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Just took a quick look through my archives and wow discovered reviews/recaps done by myself which I've kinda forgotten:P And I discovered  that there are quite a number of comments which I've totally forgotten to reply (there goes my policy of replying every single comment lol). Anyway, Hmm it's too early, since it's still September, to do a round of 2011's dramas and animes and shows and books and what-not….but till now I must say that 

City Hunter remains the Drama of The Year. I mean, this show seriously just sent all the other dramas out there stumbling to get their feets steady. Of course, there were other good dramas as well, but I guess the brilliant mix of action, romance, revenge (meaning plot) is just my right cup of tea. Not to mention having the Tragic-And-Torn Hero of The Year going to Lee Yoon Sung and The Most Likeable Female Lead going to Nana. 

Though of course, I must say, after watching for the nth time (okay probably only the third time), Buzzer Beat remains all-time favourite! It's mix of dreams, music, basketball (watching good-looking guys playing good bball games just send me into a fangirling craze, lol totally guilty), realistic-enough such that you wish it happens to you too plot together with Yamapi and Kitagawa Keiko earns itself a place on my favourites' list. 

Well, these two dramas have earned a steady spot there……… but I'm looking forward to the (miraculous) appearance of dramas in the last three months of the year to set them running for their money. 



  1. Are you still busy or has it calmed down?

    Sorry I haven’t replied to you. I’ve been crazy busy at university.

    Have you finished Mei Le Jia You?

    I finished Kurosagi & I love it!

    I finished The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries & I love it except for the ending which made me wonder what the heck the point was.

    You started watching Can’t Lose right? Have you watched anymore? I finished watching it with eng subs and then raw videos & recaps. I didn’t like it much at all – I just couldn’t connect.

    Managed to find subtitle files for Hana Kimi Remake ep 10 & 11. I love it! bI can’t decide which Hana Kimi version I like more.

    Ikemen Desu Ne was good. I can’t decide whether that or You’re Beautiful was better though.

    Have you finished Protect The Boss yet? I finished it & I love it! Its one of my favourite dramas everbb!

    I’ve watched up to episode 6 of City Hunter so far. I like it. I think I like it more each episode actually. Min Ho is so hot! πŸ™‚

    Do you like Kame-chan? I watched the first episode of his new drama, Yokai Ningen Bem. OMG! I am totally in love with it! I was in love with it, after watching only 3 minutes!


    • Hello!((: It has calmed down for a period of time, but now it’s all crazy again thanks to studies and other outings.

      It’s okayXD I understand the craziness of those schedules. Nope!! Mei Le Jia You’s screencaps are still sitting around, waiting to be put into recaps but I just keep pushing it backXD because I’ve already started on other recaps. Oops:P but I think/hope I will definitely produce a last episode recap!

      I don’t really like You’re Beautiful because I ship Shin Woo haha, and nope I’ve stopped Protect The Boss somewhere at Episode 7 because the subs sucked and I couldn’t find better ones.

      Hahaha 3 minutes?XD Just read the plot; it sounds interesting! I’m quite neutral towards him, currently I’m rather liking Haruma Miura and Junpei Mizobata!((:


      • Lol that’s the problem with study – although there may be breaks, there will always be heaps of study to do.

        Luckily for me, I’m on holiday till January from university! πŸ™‚ Lots of time to watch dramas and read books that I’ve been able to.

        Lol at least you do recaps – I wouldn’t have the patience to write all those recaps you do. You are awesome for doing that πŸ™‚

        Lol! Personally, in You’re Beautiful, I perferred Jeremy and didn’t much like Tae Kyung, and only felt sorry for Shin Woo. But in Ikemen Desu Ne, I felt sorry for Shu, and liked Yuki and Ren. The characters different in the two dramas, so I don’t know which one I prefer.

        You should definitely continue Protect The Boss because it is really good. At first I wasn’t that keen on it but a few episodes in, I ended up loving it. It is definitely worth watching.

        Lol, I know 3 minutes and I’m in love with a drama is crazy but I just can’t help it, there is something about it that I just like.

        I liked Mizobata Junpei in Buzzer Beat and in High School Debut. I see that you’ve seen High School Debut. Did you like it?

        Have you seen the T-drama I Want to Become a Hard Persimmon? I finished it last night and I loved it! It was so good – I was surprised.

        I’m watching a lot of T-dramas at the moment. I’m planning on watching my first C-drama soon though. Have you seen any C-dramas? Do you like them?


