni had another fantasy and she cried out "Yes I do!" [ she imagined that she was getting married with Seung Jo] She also fell on Seung Jo as she walked down the stage. I’m nowhere as cute as Ha Ni, but somehow I can totally relate to her clumsiness…. because here’s someone who can crash into the wall on a daily basis.

OF COURSE, the main highlight of the show is their kiss. You can go to the top of this entry again and take a look. I rewinded that scene twice [ahem.] while someone I know rewinded it at least six times. Ha Ni woke up giggling as she recalled the kiss but she suspected that Seung Jo was just playing with her. She was very confused about what exactly is their relationship when a new love rival turns up. The new love rival by the way acted as Jan Di’s best friend in BOF. I highly suspected she did something to her face, because she’s SO pretty here!

So, a new setting with a new rival [Jang Mi is now out of the picture I hope. Here’s a serious love rival, watch out!] with new things that they can do in the university. Things are now getting really exciting! Was it just me though, who laughed out loud when Seung Jo’s permed hair was shown for the first time on screen? He looked cute, yet I need time to get used to it seriously. IT LOOKS LIKE A FREAKING SOMETHING HAD EXPLODED ON TOP OF HIS HEAD HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Woots, how on earth are we supposed to wait every week for the episodes to come out all the way till NOVEMBER? Also, I don’t know if I should continue with recaps for the show or reviews…

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  1. Anonymous says

    me again. i’m on a roll. usually, i’m too lazy to comment. i guess i’m over compensating.XD it’s going to be short this time though so breathe. haha.
    for the kiss, i rewinded it so many times i gave up counting. and then, in one of her flashbacks, i realized the shot and angles were different and rewinded that part as well. XD.
    as for the jacket, i would say it’s a chicken jacket rather than a spiderman one. most hilarious thing ever. loved the graduation picture taking as well. and the fantasy wedding was epic.
    that’s it. short right? XD


    • hahaha oh I thought it was just me! cos I thought that in her flashback the angle seemed to be a little different but I thought it was just my mind playing tircks on me lol!

      I was cringing and laughing at the fantasy wedding! Oh I love that part where Baek Seung Jo whispered in her ear, it was very funny when he realised that it was Ha Ni! Oh really?I thought it looked very spiderman-ish:P


  2. Anonymous says

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