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Love Keeps Going

I can't believe lol how I just screwed up my drama-watching. Here goes the story: I've been watching this drama for bits and pieces till about Episode 6, where I started to watch each episode at its full length….and then out pops many committments so I was forced to drop this drama/watch bits and pieces again. Thinking that I had a bit of time today, I picked up the drama again, and found it strange that the site told me there were 25 episodes to be watched. Hmm. Then the site didn't work so I went to another streaming site, and happily watched Episode 13, thinking that hey I have a blissful number of 12 more episodes to go. 

Now if you have already finished this drama, you would know where I'm leading to. 

Indeed, imagine my surprise when I reached the last part and discovered…. episode 13 is the last episode. 


Thank goodness I haven't watched the last part — so I shall watch it with the mindset that it's the last episode from now, albeit a bit too late. Lol. 

Thinking that I had 12 more episodes to go, I'd also decided not to watch from somewhere in Episode 11, and that I shall leave it to my awesome deductive skills which are built up from years of watching dramas. Well…turns out that true, I could survive Episode 13 without going back to Episode 11, but now I feel :/// about it. I mean, it's the last episode!:O I can't even evaluate it properly because all the time I thought that I had so many more episodes to go. 

I blame the website seriously. Haha. 


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