      • I’m going to find time to indulge in more dramas and books as well!((: Aww thanks for saying that:P [recaps] haha but it does take up a healthy amount of time><

        Ooh I didn't watch Ikemen Desu Ne, but I know that in You're Beautiful, I didn't like Tae Kyung at all, listed Go Mi-Nam as my probably-most-disliked-female-lead, thought that Jeremy was quirky but cute, but really liked Shin Woo:P I go for second fiddles all the time. Argh.

        Okay! I guess I would try and continue Protect The Boss if I have nothing to watch, and also Man Of Honour! Stopped that one at Episode 5, but that was purely because I had no time. I really like High School Debut!(: It's cute~

        I don't really watch C-Dramas…probably the only that I've ever watched was Princess Returning Pearl…is that considered as a C-drama?


  2. Going very well, thank you!(: (Thus the lack of updates here lol)

    HAHA, yep I can see why you think Shin Woo’s pathetic…but I just think Go Mi Nam’s such a dense head I can’t stand it lolol.

    Up to Episode 5, it was worth watching!(: Park Min Young acts really well and the plot seems to be interesting…but just not attention-grabbing enough for me, that’s why I chose to watch other stuff with the amount of time I had:P

    Ooh? They have Prince of Tennis as a C-drama? Isn’t that a manga/anime?

    I’ve heard of it, but never thought of checking it out:P ( So I’m Not Handsome)


    • Lol. That’s a good reason for a lack of updates! πŸ™‚

      I’m glad that you’re doing what you want to with your livejournal – don’t worry about it, people will understand πŸ™‚

      Lol Go Mi Nam is an idiot – I couldn’t stand her in either You’re Beautiful or Ikemen Desu Ne – too stupid, lol!

      Oh I see. I have been looking at Man Of Honour but wasn’t sure. I think I’ll probably leave it & watch more interesting stuff. Thanks for the information on it not being that attention-grabbing.

      Prince Of Tennis is a manga and also an anime. I’ve read some of the manga, so am interested in watching the C-drama version. Am also planning on watching the J-film with Shirota Yu at some point.

      Hmmm…I’m not sure So I’m Not Handsome would really be your style. Its got some crazy stuff in it, like the guys always beating each other up in crazy ways.

      I’m currently loving 18 Jin Bu Jin! If you like watching romance and differences between males and females, its crazy, funny and really good.


      • Aww thanks!((:

        Hahaha yes she’s too stupid! And I completely cannot understand how she could be oblivious to ShinWoo all the time, but suddenly just gets it that Jeremy likes her.

        As for Man of Honour, I went back to watching it…and I would say that it did get better but I didn’t like the development of the romance bit (and I root for the second fiddle, once again), so I dropped it again, this time at Episode 14 lol. I finished Protect The Boss though! It was quite enjoyable to watch, but the last episode was too draggy for me:/

        Ooh which J-film? I kind of like Shirota Yu, heh heh.


  3. Anonymous says

    Re: Behind the Scenes

    They’re linked together with the rest of the parts for the episode from the site I’m watching.

    Google Tw Sugoi, that’s the site I’m watching from, though I’m not sure if there are English Subs.


  4. That was really a poor plot part that she suddenly realises that Jeremy likes her but not Shin Woo – she came off as even more stupid in my opinion. I really hate stupid characters – especially female characters. Am currently watching Prince + Princess 2, and one of the main female chracters is so stupid/blind to what is going on that it just annoys me! Have you seen Prince + Princess 2?

    Lol! I’ll definitely miss Man of Honour then :-p

    Really? I quite liked the last episode of Protect The Boss. I thought it was cute and funny. It didn’t drag for me.

    Lol. The J-film is The Prince of Tennis – The Movie.

    So what are you going to watch next? Or what are you currently watching?

    I have two T-dramas to watch before moving on to K-dramas. Have you seen Ying Ye 3+1 or Queen’s? They seem like interesting T-dramas.


    • Nope, never watched it before. But agree with you on that point. It’s extremely painful to watch a stupid female lead (add on to the fact that she’s practically defenceless and needs the help of all the males) not to mention that it’s just illogical how all the males fall in love with such a stupid character. Oops that sounds really harsh:P

      Haha really? I guess there’s different point of views then! I felt that last episode of Secret Garden was draggy too:/ Maybe that’s cos I’m just not a fan of showing ‘What happened after a Happy Ending’. I like it when they resolve the conflict and add a little bit of happy fluffy bits before concluding. Lol~

      I’m currently not watching any Kdramas at all. No idea why, I think I have my phases. Very much onto the Jap scene though. Watching a drama+2 animes. Ooh and I’m watching Pretty Little Liars.

