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Special A Review

I was watching Kaichou Wa Maid Sama anime recently but since I have finished watching the existing episodes, I decided to watch another anime that was very popular and that is -drumrolllll- SPECIAL A!

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tadahh. I’ve heard that Kaichou Wa Maid Sama is highly similar to Special A, and so out of curiosity I checked it out! Indeed, the characters, at least the two main ones, share a lot of similarities. The girls are both strong, hardworking and equally a dunce when it comes to love and feelings. The guys are perfect, handsome and cool, though I have yet to find out if the one in Kaichou is as rich as the one in Special A.

So, what do I think of this anime? It is quite funny and sweet! The pairing may be a little cliche and all, but I think what really touches me is the friendship. Somehow, friendships to me are the sweetest things ever and in Special A, there’s a lot of friendships forged and strengthened! Kei, Hikari, Jun, Megumi, Ryuu, Akira and Tadashi. The Inseperable Seven that finds home as long as they are together. If you are wondering why the anime is called Special A, it’s because these seven smart students are the top of the level and they form a class called the Special A. They do not have to attend lessons and they usually spend their school days in a majestic greenhouse-like structure.

Hikari always helps everyone out and that is the point of her that everyone loves. She brings everyone together and she hopes that everyone will be happy. She is always referred to as Miss Rank Two because she can never beat her eternal rival, Takishima Kei ( who likes her). If she gets hundred points for a test, Kei will get a hundred fifty because he manages to find an error in the paper. This causes Hikari to be blinded to Kei’s feelings for her- how can he like me when we are rivals? We are always rivals! – which inevitably leads to Kei having constant heartbreaks. 

Having, you know, a very sufficient pond/ocean of tears, I did shed a few over some parts of the anime. Yes I know right what’s there to cry about? It’s just an anime! That statement being said, it’s not to show how emotional I can get (XD) but to tell you that this anime is not just about a silly romance. There are misunderstandings, dilemmas, sadness and rage as well. 

Even if some of the situations are really impossible, but I feel that is kind of what makes us watch anime right? It’s not because of how realistic it is but because of how far it can take us into its world.  

If you are like me, or not for that matter, just comment!

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