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Special A Review

I was watching Kaichou Wa Maid Sama anime recently but since I have finished watching the existing episodes, I decided to watch another anime that was very popular and that is -drumrolllll- SPECIAL A! tadahh. I’ve heard that Kaichou Wa Maid Sama is highly similar to Special A, and so out of curiosity I checked it out! Indeed, the characters, at least the two main ones, share a lot of similarities. The girls are both strong, hardworking and equally a dunce when it comes to love and feelings. The guys are perfect, handsome and cool, though I have yet to find out if the one in Kaichou is as rich as the one in Special A. So, what do I think of this anime? It is quite funny and sweet! The pairing may be a little cliche and all, but I think what really touches me is the friendship. Somehow, friendships to me are the sweetest things ever and in Special A, there’s a lot of friendships forged and strengthened! Kei, Hikari, Jun, Megumi, Ryuu, Akira and …