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Dance In The Vampire Bund Review

I was trying to look for animes that are ongoing and quite recent and I was hooked on DANCE IN THE VAMPIRE BUND!

There’s just something interesting about vampires. Think Vampire Knight. However, Dance in the Vampire Bund is nothing like Vampire Knight! Well, if you want to talk about the most obvious things, DITVB is created for ecchi purposes which means that most characters can’t help but succumb to the urge to strip or show some body parts. To me anyway. It was relatively disturbing for me as I am quite new to the anime and manga world, seeing as I have been previously swimming in the drama ocean. Nevertheless, I kept on because of the story plot which really draws me in.

Princess Mina is the Vampire Queen and she strives to keep a healthy relationship between the vampires and the humans. She sets out to achieve this by manipulating the Japan’s economy so that they have no chance but to allow her and her vampires to settle down in a piece of land that is in Japan. It is interesting to me how they liken it to Shanghai and HongKong. Mina looks very young but in actual fact, her true form is that of an adult with wings. However, she cannot afford to reveal this true form of hers because she would have been forced to wed one of the leaders of the Three Clans and bear a child in order to preserve the nature of the true bloods. OH NO! This means that she cannot be together with Akira, a werewolf who loves her and is her protecter. Hence, she keeps this true form of herself from everyone else and continues to rule her vampire kingdom. It turns out there is an evil organisation who wants to upset this whole kingdom and takes the world for itself.

I was really quite drawn in with the plot of the story, so much so that I couldn’t stop myself from pressing ‘next episode’. It’s kind of frustrating to realise that my fingers no longer listen to my brain. Despite that, I didn’t like how they portray women in there, but I suppose it’s all kind of inevitable, seeing as how it’s drawn to make young men drool and imagine and all that. Seriously?? There are so many nudity scenes in there that I couldn’t even find one fantabulous scene to screencap. Ack, so forgive me yeah(:


Yep, that’s our two main characters. Please don’t mind the ‘play’ button.

Right now, I’m ferverntly hoping that there will be a second season for Dance in the Vampire Bund ( there are 12 episodes in total for the first season ). It seems that there will be because of the ending in season one, it was all set up so nicely it will be quite a waste if it didn’t continue. However, there are no announcement yet so.. don’t get your hopes high!

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