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I've finally finished watching the last 20 minutes of the last episode, which was put on hold due to me finding the YongSeo couple and….forgetting about Shin and Gyu Won. 

Screencaps that I took somewhere from Episode 8 onwards:

A confession, complete with fireworks.

An offended Gyu Won

And finally the last episode:

"I miss you" and then they kissed, the drama ending with Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa each singing a song from the OST.

Heartstrings was really addictive at first, and if you have been catching up with my updates and everything, there was a period of time a couple of weeks back when I was squealing over this couple. But the drama kinda lost me somewhere when Shin pulled the noble thing on Gyu Won just so she could go to the United Kingdoms (check out http://thoughtsramble.livejournal.com/tag/cliches%20of%20korean%20dramas  where I mentioned the cliche). It's, of course, not entirely the drama's fault, seeing that I was taken up with another couple involving Shin/YongHwa, but yes, that was why I've decided to put the drama on hold then. Finishing it now because I saw a behind the scene where Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye filmed the kissing scene, so I figured I will just finish it. 

And I'm not entirely pleased with the ending, but as most dramas go, endings are usually not satisfactory anyway. 

But granted, I really like this couple pairing^^ Shin and Gyu Won are really really sweet and I like how Shin stood by Gyu Won no matter what happened. Really, I wish that he hadn't pulled the noble trick:/ 

Gah, but if you are reading this to get a gauge whether you should check the drama out (oops then you shouldn't have been reading the past few paragraphs because they ARE SPOILERS), then please do not drop this drama because of my reaction. I'm not giving a really fair judgement of the ending because I've already kinda lost interest in the drama itself. I feel guilty for that, but it can't be helped:P Do know that Heartstrings, for me, only gets interesting after episode 6! 

Well, I'm glad though that I've watched this drama because I kinda like Jung Yong Hwa and his acting really improved loads after You Are Beautiful. Good job ne~ For those shipping ShinHwa, you should check the ngs and behind the scenes out, they are really kinda cute though I kinda prefer YongSeo more

What do you think?



  1. am nearly stop from watching the drama at ep2. since i can already predict how the storyline goes. of course from hate to love. but thanks to the soundtrack i able to finish. XP
    agree with you! really love how Shin really believe and stood up for Gyu won during the crisis~ thats the only thing i love bout the characters.


    • Yeah the soundtrack was great! (Obviously, with leads that can sing~)

      Mmhmm I loved it too, that the guy never did walk out on the girl in this show(:


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