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Just thinking

I like knowing where I stand. 

I want to write entries that people will read and be motivated to leave a comment, which is happening I'm glad, but not as many as I'd have wished to see. I mean, what's the use of having many readers when they just come and go? 

I don't know, am probably just in one of rare I'm-actually-caring-about-this mood which will bypass pretty soon, but for now, allow me a rant. 

Saying things like oh I shouldn't compare with the other drama blogs out there won't work, because I should compare right? There must be something that I work towards to, but I don't know what. Someone really nice offered to talk about my livejournal on her livejournal, but that offer was like one year back and I don't think she did it in the end, but I really appreciated the offer. I mean, sometimes I get really happy because my livejournal is actually known and recommended for some recaps by others, but I don't know just how successful, or failing I am in this livejournal. 

Misunderstand me not, I don't mean that I don't have readers, I do actually and I hope I don't jinx this by saying that it's at a stable level that pleases me a lot….but I don't know:/ I don't know how to judge the standard of my livejournal and it's not nice because I like knowing where I stand! People know dramabeans(which still pretty much dominates the scene), akoala's playground, and perhaps a few here and there, but do anyone know thoughtsramble? 

I don't think, of course, that I have a pathetic livejournal with no readers, because truth to be told, I'm darn proud of the work that I've built up over the year and the relationships I've built with my readers. But it just doesn't feel nice when some could post up an entry and then perhaps in a few days, garner 10 comments, which don't seem a lot, but it's a lot to me. 

I feel like I'm talking to a wall if you get what I mean. Though this is probably partly due to me not having enough time to build thoughtsramble properly. I really like writing and wanting to take this to a new level, but committments prevent me from doing so. I've barely enough time to share recaps and thoughts on the dramas I like, not to mention having time to 'socialise' in the drama world and hope to make drama buddies. 

So there goes my rant. I will be fine in probably like, a few hours, but for now, I'm just in an irritated mood. Lol. 



  1. Keep going! I’ll comment! I know it’s a bit late. I try my best to socialize with other small time recappers even if it don’t have time to read their recaps. 😦 I recap four episodes a weeks right now and it’s draining. I often feel like I have no idea how popular my blog is or what to expect. I feel like it has grown, but I’m not sure at what point a blog reaches an awesome level. I’m intimidated by other blogs, but curious about how I’d compare to them. Is my blog just ordinary or is it doing really well? I never know. I keep wondering how I can bring in more readers and how I can engage them.


    • Thanks for all those comments, really!:D

      Yeah the thing is I can’t even fork out time to socialise with small time recappers, so it’s a bit hard for me to make new friends/enlarge social circle>.< Wow four episodes a week? If you are doing full-length recaps, it must be really, really draining.

      EXACTLY. Based on some widgets that I've placed here, I can get a pretty good grasp of the readership that I'm getting. But I want to know where I stand alongside with the other drama blogs, but it's hard to tell so it gets down sometimes:/

      I suppose your blog is open to public(: If you don't mind, I'm curious to visit!^^


      • Not sure about full length recaps, but they are of a decent size. I posted a link on one of my other comments.

        4 is draining. It’s the occasional 5th one that is killer. I also had to stop doing the mini-recaps. I need some free time to watch dramas and read manga.


      • I read your In Time With You Episode 6 Recap, I think that’s a really decent full length recap!

        I rarely read other recaps though because other than not having enough time already, I find that it’s hard for me to keep with my style of recapping:P

        Yeah! Sometimes I stop recapping because I needed time to watch the dramas themselves lol. It’s at times like this that I will have to turn to reviews instead, because it helps me pen down my thoughts, yet not hamper my pace of watching at the same time.


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