      I heard of Ying Ye 3+1. Always wanted to check it out, but heh heh, it never happened.


      • Lol no it doesn’t sound harsh – its true! I also hate when a strong female character becomes weak when they fall in love with a male.

        I didn’t like Secret Garden that much. The last episode was okay. Oska was my favourite character though πŸ™‚

        Lol sometimes I like the ‘what happened after a happy ending’ and sometimes I prefer your way – depends on the drama.

        I’m going to watch East of Eden (K-drama) after Ying Ye 3+1. I’ve always meant to watch East of Eden but never got there – this time though!

        I have phases too!

        Pretty Little Liars was on tv here but I never watched it. I’m interested now though – too late I guess 😦

        I like Ying Ye 3+1. The friendship with the four is awesome. Its not as crazy as KO One or something like that. Maybe you would like it.


      • I remembered I blazed through Secret Garden but the last episode cooled down the drama fire and now when I recalled it, I’m like okayyy it was great, but not that great.

        Haha I see! I realise that I’ve never really liked the ‘what happened after a happy ending’ style. It’s how keeping the viewers wanting more that in my view, ends the drama on a nice note.

        I’ve watched East of Eden in snatches before, tell me what you think when you’re done!

        Hahaha it’s never too late!:P I started on it only a few weeks ago and now I love it.

        Right, I will take note of Ying Ye 3+1! Maybe I will give it a try one of these days:D


      • Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I’ve started Summer School at university, so I’ve been busy (I live in New Zealand so its Summer – not that you could really call it summer at the moment – I wish there was sun!).

        I usually prefer a complete ending – I’m usually not keen on having to fill in the blanks after the drama ends.

        I’ve watched East of Eden up to episode 6 so far. Its interesting. There is so much drama though, so it will probably take a while to finish – plus its 56 episodes long. Why did they have to make it so long?!

        Lol. True but I don’t have a lot of time these days.

        I finished Ying Ye 3+1. I liked it but didn’t love it. It started off with comedy/romance/mystery/action and ended up more romance/action/drama. The second half seemed to be more about Ah Jiang & Xia Tian’s relationship.

        I’m currently watching East of Eden (its interesting – want to see where it will go), Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (its cute & funny), Hungry! (J-drama with Miura Shohei – I liked the first episode & was nearly drooling over Shohei lol). I’m going to start watching Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata~Ending Planner~

        I’m also thinking about starting Wild Romance & Skip Beat.

        I’m hoping that there will be Eng subs for Risou no Musuko, Suugaku Joshi Gakuen, Lucky Seven and Teen Court ~10-dai no Saiban~. Also going to watch Shut Up Flower Boy Band if it is subbed. Wow so many dramas starting in January that I want to watch!


      • It’s okay!(: I understand how crazy school can be (T.T) Wow New Zealand; it will be cool to visit one day:P

        Yeah I watched bits and pieces of East of Eden, so I’m not sure why they had to make it till 56 episodes. I did watch the ending though and… heh, tell me when you finish it(: Aha, Hungry sounds like a potential drama which will interest me:PP Tell me how it goes!

        Whoo hoo ending planner! I’m currently recapping that, heh. I wish Yamapi will get a nicer hair cut though..but it seems like I’ve been wishing that for years, and it never came true.

        I heard Wild Romance is good, and Skip Beat looks interesting, but I have no time to watch both:/ Wow, yess what a long list you have there! I might watch Suugaku Joshi Gakuen and Lucky Seven, depending on how much time I have again.


      • Lol. New Zealand is a good place to live. Lol. I heard a bit about the ending.

        I’ve watched three episodes of Hungry! so far and I really like it. I think I’d like it even if Miura Shohei wasn’t in it. I nearly died watching Shohei singing and in those pants oh my god *drools*

        I’ve seen the first episode of Ending Planner and I loved it. I totally cried during episode 1 though. The Eng subs I am using seem to take a little while though. Lol. I like his hair.

        I haven’t started Wild Romance or Skip Beat yet. Am still considering Skip Beat and I simply haven’t got to Wild Romance yet.

