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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Review


The only reason why I started watching this was because I realised that it was based on The Wallflower, ( a manga that my friend loves but I never got to read it).

Basically, the plot is about how these four ikemen ( handsome guys)who live together in a boarding house and the landlord wants them to turn her niece into a lady. Her niece, Sanoko ( Oomasa Aya) is… weird. She is somone who loves horror too much, who squeals at the sight of blood, who sleeps in a confin-like bed ( I wonder how she breathes in there?) and etc. The landlord promises that if the four of them manage to turn her into a lady, they will not need to pay their rent ever. EVER. This sure sounded good to Kyohei, ( the supposedly-most-handsome guy among the four, acted by Kamenashi Kazuya) and so he works hard to turn her normal. Soon, however, the four of them get to love Sanoko as who she is and they begin to wonder what really is ‘normal’ and what defines a ‘lady’.

The first thing I have to say is, why on earth was this poster chosen?! I assure you the four guys in the drama look way better than the poster. Well, maybe not all of them, but definitely my fav guy, Takenaga ( Uchi Hiroki ). I mean, I didn’t realise it was him on the poster ( the third one from the left) until I looked at them closely, shrieked and noticed that that constipated looking guy is Uchi Hiroki.

Now, that picture on top is def better. -swoon-.

Ahem. Back to the point, this drama is full of comedy ( some worked, some didn’t so you stare at the computer like this -.-"). The romance was kind of lame and come on, how do you want me to believe that Kame’s face is the cause of sexual harassment??? He is supposedly too too too good looking for his own good in the drama and everyday, he gets stalked by what I estimated as at least fifty, no a hundred, screaming fangirls. Also, honestly, who will like a girl that loves horror. that. much. It’s not just love, it transcends to a whole new level. It’s freaky. But ah well, beauty in the eyes of the beholder and I shall just suspend my disbelief ( more for self protection than anything else in case a whole crowd of Kame’s fans wants to hunt me down) Plot wise, it felt very… manga-ish and random-ish, if you know what I mean. Just very Japanese (duh). If you’ve watched doramas before, you would know what I mean ( I hope).

There’s something I love in every drama and for this one, I love the small moments the most like when they were all sprawled on the ground,

I was like what is Ranmaru ( Miyao Shuntaro ) doing under the table?? Ahhh I can’t help but look at Takenaga again. (smiling idiotically) Other small moments include how it is always Takenaga who has to stop Ranmaru from flirting around and somehow that just tickles me. Of course, if you noticed, I haven’t introduced one last guy, Yukinojo ( Tegoshi Yuya) who is very kawaii here. I can just imagine him in the manga! If you already love him for his cuteness and ahem gayness before, you will love him even more here!

All in all, it is a good watch for me and very relaxing, which means that if you are the kind that are really serious and can’t help but be too logical, this is NOT for you. For Kame’s fans, it will BE for you, because there are lots of obviously constructed scenes that are meant to be make girls swoon ( like a certain kiss coupled with misty background ) starring Kame. Though I can’t help but grimace, and shout, it’s too obvious! It’s not natural at all! ( I must confess, I must have fast forward at least 2 eps of Kame just to see Takenaga ) 

In the meantime, just satisfy your eyes with this.

( ahh my apologies. If you can’t tell, but I bet you can, it’s the four ikemen half naked!)

What do you think ( no, not of the photo directly above)? Comment!


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