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I was thinking of what doramas that I’ve watched before, and I decided to give a short sypnosis on some of the doramas that I like(: If you have watched before/ are planning to watch them, good for you!

Mei Chan no Shishuji. if you are looking for like a over-the-top kind of rom com, this is for you! It’s funny and romantic. Starring Mizushima Hiro and Eikura Nana. It’s about this girl who is tomboy. One day, she gets to know about her great inheritance so she has to attend a school where every girl has to learn how to be a proper lady. Of course, this luxury comes with having a butler as well! A Young and Supposedly Dashing and Gorgeous butler

Mr Brain. Starring Kimuya Takura. It’s more towards mystery, suspense. It’s about this guy who is very good in neuroscience and so he helps to solve many mysteries by appling various neuroscience techniques. It’s really quite exciting and funny at times, but if you are looking for romance, I guess this is not it! If you like Rhito-san a.k.a mizushima hiro in mei chan ( as mentioned above), you will like him in this show too! He’s like the main supporting actor and he is ultra cute here:D.


Nobuta Wo Produce! It’s really very meaningful and touching. The story plot mostly focuses on friendships. Starring Kamenashi Kazuya aka Kame, Yamashita Tomohisa aka Yamapi and Horikita Maki. It’s about how Shuji ( Kame) loves to be popular and he has always maintained that image till Nobuta comes into the picture. It was then that he realises some important points about friendships that he has never known. A teeny weeny romance, and this show’s really quite good in my opinion. It hits closer to reality I guess.

YAY! I like this one. Starring Yamashita Tomohisa ( yes I know again )and Nagasawa Masami. It’s about how this guy Ken regretts not being able to confess his feelings to a childhood friend who is on her way to marrying another guy. The ultimate torture of all? Ken has to attend the wedding party. A fairy in the church takes pity on Ken during the wedding and gives him a second chance to go back into the past so that he can make amends. It’s funny at times, but mostly really sweet romance. Get over that irritation of keep hearing hallelujah chance thingy. After a while, it just grows on you ( to me XD).

Hana Kimi! I guess you don’t really need to know what this is about cos it’s so famous! Starring Oguri Shun and Horikita Maki ( yea I noe! Second time now. ) the main supporting actor / lead actor is Ikuta Toma. Ashiya Mizuki, disguises herself as a guy to enroll in a guy school so that she is able to get close to this ex- high jumper, Sano, and persuades him to high jump again. Yep, if you think this really sounds familiar, Taiwan produced a drama similar to this too starring wu zun and ella. The Jap version is really funny and sweet, though my heart breaks for Nakatsu every time Ashiya abandons him for Sano.

Kurosagi. Starring Yamashita Tomohisa and Horikita Maki ( THIRD TIME! ). Kurosaki’s father was swindled by an old-time swindler, and in despair, he killed his whole family, leaving only Kurosaki. From then on, Kurosaki is alone and he vows that one day he will hunt down that swindler to avenge his family. In the meantime, he spends his days helping others by swindling the swindlers back. If you love this, check out the movie as well!


  1. Did you recently watch Meichan?:D I kinda missed it! It was my first dorama that I’ve watched actually:P

    Hahaha I like Hana Kimi too!:D I like the overall for jap more, but the taiwan version was not bad either:D


    • Anonymous says

      I overall did like the japanese version better, because of the fact that it made me more emotional and supportive of the couple, but I guess Hana Kimi introduced me to the band Fahrenheit, and got me to love the couple of Ella and Wu Chun. I watched Meichan a week ago, approx. I loved it…it was the second japanese drama I watched. I guess I really don’t like any other japanese dramas, because I can’t really find any other good ones. I think the dramas with good plots and a good cast lures me in. For some reason, I prefer good looking actresses and actors LOL xD


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