        There appears to be Eng subs for Risou no Musuko so am definitely going to check that out. I might get to Lucky Seven but it seems people are divided on it so far, so I’m not sure. No Eng subs for Suugaku Joshi Gakuen or Teen Court yet though 😦


  5. Actually I haven’t watched anymore of East of Eden yet. I haven’t dropped it though. In fact, I’ve never dropped an Asian drama before.

    I’m loving Ending Planner. The Eng subs take a while though. Just checked and Episode 3 Eng subs are finally available. Will be watching that soon πŸ™‚

    I’m currently watching Hungry! (loving it), Ending Planner (loving it), Risou no Musuko (loving it), Shut Up Flower Boy Band (loving it but it makes me sad) and of course East of Eden.

    What dramas are you watching now?

    Pretty Little Liars is back on tv here tomorrow. It might be season 2 though. It starts with the episode where Ian’s body is missing.


    • Yay, I’m glad you like Ending Planner! Episode 6 is out already, have you watched that yet? Oh? I thought Shut Up Flower Boy Band is meant to be a rom-com?:O

      Hehe I just remember you saying that you like Yamapi’s hair in Ending Planner and I forgot to reply that. Haha there was one time Yamapi had a hairstyle that was slightly straight in the front and curled at the back and I loveeeee it. But he never ever wore it for dramas; it was just a transition hairstyle between his perm one (during Buzzer Beat) and the straight one he wore now. Sad.

      I’m watching all the dramas that I’m recapping and nothing more! Haha I simply have no time to juggle more than 4 dramas:P

      Ooh. Ever consider starting on Pretty Little Liars?(:


      • I have watched episode 6 and I still don’t like Momoko. She just annoys me. There are other people subbing Ending Planner now so the subs come out faster πŸ™‚

        Lol. Shut Up Flower Boy Band is a romance comedy drama but the first two episodes were sad because one of the characters died. He was only a cameo for the first two episodes but I didn’t know so I really liked him and was really sad when he died.

        I think I’ve lied pretty much all of Yamapi’s hairstyles although I wasn’t that keen on his hair in Buzzer Beat.

        I can’t believe that I’m watching so many good dramas at the moment! Four out of five of them are so good! I’m a little obsessed with them lol.

        I have read all of the season one episodes but haven’t watched them because its to much effort but I have watched the two episodes of the second season and I liked it. I will probably keeping watching it on tv.


      • I don’t like her either! But she isn’t so annoying in Episode 7…I like Hayato though((:

        Haha I would have checked out Flower Boy Band except yeah no time. I can’t wait for a break, so that I can check out all the dramas on my to-watch list!

        Hehe I know what you mean. When I first saw that hair I was like, something must have exploded upon him…it took some time, but I got used to it in the end. Besides I reallyyy like Yamapi and his role in Buzzer Beat.

        That’s great!(: Season 2 will be coming to a close pretty soon, I’m so excited! Are you watching The Moon That Embraces The Sun right now?


      • Anonymous says

        Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. University started this week.

        I haven’t seen episode 7 yet because there aren’t any Eng subs.

        Lol. I never got used to his hair in Buzzer Beat – I’m not sure how you could :-p

        Pretty Little Liars isn’t too bad – I’m enjoying it so far.

        I’m not watching it. I’m not really into period dramas.

        I’m so going to have the drama blues in a few more weeks – it looks like four of the five dramas I’m watching will end in the same time frame!


      • It’s okay; I’ve been so busy too! Really?:O I hope you have watched it already!(: It’s up to Episode 9 now^^ HAHA, oh well…my love for Yamapi overcomes all sorts of explosions pertaining to his hair…kidding:P I think I decided to look at his face and block out the hair whenever Naoki pops into the screen:D Oh yay that’s great, the season finale of Pretty Little Liars is coming out soon!

        Mine too!!(end at about the same time)


      • Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. University started this week.

        I haven’t seen episode 7 yet because there aren’t any Eng subs.

        Lol. I never got used to his hair in Buzzer Beat – I’m not sure how you could :-p

        Pretty Little Liars isn’t too bad – I’m enjoying it so far.

        I’m not watching it. I’m not really into period dramas.

        I’m so going to have the drama blues in a few more weeks – it looks like four of the five dramas I’m watching will end in the same time frame!

        Lol. Sorry for posting twice – I’m tired and forgot to sign in πŸ™‚


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